This hotel-booking app is setting a whole new standard for workplaces, as it allows its employees to work all around the world—on one condition.

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Published 2015-10-09 12:27:32

Travel, and the ability to enjoy the scenic views of this magnificent world is a luxury that not many can afford. This is not because of monetary concerns alone, but due to work constraints as well. After all, nothing spells dread like being confined to a work cubicle from 9-5 and having to face the traffic jams to and fro work.

HotelQuickly is a startup company co-founded by CMO, Christian Mischler who himself works 250 days on the road. HotelQuickly is an app that lets users book their hotel accommodations at the very last minute, and it ensures best prices of up to 70% off in more than 300 locations in Asia Pacific. Besides providing such sweet deals to his customers, Christian does the same for his employees.

Image Credit: Christian Mischler's Instagram
Image Credit: Christian Mischler’s Instagram

From Christian’s Instagram page, we can live vicariously through his globetrotting adventures, as it is a never-ending scroll from city to city. In fact, he watched Stan Wawrinka play at the Australian Open, took a hot air balloon ride in Bagan, and even observed the Rotorua geysers up close. As such, it is safe to say that Christian truly embodies the adage, “Living life to the fullest”.

HotelQuickly employees are not discounted as well, for they enjoy similar perks that their CMO does. Those working with the company are allowed to work in any one of their nine offices around the globe, inclusive of Bangkok, Vietnam and Australia.

Gin, an employee with HotelQuickly’s Vietnam office, shared, “I very much enjoy working at HotelQuickly due to the challenges that arise. This job is very enjoyable and rewarding as I am constantly being challenged to pick up new things. I enjoy the hard work, because it pays off.”

A Concept With A Catch

Image Credit: Christian Mischler's Instagram
Image Credit: Christian Mischler’s Instagram

Whilst all this may seem fine and dandy and unbelievable to comprehend, the only catch to a job with HotelQuickly is that employees have to meet their designated performance target. In fulfilling that requirement, they are then free to work at their leisured pace, be it three days a week or more.

Christian notes that if an employee is able to fulfill his or her job in the wee hours of the morning rather than the standard 9-5, they should be allowed to do so too. Thus, work flexibility is something HotelQuickly highly incorporates in their employment.

The range of positions within this company are aplenty as well, and they include divisions of business intelligence, customer service, human resources, marketing, photography, product development and sales.

The idea of “work around the globe” came about when Christian realised that his staff were still utilising their mobile devices even when they were on holiday and that was when he brought the idea of a ‘workcation’ to life. Christian’s employees will have to choose a country that they would like to be based in, and they would then be able to enjoy that particular country’s public holidays.

When Work Equates to Fun

Image Credit: Christian Mischler's Instagram
Image Credit: Christian Mischler’s Instagram

So how does one get a job with HotelQuickly? The company is on a continuous lookout for people to join them. If there is an opening to a job that interests you, the process would entail filling up a form online and downloading the HotelQuickly app to devise on ways to improve upon it. Next, the only thing to do is to wait for a Skype call from the company and keep your fingers crossed.

“You can work from a beach with a glass of wine in hand, travel the world when you want, take three day weekends and relax if you’re feeling sluggish,” said Marketing Manager at HotelQuickly, Tan Wen Dee. She added that her CMO encourages his growing staff of more than 100, to “get out of the office, explore the world and work from the island paradise of their choice”.

Image Credit: Christian Mischler
Image Credit: Christian Mischler

It is not everyday that we hear these words leaving our boss’ lips, but this is the exact concept that Christian has created for his employees. The saying “find a job that you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life” is indeed true of HotelQuickly employees.

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