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With the annual Chinese New Year just around the corner, in case you are scratching your head on how much ang pao to give this year, taobao shipping service 65daigou has recently released an angbao (red packet) guide. The guide has recently went viral – and if virality is an indication of anything – it means that people generally agree with the guide.

Here’s a look at it:

ang pao guide singapore

The guide breaks down the “ang bao” market rate into three broad categories – low income, middle income, as well as high income. For example, if you fall under the middle income category like most of us (annual earnings S$30,000  to S$120,000), the market rate for the children of friends and your colleagues would be S$8 – S$28. But if you fall under the high income category, it would be more appropriate to give ang paos between S$28 – S$58.

There’s also a category for wife too – to ensure a prosperous year, the ang bao guide for your wife has to be S$2,000 (low income), S$5000 (middle income), and S$10,000 (high income).

Ang Bao Dos And Donts

If you are new to this, here are some dos and donts when you are giving ang baos:

  • Ang Bao should contain even number of dollars to symbolise auspicious meaning. Eg: S$8, S$68, S$188.
  • Use new bank notes to pack in your Ang Bao to represent a new year and new start.
  • Do not use expired red packet.
  • Use only red color packet, which means good luck.
  • Do not open the red packet in front of the elder or anyone who gives you the red packet. This is considered rude.

Of course, there is also a superstition for people to bank in money on Li Chun Day, which happens this Thursday, and in doing so, will help grow their wealth. February the 4th, also known as Li Chun on the Chinese lunar calendar, was significant for farmers looking for a bountiful harvest in the past.

65daigou has another guide for this too:


So do bookmark this page, and we will see you this Thursday!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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