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Published 2014-01-27 11:30:21

Stay in Singapore long enough, and you are bound to come across people complaining about the public transport. Of course, the complaints are not unfounded, and even the Land Transport Authority (LTA) had to step in and issue fines to the train operators in Singapore. Last October, LTA announced that it will fine a total of SMRT S$860,000 and SBS Transit S$250,000 over service disruptions.

To ensure order and safety too, The Rapid Transit Systems Regulation has also set a few fine and penalty in place.

A particular fine was brought up recently as unreasonable: You will be fined S$500 for entering or remaining in train when it is full. Netizen Sathiya Soorian also noted that SMRT has “just went full retard“.

Here’s the image of the crime and punishment first published on the nation’s English Newspaper The Straits Times:

SMRT crime and punishment

We took a step to also double check the facts, and according to The Rapid Transit Systems Regulation, which lays out the rules and regulations of the public transport, you will indeed be fined up to S$500.

Here’s the full list of train related penalties:
The Rapid Transit Systems Regulation singapore

singapore mrt fine

With the public transport always packed with commuters, maybe it’s time for the government body to take a look at revising the penalty schedule.

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