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“Sounds like they organise orgy parties.”

That was the first thought that came to mind when I first heard about Bespoke, the invite-only membership that serves as an “unparalleled gateway of cultural, professional and social experience”. You can’t quite blame me for that, it had the elements that would make do for any orgy—exclusive, premium, private waitlist, closed-door parties—you catch my drift.

However the Bespoke team has clarified in a previous article that their team of highly trained individuals will handle anything, as long as it’s legal. Plus having just attended their official launch party recently, I can now safely conclude (in relief, I might add) that the orgy hypothesis holds no weight.


The launch was a classy one. Two Lamborghinis and a Ferrari were displayed at the entrance (they were also for sale). Wine, champagne and hors d’oeuvres were served to men and ladies dressed mostly in black who are influential invitees including CEOs of regional companies, tastemakers, artists, and startups.

To top it off, there was a jazz performance by a member of the Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra. This gives a glimpse of how future Bespoke events would be like. And it would only get better (and fancier) as they continue turning it up a notch.

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Powered by Be Lazee (an on-demand concierge service that operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei), Bespoke offers lifestyle management to its members and aspires to supercharge and build the right network regionally. Founder of Bespoke, Adlin Yusman highlighted the 4 services by Bespoke: Private Events, Networking Sessions, Exclusive Store, and Bespoke Concierge.

Members are given access to a dedicated concierge line along with a long list of perks like invites from exclusive closed-door parties, secret launches, benefits from premium retailers, supercar meetups and an ability to meet like-minded people through their signature events. And of course all these perks come at a price.

The membership offers two dedicated offerings in the form of Bespoke at RM199 per month, and Bespoke Prime at RM399 a month. Bespoke Prime is basically a premium upgrade of the basic Bespoke membership, for example Prime members get to have Bespoke Concierge service available to them 24/7 and have the opportunity to have 4 ‘keys’ a month to unlock and attend private events.


Co-founder Suthenesh Maran shared with me that such events include showcases to premium brands and luxury watches whereby they would book the whole venue for Bespoke members for a private tour of their selections. They would also organise supercar meetups with My Motor as one of their partners. Fancy.

Staying true to its exclusivity, the Bespoke membership is only for 500 members in each city, with sights set on expanding regionally to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Manila.


To be frank, I’ve wondered about the need for such a membership. Can’t influential Millennials spend time with the rest of us common folk? But after my first Bespoke experience, I get it now.

Even with the warm chatter that arose as about 100 people filled the room, it was easy to be lost in the crowd—if you are not one of them. These people are in a league of their own, they thrive the best when they are amongst each other. The services of Bespoke is specially designed to cater to them simply because they’d know how to appreciate it (and also because they can afford to appreciate it).

You would know if you’re Bespoke, and for the rest of us, we’ll either work our way to join them, or we will be content with not making the cut.

If you think you’re one of the discerning few who are Bespoke, join the waitlist here.

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