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There are numerous programmes on the telly that depicts the lives of entrepreneurs and how they fund their startups such as Startup U, a show about young entrepreneurs vying for their own seed funding, as well as Shark Tank which has a similar premise.

These reality shows may be a staple for people who love reality TV, but there is now a drama series which accurately depicts the life of computer programmers trying to make it big in Silicon Valley, the heart of all things tech. Coincidentally (or not), the television series is even named after this iconic location for startups.

Image Credit: Sky.com
Image Credit: Sky.com

The premise of Silicon Valley, a television series which premiered in the U.S. last year is an interesting concept with it revolving around how a computer programmer alongside his brainy bunch of buddies try to create their own company from scratch. If you’re looking for a series to binge-watch this week that is both smart and will inspire you at the same time, then Silicon Valley may just be right up your alley.

These guys are the stereotypical versions of what computer programmers are like and that’s just what makes this comedic show all the more amusingly believable. Show creator Mike Judge managed to play up these quirks to make the show relatable and indeed, there is much to learn from how the characters cope with certain situations that all within the startup community would comprehend so well.

Image Credit: Silicon Valley's Facebook
Image Credit: Silicon Valley’s Facebook

In the cast lineup, there’s Richard, the university dropout who sounds a whole lot like several other founders of billion dollar companies who waved their tertiary education goodbye and wound up making it big. He has a quiet, timid demeanor, but as an eventual CEO, he had to step out of his comfort zone and assume bigger roles besides simply coding behind his laptop—which we bet many Malaysian entrepreneurs can empathise and relate to.

Image Credit: Business Insider
Image Credit: Business Insider

Erlich, another cast member, is the arrogant one who founded a business incubator for which the other computer programmers resides in. He provides this accommodation rent-free with one catch: he will own a 10% stake in whatever that the other guys manage to start up, which turns out to be Pied Piper, a music application.

Somewhere along the line, Erlich also eventually develops severe carpal tunnel syndrome—a condition that would be something some coders can relate to as their hands are their most-prized commodity and their money-makers but is also being overworked daily.

Another cast member of the show is Dinesh, a software designer who also happens to be single. His relationship status hence is one element that Silicon Valley creators included, which is completely apt as it is common to watch passionate coders being so engrossed in their work that relationships almost become secondary. Then there’s also Bertram, a self-proclaimed know-it-all, as well as Jared, the one who actually possesses a degree in Economics because certainly the group would require someone with an actual certification.


Together, the guys, with all their quirks, made this comedy series a success. Silicon Valley has had two seasons running thus far so we know that co-creator, Mike Judge, who happened to once be a programmer himself in the era of the 80’s, knew what he was doing when he proposed the series to HBO.

The show also touches on many common aspects and scenes of the startup world, such as the trials and tribulations in pitching for funding, coming up with a startup logo, getting backstabbed by other people in the industry, meeting entrepreneurs and investors who have quirky habits, and working in a cramp home office.

The misadventures of this bunch of software engineers who portray the stereotypical values of what the world thinks coders are like proves to be entertaining. In fact, the reason why this series makes for a great watch is because people are naturally curious about how every great startup once begun. After all, all good things has to start from somewhere. Therefore, these guys show just how an idea can come from nothing to blossom into everything they needed in order to succeed.

Season 3 of Silicon Valley is currently in the works and although the official date has not been released, it’s expected to premiere next year around March or April, so that gives you time to catch up on the previous two seasons.

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