They are approaching 10,000 orders per month very soon, and they also raised USD$320 000 in seed funding.

Jean Khoo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-11-23 15:32:47

Looks like healthy food ordering just got easier, and if you are a big fan of healthy meals, Dah Makan has your back.

From cooking up healthy gourmet lunch and dinner boxes, and having them delivered to your doorstep, to thoughtfully preparing meal plans for the following weeks, Dah Makan, the healthy gourmet lunch and dinner delivery service has unveiled their mobile app.

There are already a number of great choices for healthy delivery companies, but Dah Makan particularly stands out by promising to deliver your healthy and delicious lunch or dinner boxes directly to your doorstep, in less than 30 minutes.

“Yes, we want to be faster than Domino’s,” said Jonathan Weins ambitiously, the co-founder of Dah Makan.

Image Credit: Dah Makan
Image Credit: Dah Makan

Dah Makan was founded by three friends, Jessica Li, Jonathan Weins and Christian Edelmann in December 2014, and they will be celebrating their one year anniversary next month.

One year ago, the team successfully bootstrapped their startup and tested their idea by preparing the meals out of their own apartment for their friends. The venture was self-funded with only USD$40,000.

Dah Makan has become quite a hit and they have been receiving good responses, ever since they started. During our first interview with Dah Makan, the team shared that they have thousands of orders every month.

Image Credit: @yvonne_may Instagram
Image Credit: @yvonne_may Instagram

To ensure that the quality is maintained while their number grows, Dah Makan is fully in charge of the entire value chain, from customer service to sourcing the ingredients, cooking and delivery. Their kitchen is led by their Executive Chef who was once the former chef of 5-star hotels such as Sheraton and Hilton.

Jonathan also revealed to Vulcan Post that they recently closed their seed round of USD$320 000, from two angel investors. This will enable them to further improve their services.

As a result, Dah Makan’s mobile app was born. The funding also allowed them to relocate into a building with a bigger central kitchen, and other processes like hiring, marketing, and developing their logistics.

The App’s Design

After downloading the app, you have to register for an account, via Facebook or via email. Once you key in your phone number, you will be able to place an order.

Having a mobile app is certainly so much easier and convenient, especially when you are laying down and you don’t want to go through the long wait of waiting for a website to load just to make an order.

The app will display two different menu options for both lunch and dinner. Each meal is displayed with a menu description, its nutritional value and the ingredients that were used.

Image Credit: Dah Makan Facebook page
Image Credit: Dah Makan Facebook page

Final Verdict

Personally I feel that the interface is simple and clear cut, not too fancy, which is the purpose of having an app — to make the ordering process easier and quicker, which makes the app pretty user-friendly and perfect for people who are too lazy to switch onto their laptop just to make order.

While there’s almost an app for just about everything, it is undeniable that mobile apps are a convenient and the faster option. However according to Jonathan, the web ordering system will still be made available to its customers.

“The online ordering system and mobile app will work together,” Jonathan explained. “We are building a hybrid model where customers can pre-order as well as order on-demand within 30 mins delivery.

Currently the team only delivers to all major business areas in KL and selected residential areas.  You can download their app from the Play Store and they will release their iOS app real soon.

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