This Is What A “Trust-Me-I’m-An-Entrepreneur” Starter Pack Would Look Like

Starter packs are generally used in the form of a series of images to illustrate ‘how to become somebody’, be it a celebrity or a group of people. For instance, there is the famous “White Girl” starter pack which features elements such as a cup of Starbucks, manicured nails and long wavy hair.

Similarly, there is also the “Malaysian Chinese Girl” starter pack featuring an MNG top, a Longchamp handbag and Birkenstock sandals. Commonly used as social media memes, starter pack images tend to poke fun at certain people or even celebrities, and we thought what would an entrepreneur starter pack look like?

Entrepreneurs are known to be a put-together bunch of people, hence these 10 elements would most likely be in a “Trust-Me-I’m-An-Entrepreneur” starter pack, whether female or male.

1. Branded watch

Image Credit: Executive Style Australia
Image Credit: Executive Style Australia

If there is one thing that entrepreneurs should invest in, it is time—both figuratively and literally speaking. Time is after all of the essence for entrepreneurs everywhere and it is ideal to have a watch slapped across your wrist so that you’ll always be on time for all your meetings and not be one to adhere to ‘Malaysian timing’.

2. Forbes 100 magazine

Image Credit: Forbes.com

Entrepreneurs will need to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the business realm, hence what better magazine to tote around than the Forbes 100 magazine? Alternatively, other great entrepreneur magazine is of course, the ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine.

3. Fresh mints

Image Credit: Ultrad.com

If you are about to spend the entire day talking to clients, you might as well have some Wrigley’s chewing gum or Tic Tacs in your bag to save you from any bad breath embarrassment that you might face. Besides keeping the breath fresh, chewing gum is also said to improve memory and reduce symptoms of stress.

4. Spectacles 

Image Credit: Golobebillmall.com

Glasses, whether functional or not, will automatically lend a smarter and more put-together look. It really is not a guise, as there has been studies which shows that wearing glasses does make you somewhat smarter.

5. Physical desk calendar

Image Credit: Alibaba.com

Plonk this nifty tool in the middle of your desk and pair it with a black Sharpie to plan out all your important meetings for the entire year.

6. Vitamin C

Image Credit: Shutterstock

If there is one thing most entrepeneurs may be prone to if they are not careful enough, it would be to fall sick. This is because long (or even, sleepless) nights tend to be synonymous with their lifestyle. Hence, vitamin C can prolong the healthy streak until the next time you book your next vacation to relax the body, soul and mind.

7. Clean blazer

Image Credit: Kisanstore.com

You may not need many blazers in a series of colours, styles or sizes, as one alone is enough. Just make sure to keep that prized piece cleaned and ironed for any impromptu meetings that you may have throughout the week.

8. Laptop

Image Credit: Apple.com

Nobody ever goes by without a laptop anymore these days because they are far more convenient than the good ol’ smartphone at keying in notes. They also make great café companions.

9. Messenger bag

Image Credit: Kindsofbags.com

Messenger bags are great because they are big enough to lug around all your important documents and best part is they seem to be bottomless so you could even store your laptop in it without looking too bulky.

10. Coffee

Image Credit: PlywoodPeople.com

Finally, who could forget the coffee? This is because a great brew of java is essential to get through long mornings. You could opt for a generic cup of Starbucks or a 3-in-1 Nescafé, but either way, both gets the job done at keeping you awake through another long day at the office.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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