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Sleepyheads rejoice, here is a wake up call for you. Ostrich Pillow just had a baby pillow, and it’s a Mini.

Another innovative design wit of Studio Banana Things, designers Kawamura-Ganjavian and Ali Ganjavian focused on understanding the all-essential sleep. While you remember taking naps as a kid and remember being more tired than usual at work these days, the designers thought of trying to improve sleep deprivation with a nap.

About The Ostrich Pillow

Image Credit: Studio Banana Things
Image Credit: Studio Banana Things

From Ostrich Pillow to Kangaroo Light, Studio Banana Things could not have been more innovative with naming their products. The Ostrich Pillow’s contemporary design was made to take the ‘sleepy head’ into a cosy, micro and comfortable nap environment.

The design offers privacy (for the head) and hands, to take a short break from your desk. This is made possible with its soft interior that allows you to snugly fit a head into and two hand mufflers on the side. Though keeping your hands warm may not be a bad idea, sticking your head into an Ostrich Pillow might give you the glares and comments you don’t deserve; yet we are picturing a flightless bird sticking its head into daydreaming.

The team first proposed their idea on Kickstarter in 2012. The project pledge a funding of $70,000 was backed by 1,800 people and just within a short 30 days their goal was reached. Early last year, Ostrich Pillow made an exclusive appearance at Selfridges London to be part of the no-noise campaign.

If taking a nap brings you calm over the crowds, you would need to know that naps improve productivity overtime. An ideal power nap of about 20 minutes helps increase the level or productivity by almost 30 percent. The design and architecture studio, Kawamura-Ganjavian find that taking short naps on the train would be a way to disconnect from thinking about work for a short period of time. If you feel like sleep is possible anywhere and thinking of taking naps at airports, libraries, at the office, on a sofa or the floor, Ostrich Pillow was made for just that.

Sleep For The Braveheart

We know sleep is important and people sometimes put their work first over their time sleeping. While the Ostrich Pillow may be useful for those working-hour naps, not many would like looking like a grey alien in the office.


According to neurology and sleep expert, Dr W. Christopher Winter, “In the 13th Century, Italians seemed weird wearing magnifying lenses on the end of their noses! And of course the Ostrich Pillow family turn heads too, sleep is a great thing, embrace what works for you”.

So if the design of the pillow is not what you imagined a pillow to look like, many organizations are looking into tackling sleep deficiencies by building work spaces set up for recuperating. However, sleeping at work is always a no. But because researchers found that taking naps at least three times a week had 37 percent lower risk of conjuring a heart-related death, try to catch some Z’s if you can!

Ostrich Pillow (Mini)


While the Ostrich Pillow works like a pillow that is wrapped around your head securely, the Ostrich Pillow’s Mini version is used on your hand.  By placing your hand through the pillow, it fits like a glove to give you a comfortable area to place your head on to take a short snuggly nap on the arms length of your hand.


With the user in mind, the design of the Mini gives the user the freedom of napping-on-the-go. The Mini version of the pillow allows you to slide it up to your arm using the large openings. This way, you can sleep on that arm you have been using all this time for napping without feeling numb in the arm.

Use it on the elbow area to drop your head towards the elbow angle, use in on the arm area to let your head drop to just the arm and use the hand area if you feel like your hand is a better resting point. Go ahead and take a break from using your mobile phone that makes your thumbs sore, this way it gives your arm a new level of comfort.

Image Credit: Kickstarter

For the Mini version, the pillow comes in four colours that are fun to look at and potentially great to sleep on. Midnight Grey, Sleepy Blue, Dreamtastic Coral and Mellow Yellow all for a good day’s sleep. As an alternative, use them to bake up something great in the oven. Pull a hot loaf of bread or something off the grilling racks and then sleep on it.

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