Delfina Utomo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-10-16 12:00:37

Cash will not be accepted at this year’s ZoukOut. Yup, you heard that right. The 15th edition of ZoukOut will not be requiring you to bring along those notes and coins, and will be going 100% cashless for its drink and merchandise purchase. You will only be using credit cards and EZ-Link cards.

This follows ZoukOut 2013’s successful collaboration with EZ-Link, when the EZ-Link card was first offered as an alternative option to cash/credit cards, and surprise! The former proved to be a popular choice among festival-goers.

Besides the great acts ZoukOut has rolled out year after year, it seems that the festival is also introducing exciting new features to enhance the party experience. This cashless payment method will free festival attendees from the hassle of carrying cash to the event, as well as reduce administrative efforts and risks of handling cash for the organiser. It will also allow for faster transactions resulting in shorter queues, making sure you’ll get back to the crowd in time for Tiesto or Shigga Shay.

Image Credit: ZoukOut's Facebook page
Image Credit: ZoukOut’s Facebook page

Nicholas Lee, CEO of EZ-Link, said, We are excited about our collaboration with Zouk as it shows that possibilities are endless with the EZ-Link card. Beyond public transport, EZ-Link is progressively expanding our offerings in the lifestyle segment.

ZoukOut attendees can also choose to top-up their EZ-Link cards via the “My EZ-Link Mobile” application or on the festival grounds itself. There will be a total of 12 top-up terminals for the EZ-Link card for your convenience.

Image Credit: ZoukOut's Facebook page
Image Credit: ZoukOut’s Facebook page

The collaboration between ZoukOut and EZ-Link is set to elevate the festival experience for partygoers, where they can purchase drink coupons via their EZ-Link cards. This is also a milestone in the era of cashless payment in Singapore, and the first for a large-scale outdoor music festival and possibly, in the region. Go forth and ZoukOut with your EZ-Link out!

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