Dawn  |  Singapore
Published 2014-02-26 15:30:50

So you’ve heard: Flappy Bird has been taken down and removed from the app store and is no longer available for download. Unsurprisingly too, there are a lot of clone apps which wanted to leverage on Flappy Bird’s rise to fame and get some quick downloads.

The number of apps with the name “Flappy” on it skyrocketed, and both Apple and Google had to reject all new apps submissions with “Flappy” on it.

flappy bird clone


However, existing clones which were approved before the app store crackdown are apparently still thriving, especially in Indonesia. As noted by Aulia Masna, Chief editor local tech blog DailySocial, Flappy Bird clone beats BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp main competitor Telegram to top spot on the Indonesian Apple app store.

flappy bird indonesiaLooks like Flappy Bird is still popular in Indonesia. Well, fans of Flappy Bird would definitely be delighted to hear this: while Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen hasn’t enjoyed the massive response his game received, he’s still making games. According to Chinese gaming media outlet QQ Games, a spokesman for Dong shared that he is indeed working on a new game.

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