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Halloween is coming, which means you’ll start to see more people in skimpy costumes drinking copious amounts of alcohol. It’s always a fun challenge trying to come up with a great Halloween costume, but it’s tough to stay away from the usual sexy nurse or Batmans out there when those are the ones most easily available. So while you’re brainstorming ideas, why not opt for the costumes that make you seem knowledgeable, wise, and relevant to Singapore’s community, while also creating amazing photo ops?

Here are our suggestions for Singaporean costumes to wear this Halloween.

Amos Yee

This is a difficult look to pull off and requires a level of natural weediness and the ability to do a believable American accent, but if your friends are always joking about how you look like Amos Yee, then you know you have to do this.

After all, this could very well be the most comfortable costume you ever dress up in. Go ahead and refer to What Amos Wore for some serious styling tips to capture this look.

The best thing about this costume is that your friends can also play along with you. If you have an adventurous friend, get them to rent a banana suit to complete your look of complete nonchalance. Or get him to wear a red shirt and slap you randomly throughout the night. After a few drinks, we bet you won’t even feel it anymore.


Phallic jokes notwithstanding.

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This is not only a hilarious costume, but you can bet almost everyone is going to want a photo with you. After all, it’s essentially any basic 80s getup (with signature gold-frame sunglasses), and a bunch of vegetables. Broccoli is definitely believable.

After that, just work up your singing skills, and you’re good to go.


Roy Ngerng, M Ravi, or HHH


The best thing about this is that you really don’t have to put any thought into your costume. People may not even know who you are despite your specifically coloured polo shirts, but with a Return My CPF picket sign and a well-timed “VOTE FOR PA — REFORM PARTY”, you’ll get everyone cackling like crazy.

Or if you’re a real actor, you can attempt NSP’s Choong Hon Heng for some real dramatic flair. Just be sure to brush up on your boo-ing skills. 


Sun Ho’s China Wine


Show your friends that you’re on top of the news, and sport this fabulously fashionable look with some tiny black shorts and a kimono top that you can easily cut the midriff out of. Complete this with a sweet brag about your $28K/month Hollywood mansion and how fun it was to have America Ferrera and Leona Lewis as neighbours.


If you want to look like a total badass, this is the costume to have. Just get yourself a mask and a piping hot cup of teh, and dirty salesmen and the xenophobic will be quaking in their Crocs.

SG50 Logo

Because simi sai also SG50. We took some inspiration from the fashion goddess herself, Lady Gaga, to stylise a possible SG50 costume. This will help you show your real patriotism and commitment to the celebration of our country’s 50th birthday.


The Haze

Just hear me out. Take a huge piece of cloth, preferably grey, and fashion it into a great big dress. Add some liquid smoke to the cloth to get the scent just right. Then, when people ask what you are, just flap your dress about and around their faces and make them suffocate for a few minutes. They’ll get the picture.

haze goddess

Rui En

If there’s anyone who understands the pains of having a resting bitch face, Rui En is one of them. After being dissed for not looking especially enthusiastic during the 2015 Star Awards, Mediacorp actress Rui En’s look of disdain went viral.

So if you’re a girl that has been told that you should “smile more”, then Rui En is the perfect costume for you. All you need to do is to find a black dress (we found one on Forever 21 with the same shoulder straps) and put on your best resting bitch face. Not only will it keep you from being hit on in the club, but no one’s going to ask you to smile. You’re in character, after all.

rui en
Look, twinsies!

Broken-Down MRT

All you need is a cardboard box and a printer to achieve this very sympathetic look. Sure, it may earn you a few jeers from angry commuters, but it’s a perfect reason to get off the dance floor. Falling asleep in the corner is also perfectly acceptable. And if someone asks you why you’re not up and about, just tell them you’re working on it.

broken down mrt

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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