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Instagram is a widely used social media platform that plenty of businesses utilise simply because it is an effective portal whereby users can stay up to date with the brand. Whilst being regular on Instagram is vital to remain relevant, entrepreneurs can take a note from these Malaysian brands which leveraged on #hashtags to allow their posts to be viewed by more users.

These are the hashtags that Malaysian businesses should use on Instagram as it is another way that they can gain extra traffic on their page and increase brand recognition. Plus, there are so many to choose from, which is great because creativity is always key to a good post.

1. #HashtagRelevantly

tableapp insta
Image Credit: Table App’s Instagram

Hashtags should be used relevantly and there are always certain local ones which could relate to your brand. For instance, TableApp, a service that lets users reserve a spot in their favourite dining location, hashtags their photo with #klfood, #eatdrinkkl and #klfoodies.

2. #Use”Healthy”Hashtags

Image Credit: Epic Fit Meals Co.'s Instagram
Image Credit: Epic Fit Meals Co.’s Instagram

There is always a crowd of people who love leading a healthy lifestyle and knowing this, brands utilise “healthy hashtags” as well, such as #cleaneatingkl, #malaysiafitness and #fitmalaysia. For instance, Epic Fit Meals Co, a company which delivers healthy meals to you, chose those hashtags in their posts.

3. #LocaliseYourHashtag

Image Credit: Carousell Malaysia's Instagram
Image Credit: Carousell Malaysia’s Instagram

By using a local lingo, it helps to make the brand more relatable to their customers or users. Carousell Malaysia hashtagged one of their pictures with #sayajual and #sayajualmurah, which stands for the fact that they are selling items for cheap.

4. #HashtagYourBrand

Image Credit: Hermo Malaysia's Instagram
Image Credit: Hermo Malaysia’s Instagram

Hermo utilised their brands’ name in their hashtags and it works because it just shows how unique they can be. Recently, they used the hashtag #HermoGoesBananas in one of their giveaways.

5. #HashtagLocations

Image Credit: GroupOn's Instagram
Image Credit: GroupOn’s Instagram

People search up locations more than you would ever imagine, and this is simply because everybody is always searching up happenings around their area. Groupon leverages on that, by using #DamansaraUptown and #CittaMall in their Instagram posts.

6. #OptForUniversalHashtags

Image Credit: Shopprapp's Instagram
Image Credit: Shopprapp’s Instagram

Some hashtags are eternally universal and no matter where one’s location is, they would still tend to use these hashtags. Shopprapp uses universal hashtags in their images, as the likes of #fashion, #ootd, #style and #instafashion will never go wrong.

7. #HashtagYourSentences

Image Credit: Servis Hero's Instagram
Image Credit: Servis Hero’s Instagram

What better way to increase hashtags than to include them in the post itself? ServisHero uses hashtags in their sentences several times. After all, the more hashtags, the higher the chance that someone can land on your page. However, it is not placed all together so it does not appear too cluttered and use hashtags that make some sense.

8. #HaveFunWithHashtags

Image Credit: KFit's Instagram
Image Credit: KFit’s Instagram

Finally, hashtags should be used for fun and it should not be a serious matter. Of course, there are instances whereby people take a long time in coming up with their hashtag of choice. However, the whole purpose of it is to elevate the original post. Hence, it is always great to take a leaf out of posts like that of KFit‘s, with the usage of hashtags like #justwhack and #dontplayplay.

At the end of the day, hashtags are a fun element that entrepreneurs can incorporate into their Insta-posts and the key is always to be creative with them.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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