From Fashionistas To Astrophotographers, Here Are Some Of S’pore’s Kings and Queens Of Instagram

This article is written by Hanako Shimada, from A Better Florist, an online delivery service in Southeast Asia.

A mundane Instagram feed can be uninspiring – especially since we browse our Instagram feed almost everyday. If you are looking to spice up your Instagram feed, here’s a look at some of the Lion City’s Kings and Queens of Instagram.

  1. @prettyfrowns

With over 150k followers, this gorgeous 20-year-old blogger has an Instagram full of dreamy photos. Her signature style is a perfectly balanced sexy yet laid-back look. Pretty on the eyes, and easy on the soul.


  1. @jemmawei

Jemimah Wei is not only a darling blogger, but is also a fantastic Instagrammer. Follow her on Instagram for visually delightful photos paired with witty captions! Not only are you going to keep scrolling through her feed, but you’re going to wish you were her.


  1. @nellielim

You’ll mainly fall head over heels for Nellie’s shoe collection. Her chic down-to-earth and edgy style will leave you fellow fashionistas inspired! She’s got it all: style, class and an imagination that shapes her fashion pieces into a genuine work of art.


  1. @dreachong

This TV host and former model is already a big name in Singapore. Check out her Instagram for some truly breath-taking pictures from travelling and to-die-for outfits. You’ll find yourself drooling over her wardrobe, holidays, and all round beauty.


  1. @nakedgloryvera

Vera’s the one to follow for incredible shots of daily life, she’s an awesome lifestyle photographer! Sporting a modern bohemian style combined with her vivacious spirit, she’s one of those women who make you think you can have it all. A gentle and fragile beauty on the outside, and fierce and unstoppable woman on the inside.


  1. @melissackoh

Although this Singaporean blogger is based in Australia now, I guarantee that you’ll be following her wherever she goes. From cute flower arrangements to mouth-watering food, her exceptionally well captured travel photos will also have you planning your next holiday.


  1. @velveteencockroach

This edgy photographer will take you on a wonderful tour around the little red dot (and more!). She’s got a keen eye for capturing gorgeous minimalistic photos, that are both thought-provoking and absolutely stunning.


  1. @beautifuladieu

Also known as Amanda Wong, this is another great travel Instagrammer. (Try) Cure your holiday blues browsing through her beautiful photos from around the world. This secretly Parisian spirit brings life, light and optimism into your everyday life.


  1. @darylaiden

The first male on the list, Daryl Aiden Yow captures immaculate photos around the world – often featuring @dreachong ! Striking portraits and enchanting scenery, all portrayed in their natural, grandiose beauty.


  1. @joannalhs

This Instagram is filled with beautiful photos of food, places and her cute signature peace-sign-tongue-out selfies. You’ll get posts exhibiting her fun and quirky personality, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


  1. @deekhoo

Daphne Khoo gives us a glimpse into her exciting life as a singer-songwriter. Her bubbly personality shines through in her everyday snaps! She’s unique, creative and her artistic soul seeps through her every expression, causing you to wonder why you’re not an artist yet.


  1. @yeecharmaine

This charming Instagram is none other than radio and TV presenter Charmaine Yee. Watch her work out, travel, hang out with celebrities and everything else in between! While we all like to peek into people’s lives and often feel guilty about it, this is one of those moments where you should feel no guilt at all. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if you were to become completely obsessed, because her posts can’t help but make your day.


  1. @ncwong

This stylist has a monochrome wardrobe any girl would dream of! Check out her Instagram especially for her unique and exquisite choice of accessories. When searching for an escape from the everyday fashion monotony, stop by this Instagram profile and you’ll recharge your fashion batteries in no time.


  1. @vettyking

Yvette King has an infectious smile. The E! News Asia host’s Instagram is filled with posts of happiness – you’ll be scrolling through her Instagram with a huge smile on your face, secretly envying her perfect life and and smile.


  1. @savinachaiyj

This creative girl let’s you into her visually stunning world. When she’s not on Instagram, she manages Eight Slate, her Singaporean based online brand. Beauty, authentic perspective, success and inspiration are what flood over you as soon you start scrolling through her Instagram.


  1. @natty_ice7

Natalie may not have hit a thousand followers but her Instagram boasts beautiful photos of herself and breathtaking scenes from her travels. Keep her on your radar guys, because she’s the one you’ll want to follow in the future. Or at least when you want to satisfy your cravings for good-looking food.


  1. @hanlihoefer

This MTV VJ’s Instagram just oozes fun! The foodie and travel bug let’s you into her day-to-day activities, hilariously captioning her posts along the way. What’s so special about her? Her profile is the real deal. No fluff, no faking it.


  1. @bagaholicboy

As rare as the Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch, we have a male fashionista in Singapore! Check out his exquisite collection of bags and all things fabulous which will make you want to (or dream to) splurge and immerse yourself in the luxury world just as this genuine fashionista.


  1. @sh3ngy

Based in Manchester now, this Singaporean architecture student captures the most awesome buildings in the world’s concrete jungle. And if gorgeous wonders of the modern day and age isn’t enough, he manages to do it using unique angles and perspective that keep you scrolling through his Instagram no matter how many times you’ve been on it.


  1. @justinngphoto

Unlike the majority of lifestyle/fashion based Instagrammers on this list, Justin Ng captures some out-of-this-world photos, in that his photo subjects is literally outer-space. Follow him for some incredible astrophotography, as he really is a star photographer.


  1. @aikbengchia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well that’s certainly true for this Singaporean street photographer. He captures grit and realism of everyday life of people in Singapore. The black and white photos representing life in a bustling city tell us many stories of the everyday Singaporean. It makes you want to stop for a second and get to know the people around you.


  1. @cherylccxx

She may not have many followers but she’s definitely one to look out for. She isn’t the average fashionista. Her edgy, cool style with a bite makes her a budding Singaporean style star, and so much more than that. Follow Cheryl to look at fashion and life through her eyes!


  1. @womancalledwild

Also known as Hajar Ali, who’s also known as being first woman to cross Middle East’s Empty Quarter – the largest sand desert in the world. Go on a journey with her to some corners of the world you’ve never even heard of. Browse through captivating photos of stunning sceneries, unique people and experiences. There’s no doubt that the wild in her name is embedded through her feed.


  1. @missamandaleong

Amanda Leong’s Instagram is the epitome of healthy lifestyle, looking great and feeling great. As the founder of Koshka cosmetics, Miss Asia 2013 and face of Klarra, she offers a combination of inspirational, chic and fitness posts that are exactly what you want to see bright and early in the morning while sipping some coffee.


Anyone else that we left out? Do let us know in the comments below!

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