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Published 2014-10-14 15:00:44

When you comes across Phhhoto, you may ask “How many Hs are there?”. Dubbed as a “Vine meets Instagram” app by VOGUE, it was developed by HYPERHYPER, a design and technology studio that’s based in Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

The idea behind Phhhoto was conceived a couple of years back. It was inspired by a portable photo booth that the creators built for an office party back in 2012. After it went on to receive commercial success, it eventually prompted them to take their product more seriously.

Image Credit: Phhhoto Tumblr

How Does the App Work?

Launched in late July, Phhhoto has a really straightforward user interface. Simply tap on the green circle and the app automatically takes four photos and modifies them together to form a GIF — hey presto, just like that. Similar to how Instagram works, it allows users to “heart” phhhotos and do some massive sharing on social networks. It’s packed with two filters (Daze and Solo) and is currently available on the iPhone.

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Roaring Responses

With big names such as Katy Perry and K-pop sweetheart Kwon Ji Yong (a.k.a. Big Bang’s G-Dragon) using it, could Phhhoto be on its way to becoming the next-generation camera app? It’s possible. While many praised its simple layout, a couple showed their frustration with the name and the lack of filter options.

Jordan Crook from Tech Crunch describes Phhhoto as an “addictive, albeit poorly-named GIF-styled photo app”, while Steven Tweedie from Business Insider writes, “For an app so intent on creating artsier shots and selfies, the lack of multiple filters stands out.”

Image Credit: Phhhoto Facebook

Of course, Phhhoto isn’t the only app around to create GIFs. A simple Google search will give you dozens of results that will surely have you spoilt for choice. Without further ado, here is a mini recommendation for the finest tools in making your very own animated images.

Other Tools to Create GIF


Image Credit: Photoscape

Photoscape is a free-to-use photo editing software. Developed by MOOII Tech, a company based in Korea, it allows users to edit photographs in a no muss, no fuss way. Besides creating animated GIF, its key features also include paper print, face search and colour picker, among others. This programme’s simple user interface works great even for people with zero computer skills.

Adobe Photoshop

Image Credit: Adobe

Adobe Photoshop is the Muhammad Ali of multimedia creation. Granted, users have to pay to use the graphics editing tool, but hey, it’s like what we always hear, you get what you pay for. Here’s a wikiHow link for creating animated GIFs using Photoshop, in three ways!

Make a GIF

Image Credit: Make a GIF

The picture says it all. Whether you need to create a GIF from YouTube, pictures or webcam, Make a GIF‘s got you covered. It even has a featured column dedicated to the best animated images! If you’re in a desperate need of some inspiration, pop a visit to the site and who knows, you might create the next viral hit.

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