Zyllem gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to deliver and receive products and couriers on the same day. 

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2016-01-12 14:34:44

Zyllem entered the Singapore logistics market in 2013 with an intention to innovate and to provide a platform that would connect and give its customers access to multiple courier networks. Since then, they’ve continued to grow steadily and in 2015, they expanded their operations to both Malaysia and the Philippines.

In essence, it enables and connects existing resources such as freelance or local couriers and professional delivery drivers in order to create a distribution network that’s both reliable and efficient.

In fact, it even borrows its name from the botanical word ‘xylem’, which is a tissue that transports nutrients across a plant. Much in the same way, Zyllem in the long term hopes to bring goods and growth to the furthest reaches of the globe.

Image Credit: Zyllem
Image Credit: Zyllem

While that definitely is their overall vision, they’re looking to conquer a relatively untapped field of Malaysian logistics, and by that I’m referring to the concept of same-day delivery. The premise of same-day delivery is quite simple, it either means that you can order products online and have them delivered on the same day or you can courier a parcel and expect it to reach your recipient within a couple of hours.

Nabil Feisal Bamadhaj, the Malaysia Country Managing Director of Zyllem said, “Zyllem plays a vital role in any retailers’ business as consumers today expect same-day and express delivery, and strong retailer branding in their online or offline shopping experience. With our delivery solutions, customers and businesses can now enjoy tens of thousands of items, ranging from household goods, documents, groceries to electronics, and last-minute gifts to be picked up and delivered on-time.”

He further exclaimed, “If you think 1 to 2-day deliveries seemed really fast? Zyllem thinks 1 or 2 hours are pretty standard.”

Image Credit: Zyllem
Image Credit: Zyllem

This is essentially the new standard that Zyllem hopes to set for its consumers this upcoming Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

A common scenario during any festivity is that people tend to indulge in shopping sprees, and you can most definitely see a lot of gifts exchanging hands. While people still rely on brick-and-mortar stores for many of their shopping needs, others still turn towards online shopping and personal concierge services to assist them with their shopping.

Zyllem also believes that this is often the time that a lot of people end up getting stuck in massive traffic jams, and clogged up parking lots. With this scenario in mind, Zyllem is offering its same-day and 1-hour express delivery service within Klang Valley.

Image Credit: Zyllem
Image Credit: Zyllem

Both businesses and individuals can make use of this service to get products and couriers delivered on the very same day.

Users can access these services on Zyllem’s web platform or their dedicated apps for iOS and Android. They offer services from as low as RM9 per delivery for items up to 5kg throughout the Klang Valley. Although the lowest price may be RM9 per delivery, you have to make sure you get a quotation from the platform as all their prices are dynamic and they are depended on factors such as collection location, distance travelled, weight of item, etc.

And for deliveries that are within the express zones, users can make use of the 1-hour express delivery at no additional cost. This service is available from 9am to 6pm, 6 days a week.

With a claimed user base of more than 5000 customers, Zyllem transports anything that’s safe and legal. Once you place a request on Zyllem, they will pick up the courier from your doorstep and they will deliver it right into the hands of your recipient.

Throughout the entire process, users can track their delivery request from their platform.

Essentially Zyllem sees an opportunity to fulfill local delivery demands and orders from retailers and online businesses in the Klang Valley during these festivities.

Image Credit: Play Store
Image Credit: Play Store

Businesses don’t have to invest funds upfront to make use of this service, and they’re only expected to pay for services that they actually need. They can use Zyllem to monitor their deliveries and make use of their wide distribution network.

Given that Zyllem is retail-ready, businesses can easily integrate this service into their platforms and provide a value-added service for their customers.

This year, we will definitely see services like Zyllem among other Malaysian startups like NeonRunner enter the space of same-day delivery. As consumers, we don’t have to wait for days on end for products and couriers to be delivered to us, and it will definitely the make the process of shopping online more enjoyable.

Also I feel that online retailers will be able to compete with bigger international e-commerce brands like Amazon.com if they partner with services like Zyllem and NeonRunner, among others as they’d be able to drive more local traffic to their sites. If local online retailers offer same-day delivery for products on their platform, I don’t see why consumers will opt for international e-commerce brands as local purchases would theoretically be cheaper and delivered quicker.

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