This Google Glass rival has shipped over 50,000 units, puts it to shame

Recon Instrument, the company behind a US$600 Google Glass-like wearable device targetting athletes, reports it has already shipped 50,000 of its “Snow” model, geared toward skiers.

That’s many thousands more than the number of Glass devices Google has shipped to date. Google has instead chosen to roll out its device very slowly, to only a few thousand people to start.

Other than its significant shipping milestone, the Heads-up Displays (HUD) for sports, has also announced that Intel Capital will be making a significant investment to fund its product development, marketing and global sales expansion.  Aside from the cash infusion of an undisclosed amount, Recon will benefit from Intel’s expertise in manufacturing, operations and technology to further the Internet of Things revolution.

Here’s how the Recon Jet looks like:

recon jet


And here’s Google Glass:

google glass


How does it compare to the widely celebrated Google Glass? Let’s take a closer look at the comparison between Recon Jet and Google Glass:

recon jet google cgass

There are no official pricing for Google Glass, and if you are interested, you can register here to get update about next opening or update.

As we previously wrote, wearable tech is very likely to take off in months to come, and it’s going to bring about a significant lifestyle shift to many of us, especially to our next generation.

Last year the market for wearable technology – encompassing everything from hearing aids to wristband pedometers – totalled almost USD 9 billion. That should climb to USD 30 billion by 2018, said analyst Shane Walker at IHS Global Insights. Humans have been wearing technology for centuries, from strapped-on compasses to pocket watches.

“Everyone agrees the race is just beginning, and I think we’re going to see some very, very big leaps in just the next year,” said tech entrepreneur Manish Chandra at a wearable technology conference and fashion show in San Francisco earlier this month.

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