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2015 has brought about a plethora of startups that has gotten us excited and frankly impressed because new ideas are being created, designed, implemented, and launched. Some were looking to fill the gap in the industry by providing a service which has yet to be done, and some entered the saturated industry and made their mark by bringing something new to the table in order to differentiate themselves from other startups of similar nature.

With the year coming to a close, although some startups failed and ended up in the startup graveyard, 2016 brings about the excitement of others which have their engines revved and are ready to take flight for the new year.

Some have not fully taken off just yet and others are currently in the beta stage or have just begun in late 2015 and are hoping to shake things up by having promising new features and services for the new year. Then, there are those which are either still in the works or are to be launched soon.

Either way, here we want to highlight 10 notable startups with all with the potential to shake up the community and industry with their innovative ideas. We hope that they are staring down at the 2016 calendar saying, “Bring it on.”

1. 100% Project

Image Credit: 100% Project

100% Project is a fairly new startup in Malaysia which only begun in late 2015. The aim for 100% Project is to be a crowdfunding platform for classrooms or educators which require the necessary funding for projects of anything from field trips to the obtaining of certain classroom materials. The team at 100% Project stated on their site that they empower teachers to provide the best learning experience for their students.

Education will always be at the forefront of a nation and by spearheading a startup which helps to improve the education system in Malaysia, 100% Project is a name to look out for in 2016 and we are excited to see what other projects will be in store for the team.

2. Fooddit

Image Credit: Fooddit

Fooddit has taken away the hassle from Malaysians in sourcing for fresh ingredients in order to prepare their meals. You now have another option instead of queuing in order to pay for groceries and then preparing them in portion sized meals. Fooddit delivers fresh ingredients to their customer’s doorsteps and a recipe is provided as well.

This enables people to prepare healthy meals easily in 30 minutes or less, and a reason why Fooddit could propel themselves forward in the new year is due to the fact that eating healthy is no longer just a trend or a phase, for it is a way of life for countless of Malaysians. In fact, we we were so curious that we put our chef hats on and gave it a try ourselves.

3. CubeCrate Malaysia

Image Credit: CubeCrate Malaysia
Image Credit: CubeCrate Malaysia

Most would be touched upon receiving a surprise gift and this is the concept that CubeCrate Malaysia has built around their startup. Monthly surprise boxes are specially curated and delivered to one’s doorstep. These boxes can include anything from body products to food and festive gifts such as murukku which was delivered in the box during the Deepavali celebrations.

The team’s aim is to brighten up their customer’s day with a box of surprises and judging from how random and thoughtful the gifts are, CubeCrate has the potential to interest those who are curious about their service. Subscription box models are not the most popular among consumers in Malaysia (we all know about startups in Malaysia with the subscription model that eventually failed), but we’re keen to see how CubeCrate will overcome this challenge and scale further in 2016.

4. WanderZoom

Image Credit: WanderZoom

WanderZoom is a Malaysian-based photography service startup with a team of photographers based across Asia. They are essentially a vacation photography service and the idea for the startup, as stated on their Facebook page, began when the team realised that travellers would often times fuss about capturing beautiful moments, that they would miss the enjoyment in the presence of their loved ones.

WanderZoom selects photographers which are reliable for each client and the local photographers would also be able to introduce their clients to the local sights that they should visit for the best views. This startup has the potential to grow in 2016 because they are filling in the gap for the booming photography industry and are at the same time, allowing local photographers a platform to harness and showcase their skills.

5. PostCo

Image Credit: PostCo

The hassle of having to wait for a specific parcel or delivery is one that required solving and that is where PostCo fills the gap. The Malaysian startup provides a vast network of pick-up points where people can pick up their parcels from the online shopping they have conducted.

PostCo has mindfully chosen the locations, ensuring that these places have longer opening hours, strategically located, and safe. Users can choose to collect their parcels from those set locations, including the laundromat, pharmacy or convenience store. Convenience is what PostCo provides, and in this day and age where that is exactly what end users are searching for, this startup has infinite room to grow.

6. Running Man Food

Image Credit: Running Man Food

Just the name of this startup itself is bound to interest those who have heard of the particular Korean television series. However, this startup is not a game show, nor are they a Korean brand. Running Man Food does all the legwork and ‘runs’ to deliver the food to their customers.

Essentially, they are a food delivery service in areas currently surrounding Kuala Lumpur and they deliver food from several places inclusive of Tappers Cafe, Haru Tei and My Kitchen Delights, just to name a few. Consumers are constantly looking for a way whereby they can obtain services and products without the hassle, and that is where this startup can blossom in 2016. They are, however, up against several competitors in this industry, so we are eager to see how they fare.

7. JIOness

Image Credit: JIOness

Bo jio” is a Hokkien term used to state one’s feeling whenever they feel left out upon not being invited to a gathering or event. It has since grown to be a local term, and this startup, known as JIOness, aims to be a social platform whereby foodies can meet up to have a meal together.

Essentially, they are a meal invitation app which can help users to expand their social circle, all in the name of food. Users can invite their friends or guests who are nearby the makan area so the term ‘bo jio‘ can slowly be a thing of the past.

8. Ombré

Image Credit: Ombre

Style is often times a trial-and-error situation and it evolves with the individual as they age, change body physique, or go through different phases of fashion preferences. As such, Ombré is an upcoming app which helps to point out clothes which are suited for an individual based on the complex algorithms of the app.

No more fashion faux pas for 2016—sounds like an ideal resolution, and this startup has the potential to fulfill it due to the fact that they do not force a product upon their customers but instead provides useful style suggestions to the users, which can help to enhance their look in general.

9. Bfab

Image Credit: Bfab

Who doesn’t literally want to “be fab”? Bfab is a portal whereby users can search and book any wellness and beauty services within the region. From hair removal to massages and makeup services, this portal is a one-stop location for those who are looking to book an appointment to beautify themselves.

Still in its beta stage, this startup is one to look out for because setting appointments is a great hassle and searching for both the right timing and location is indeed tough. Though the current listings are not particularly extensive at the moment, they have all of next year to expand and that is a good outlook for Bfab.

10. Favful

Image Credit: Favful
Image Credit: Favful

Reviews are a great way to find out whether a certain product or service is worth our time and money. Favful provides reviews, price comparisons as well as tips when it comes to purchases pertaining the world of beauty and health.

Favful, which is still in the beta stage, understands that when it comes to looking for a particular brand, users end up with countless open tabs just to gain reviews about it, and that need not be the case anymore. At the core of it, Favful stated on their Facebook page that it was founded to give users a clear and easy solution out of the beauty labyrinth.

If there are any startups which we should look forward to come 2016, feel free to leave us a comment so we can keep an eye out for them!

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