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Love discovering new music and apps that help you with it?

Today, we’re sneaking up to Deezer’s very own head of label relations for the countries all over Asia and Oceania and explore the many unique apps she uses to discover music and everything else!

Dona_B&W_SmallDona Inthaxoum (Image Credit: Dona Inthaxoum)

If you do not know, Deezer is a music streaming service that took flight since its launch in 2007. Today, it is used in more than 180 countries with 16 million monthly users reported.

At Deezer, Dona creates and executes marketing campaigns and brand partnerships in the Asia Pacific region. She also works closely with record labels for content acquisition, artist marketing and business reviews.

More than that, Dona’s interest in the music runs deeper into her experiences at a company in Tokyo where she worked closely with French and Japanese artists to promote and develop their careers. In 2011, she relocated to sunny Singapore and set up Music Services Asia – a media company specialising in music business news and digital distribution in Asia. Dona subsequently founded Figure8 Agency which aims to develop the Southeast Asian music scene.

Amidst her busy flight schedules around the world, Dona never fails to enjoy a good mix of music.

When asked to share her lifestyle motto,

“You Only Live Once”

http://www.deezer.com/track/577775 (The Strokes)

She shares a track with it too!

Today, let’s peek into Dona’s smartphone as we uncover how is it like to always be discovering on the go!

Dona's AppsDona’s Homescreen (Image Credit: Dona Inthaxoum)

1. Deezer

“This is THE app I use absolutely every day and everywhere i go. I’m a huge music fan; I find everything on Deezer from obscure local acts to super hits from a massive catalogue of 35 million tracks. I create a lot of playlists, share music with friends, check out news releases, follow the recommendations of our editors, watch Deezer sessions on it. The interface is beautiful, and it’s easy to use.”

2. KCRW Radio

“I like to find new and old songs I’ve never heard before, and I think the DJs of Eclectic24 on KCRW Radio (Californian-based radio) are some of the best people to help you achieve this. They create playlists of all sorts of sounds, from world, to jazz to electro music, and you often find new gems, such as Dengue Fever, The Decoders or Liam Bailey which I have discovered through this app!”

3. Soundhound

“I think this is probably the best song-identification app. Not only does it help you identify songs played in public spaces, it also recognises a song from a person’s singing. I tried it out in Indonesia with some singers on the street, and it worked beautifully!”

4. Pitchfork Weekly

“Another music app that I like to check out, as it gives you a good idea of what’s new in the indie world.”

5. Grabtaxi

“The must-have app when it comes to traveling across Singapore. It’s very effective, super accurate and you can send a note to the driver if you think he won’t find you easily.”

6. Evernote

“My job requires me to travel and meet a lot of people. With Evernote, I can take note of all my meetings and synchronize it with all my devices without having to bring my documents everywhere with me.”


“I have previously lived in Japan and Thailand so I have a lot of friends from these countries where Line is very popular, and this is what I’m using to be in touch with them. They also have funny stickers like Psy’s face sending you big hugs!”

8. Instagram

“I currently post pictures on my personal account as well as another for Deezer. For Deezer, I like sharing what’s going in our office, and which artists we are hanging out with to the Deezer community. A picture says it all sometimes.

9. Kayak

“For people who travel a lot, Kayak is a great app that helps you find the best deals in flights, hotels, car rentals. It’s very simple to use, and the interface is slick.”

Thank you Dona for sharing with us so passionately about the apps you use!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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