Did you know that there are over 30 online grocery sites in Singapore alone?

Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2015-10-07 10:30:03

Saying that the state of online grocery sites in Singapore is “heating up”, is probably an understatement. While we have covered a few on Vulcan Post, we have recently learnt that there are a lot more grocery delivery sites in Singapore.

For those unfamiliar with online grocery sites — over the past few years, we have seen these sites mushroomed with the rise of on demand groceries, allowing you to place your grocery orders online and get them delivered straight to your doorstep. All you need? Your credit card.

Here are some of the popular online grocery sites which we have covered on Vulcan Post.


Most of us are familiar with RedMart, and is arguably one of the most active and largest online grocery sites in Singapore. It recently also experimented with its own retrofitted lockers.


Purely Fresh

Unlike Redmart, Purely Fresh focuses on delivering fresh food to its customers. The team behind Purely Fresh also runs 5 dry and wet markets in Singapore.



New player HonestBee has been actively expanding its reach among consumers in Singapore. It recently also announced a partnership with NTUC FairPrice.



GoFresh is another fresh food delivery site that delivers premium fresh food straight to the doorsteps of customers. CEO Julian has had extensive background in the fresh food industry. Before co-founding GoFresh, Julian co-founded Freshable Marketing, a key supplier of fresh and live seafood to top Singapore restaurants, including Crystal Jade and Seafood Paradise.


NTUC FairPrice Online

We probably wouldn’t need to introduce FairPrice Online much. They recently launched their mobile app too.


Cold Storage

And of course, there’s Cold Storage too.

cold storage


And while we thought we have pretty much covered the ground on these sites, boy were we wrong. On top of the ones we covered, here are 27 more online destinations, thanks to the Internet, where you can order your groceries from. Hat tip to Lee Chu Keong for compiling this list.

1) Kenny Grocery

kenny grocery online

2. Order Online (offline for maintenance)

3. Shivsagar


4. Groxers


5. MyMart


6. SuperNature


7. SGVegetables


8. GroceryStore.sg

grocery store singapore

9. Sabine’s Baskets

sabine's basket

10. Quartier


11. Halal Market

halal market

12. Click Provisions

click provisions

13. The Organic Grocer

the organic grocer

14. The Fitness Grocer

the fitness grocer

15. The French Grocer

the french grocer

16. Online Karthika


17. Delicia


18. Carecci


19. Suzyameer Online


20. Heartland Grocery Store

heartland grocery store

21. My Family Cart


22. Herbs Garden

herbs garden

23. Go Buy Lah


24. Singapore Groceries

singapore groceries online

25. eINCS


26. Vision Mart (down for maintenance)

27. Bharath Mini Mart

bharanth mini mart

From the list above, more than half of them are small businesses leveraging on the online space as additional channels for new customers to place their orders. We also spotted some specialized online grocery sites that chose to focus on specific product categories, such as halal food, organic products, herbs and many more. We are pretty sure that there are a handful of other online grocery sites in Singapore which are either in the works, or which we have missed out.

We can’t help but wonder, what is the percentage of Singapore shoppers who actually get their groceries online?

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