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When you think of Japan, what do you think of? Sushi. Pikachu. Samurai. Well, now you’ve got one more name to add to that list: JRunway. 

JRunway is Southeast Asia’s first Japanese multi-brands store. That’s a mouthful, so let me simplify: at JRunway, you can expect to find all your favourite Japanese fashion labels in one place. And it’s all right here in Singapore, lucky us! Their main concept store in Plaza Singapura boasts 3,600 square feet of apparel and accessories for men and women alike.

What’s more, JRunway has recently launched its e-commerce platform. That means you now have access to more than 15 of the hottest and most popular fashion brands in Japan, without ever having to leave your chair. Could life get any better?

Home to popular brands such as AZUL by moussy, EMODA, muse muse, OSEWAYA, Royal Party, Spiral Girl, WEGO, XLARGE, X-girl, and philter, JRunway’s online store is a breeze to navigate.



A huge Hello Kitty collaboration banner greeted me when I first laid eyes on the site – how kawaii! The products are neatly categorised according to gender as JRunway offers apparel and accessories for men and women who love Japanese fashion.

I am particularly appreciative of their sidebar; it features a price slider which you can toggle according to your budget for that day. Feeling rich? Push the slider all the way to the right. Salary doesn’t come in for 3 weeks yet? Drag the slider halfway down to make sure you still have enough to eat for the rest of the month. But hey, even if you have to tighten your belt for the coming weeks, rest assured that it will be a very stylish belt.



I chose three products, all of which were delivered in a most timely fashion. My products arrived undamaged, which is always a plus, and each piece was exactly as I had seen it online. No blaming computer screen brightness or disclaimers here! Most of the products on display were very Singapore-appropriate – nothing too seasonal or too heavy for our unbelievably hot and humid country. Unlike other Japanese fashion stores, I didn’t see too many heavy winter coats available. Instead, there was a greater focus on casual street fashion and lightweight pieces.

Product #1: Cut and sewn maxi one piece from WEGO


I’m currently going through a maxi-dress phase, so I chose this one for its – shall we say, interesting – slogan on the front and the way the skirt is cut. This dress turned out to be made of thicker material than I had originally expected, but it was also really soft and fit well. Plus points for the super smooth flowing fabric, which is always a must for long dresses in my books. In spite of being a maxi dress, it’s cool enough to be worn even on the hottest of days when all you want to do is throw on a nice outfit without too much fuss.

Product #2: Romper by muse muse



JRunway carries a lot of apparel in free size, so I was afraid this one would turn out to be too big for me, as most free size items are. To my pleasant surprise, it fit quite well. I guess it must mean “free size for Asians” when they label something as “free size”. The lace sleeves are a neat touch, making the romper look feminine while still providing enough airflow to keep your arms cool so you don’t have to worry about wearing long sleeves on a hot day.

Product #3: Smile Solar Watch


A solar powered watch. That comes in colourblocked teal and yellow, looks really snazzy, and is exceedingly lightweight. How could anyone say no? The watch came in quality packaging to protect it, and feels sturdy. According to Smile Solar themselves, one hour of light will power the watch for three months. Three months. The watch doesn’t use batteries, but catches solar energy through a razor-thin panel hidden in its rim.

All in all, I had a most pleasant experience navigating JRunway’s online store. The products are of great quality, and because the clothing sizes cater to a Southeast Asian market, there’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to the fit of the clothing. JRunway makes sure that the fellows don’t feel left out – a wide range of men’s apparel can be found on the store. The online store has a good selection of accessories too; from watches and bags to caps and even shoes.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just found a new place to spend my hard earned cash.

The JRunway online store ships within Singapore for a flat rate of $5. For purchases above $75, shipping will be free! So round up your most fashion-forward friends and get a-clicking.

Some JRunway For Vulcan Post Readers

If being able to get your hands on items from over 15 Japanese fashion brands from the comfort of your own home isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this will: JRunway is currently offering Vulcan Post readers a whopping $10 off their total bill with every $50 spent! All you have to do is enter the discount code “VulcanPost” at checkout to enjoy the offer.

In addition to already being super generous, JRunway is also running a contest where 5 lucky winners will walk away with $100 vouchers. All you have to do to participate is Like the JRunway Facebook page, and share this photo on your timeline!

You’ll then be in the running to win one of five $100 vouchers from JRunway. Think about all the fabulous snapbacks you could get!

For more Japanese-inspired fashion, you can always find JRunway at their online store, their trend blog, or on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

[All images via JRunway]

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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