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The hype is real.

Descendants Of The Sun has stolen everyone’s heart and I’m betting your heart is one of them (even my 58-year-old dad is addicted to the popular idol drama). But let’s not kid ourselves, the main reason why you’re following the show is because of Song Joong Ki—the dashing actor who’s recently promoted to a Hallyu celebrity.

Originally written by Kim Won Suk, the script was given to Kim Eun Sook to edit and expand the love plot between these endearing characters. Had it not been for this bold move, Descendants of the Sun might not be the most talked about TV show in 2016.

Think you know everything about your new favourite series? I’m here to prove you wrong.

Descendants of the Sun was originally meant to show on SBS

Descendants of the Sun
Image credit: parcklee

Descendants of the Sun screenwriter Kim Eun Sook had a long-term work relationship with broadcasting company SBS. After the success of Kim’s previous works (Lovers in Paris, Secret Garden and The Heirs), you would think that SBS would welcome her back with open arms.

But that wasn’t the case, at all.

There were a number of reasons why SBS gave the show a miss. According to Soompi, aside from failing to reach an agreement while discussing production, SBS was also worried about wardrobe sponsorship and the themes of disaster and war.

The show was ultimately handed over to SBS’s rival, KBS2.

In your face, SBS. You had a gold mine sitting next to you, and you let it slipped away.

Song Joong Ki left a love message to Lee Kwang Soo while he was filming the show

Descendants Of The Sun
Image credit: Allkpop

Before he was Big Boss Yoo Si Jin, Song Joong Ki was known as the eye candy of Running Man.

He instantly hit it off with Lee Kwang Soo while filming the popular variety show, often poking fun at the latter’s unattractive appearance. Even though Joong Ki left to focus on his acting career, the two still remained close pals. Word is, he took military leave to attend his sister’s wedding!

While he was filming Descendants of the Sun in Greece, Joong Ki wrote a sweet message on a rock that solidified their friendship. The message states: Joong Ki ♥ Kwang Soo (with the phrase Asian prince underneath it).

Bromance has taken on a whole new meaning.

The show has been viewed more than 440 million times

Descendants Of The Sun
Image credit: Drama Fever

The finale has the highest rating as of yet. It clinched the top spot, with 41.6% in the Seoul National Capital area and 440 million views on iQiyi, an online video platform based in China.

And the Chinese government is none too pleased about it. The reason: they believe these idol dramas are the culprits behind legal and marriage troubles in their country.

According to The Korea Herald, there was a couple who went through a bitter divorce and a man who underwent numerous plastic surgeries to win back his wife, who was infatuated by the male protagonist.


Thanks to the show, sales of South Korean products are rising

Descendants Of The Sun
Image credit: Laneige

According to The Straits Times and cosmetics company AmorePacific, the Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar Song Hye Kyo used in Descendants of the Sun became the company’s best-selling product in March. It has even sold out in some stores.

And get this—the show is expected to earn more than three trillion won worth of “economic effects in terms of exports, domestic spending and tourism”.

Not too shabby, considering KBS forked out 13 billion won to produce it.

Song Joong Ki was a fantastic student

Descendants Of The Sun
Image credit: Soompi

During his schooling years, Joong Ki was a competitive short track speed skater, having won multiple awards. Sadly, he was forced to quit when he got injured.

It was during this time when the talented lad decided to focus more on his studies. He got many As and scored an impressive 380 points out of 400 on his national college entrance exam. He then enrolled in Sungkyunkwan University and studied business administration.

In case you’re wondering, his acting career wasn’t by fluke. His parents had already sent him to acting classes, in hopes of improving his social skills. (Fun fact: he was a lot shyer in his teens!)

It paid off. He decided to pursue acting and made his debut on the historical erotic film A Frozen Flower (coincidentally a film Running Man cast member Song Ji Hyo also starred in). He also made his television debut as a contestant on KBS’ Quiz Korea.

Goes to show that you can have both brains and brawn.

Do you know any interesting facts about Descendants of the Sun? Let’s keep the love for our favourite TV series alive. Sound it in the comments on Facebook!

Featured image credit: Soompi

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