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It’s been a few months since I first wrote about PSLove, a Singapore startup by co-founders PeckYing and Caleb that offers subscription deliveries for that ‘time of the month’. Then, the PSLove website had just been launched, and had the bare minimum of products and offerings.

5 months later since its launch, PSLove has grown by leaps and bounds, with a easy-to-use website and a large range of products to help you customize your box down to the pantyliner. Having been a PSLove user for the past few months myself, I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with PSLove. And it all began with the box.

Unboxing Love

Now to clarify, you don’t always get the trademark PSLove box. If you choose to customize yourself a small delivery package, PSLove will be sent in a pink mailer. However, I recently decided to try out their chocolate package, which was a variety of sweet chocolatey treats to get me through the rough times. The website is being upgraded to accommodate these changes soon, but for now I was able to message Peck Ying personally, who was very accommodating in each of the changes, and talked me through the payment process (the chocolate package costs an additional $5).

Instead of the cute pink mailer I usually got, I was surprised by this thing of beauty, delivered by Caleb himself.


I was amused by the little post-it with my name on it still stuck on the box, but what really amused me was the little sticker they used to seal the box.

During my last interview with Peck Ying, she asked me if I knew why the heart faced back. When I admitted that I had no idea (and found it pretty odd), she opened a box for me to take a look.

This is what you see every time you open a PSLove box:


Like every subscription service, PSLove isn’t just about the stuff you get, but the experience of unboxing. Unboxing a PSLove package is like a whole box of love, care and affection, from the massive heart staring straight at you to the nest of goodies that fill the glorious box. Each package (box or mailer) will also come with a little note from Peck Ying printed with your name, that either gives you advice or encouragement. It’s like receiving a postcard from a friend, and who doesn’t like that?

She ends this month’s note with a cheeky “Keep moving ahead and stay sober!” I’ll try, Peck, I’ll try.




Having my name printed everywhere is also very flattering.

If you’ve noticed that little post-it in the box: I had spoken to her before about changing some details of my package, since my package can’t be changed on the PSLove website as of yet. I had given some feedback that the heatpacks that I had ordered before didn’t work, with some of them not heating up at all despite having it out in the open for an hour. So I chose to take the heatpacks out of my order and added the ‘Chocolatey Bites’ option.

What really surprised me was that Peck added this little note for me, along with some heatpacks, which to my surprise actually worked this time and was a real life-saver during the mid-day aches. Also, I mentioned that I liked the brownies that was in the first package she sent me (as an extra treat) and she threw that in for me too, though she did warn me that the brownies aren’t promised in every month’s package.


What’s Next For PSLove?

While I had some strange experience with the heatpacks, it seems that PSLove has had some great feedback on how helpful the heatpacks have been. So good, in fact, that they are launching their own range of heatpacks – Menstruheat. By tweaking some of the contents, the new range will be able to heat up faster and provide quicker relief. They are now collecting pre-orders, which will be offered at a discounted price of $1.45 with free shipping!
They have also launched a “Period Welfare campaign” in the NUS and NTU residences, providing free weekly deliveries to on-campus residences to help girls staying in school stock up in a fuss-free manner. As of now, they have 10 halls on board across the island.
The last time I interviewed the duo behind PSLove, Caleb and Peck Ying, they also mentioned that they are working towards an app that not only emulates other period-tracking apps already available in the market, but will also be able to sync deliveries to arrive exactly when you need it, with any changes that may happen along the way. While they were quiet on this front this time round, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be able to expect it soon. It will be the next big thing for PSLove, and will finally push the way technology helps girls and women deal with things that were previously too taboo to even speak about.
It’s about time!

“(PSLove is) slowing inching towards our vision of becoming a “V-Zone Expert”, automating and providing for the monthly needs of ladies!”

– Peck Ying, PSLove

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