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There has been some buzz recently amongst the entrepreneur scene in Singapore, when the Singapore Management University (SMU) launched SMUpreneurs.

Helmed by Ivan Chang as its first president, whose company was acquired for half a million dollars, SMUpreneurs is an affinity group of the Singapore Management University Office of Alumni Relations and aims to support SMU alumni entrepreneurs via networking events and shared community resources.

Image Credit: Ivan Chang
Image Credit: Ivan Chang

As part of its first project, the community has just announced a directory listing of all the companies started and founded by SMU Entrepreneurs. In total, the directory is currently tracking 225 businesses, and categorizes them into 10 broad categories. Here’s a look at all of them:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.04.58 am

Tech: 10 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.06.11 am

  1. I-Ride SG (Electric Vehicles) – Teh Li Rong (Bachelor of Business Management)
  2. INTELLLEX (Legal, Data Analytics, Natural Language Process and Machine Learning) – Chang Zi Qian
  3. Originally US (IOT, Marketing, Advertising, Hardware) – Calixto Tay (B.Sc Information System)
  4. Resolute Labs (Marketing, Advertising) – Isaac Chua (Bachelor of Business Management)
  5. Saints Productions (IT Solution, Web Development) – Jacob Isaac
  6. Sidera (Web Development, Software, Hardware) – Kavin Ho (Bachelor of Business Management)
  7. Tech in Asia (Digital Solution, Data Analytics) – Willis Wee
  8. Thinktechniq (Digital Solution, Data Analytics, Marketing) – Lydia Ng (Bachelor of Business Management)
  9. Tinkerbox Studios (Management, Product Development) – Kelvin Tham (B.Sc Information System)
  10. Wiseco Consultants (IoT, Hardware) – Mok Chi Kin (Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration)

Energy – 3 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.14.09 am

  1. ALD Global Pte Ltd ( Oil and Gas) – Charissa Sim (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  2. Marine Nexus Pte Ltd (Shipping, Community Platform, Oil And Gas, Logistics) – Eric Chean Yufei (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  3. Ponco Oilfield Supplies & Services (Drilling, Oil and Gas) – Robin Pho (Bachelor of Business Management)

F&B – 6 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.18.22 am

  1. DingGo (Mobile App, Coupon, Meal Deals) – Jeff Chin (Master of Science in Innovation)
  2. Hopscotch Bar / Mixes from Mars (Alcohol, Drinks, Bar) – Roger Yip (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  3. Labyrinth Restaurant (Local Cuisine, Catering, Restaurant) – David Seow (Bachelor of Science, Economics)
  4. Soyato Foods International (Non Dairy Ice Cream) – Alan Phua (Bachelor of Business Management)
  5. The Quarters (Catering, Restaurant) – Chung Deming (Bachelor of Business Management)
  6. Zzapi bistro & bar (Event, Catering, Restaurant) – Josephine tan (Bachelor of Business Management)

Sports And Wellness – 4 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.23.23 am

  1. b-Inspired Pilates (Pilates, Coaching) – Louisa Lau (Bachelor of Business Management)
  2.  DBI Private Limited (Activities, Dragon Boating, Events) – Gavin Chian (Bachelor of Business Management)
  3. Meijo Singapore Pte Ltd (Beauty Devices, Beauty) – Allan Foo Jek Luan (EMBA)
  4. Porcelain Pte Ltd (Beauty) – Pauline Ng (Bachelor of Business Management)

Travel – 6 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.26.22 am

  1. Curated Travel (Personalized Itinerary) – Maewyn Tan (Bachelor of Business Management)
  2. Druk Asia (Bhutan, Travel Guide) – Cipto Handoyo (Bachelor of Science, Economics)
  3. Flying Chalks (Study Abroad, Travel Guide) – Melvin Lee (Bachelor of Business Management)
  4.  Hello Travel (Travel Guide, Blog) – Melvin Goh (Bachelor of Business Management)
  5. Ninja Van (Logistics) – Chang Wen Lai (Bachelor of Business Management)
  6. SimpliFlying (Social Media Marketing, Airline) – Shashank Nigam (B.Sc Information System, Bachelor of Business Management)

Construction – 2 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.31.23 am

  1. PT Setia Jaya Persada (Steel) – Ridwan Soenoto (Bachelor of Business Management)
  2. The Minimalist Society (Interior Design) – Keith Ng (Bachelor of Business Management)

Finance & Consulting – 14 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.36.08 am

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.36.36 am

  1. AsiaLawNetwork.com (Legal, Accounting, Management) – Cherilyn Tan (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  2. Communicating World (Self Development, Coaching) – Gulshan Harjani (Bachelor of Business Management)
  3. Covalent Advisory & Partners (Commodities, Marketing) – Pearlyn Lee (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  4. Crossroot Lab (Business Development, Data Analytics) – Ajay Kamath (Master of Business Administration)
  5. Emergenetics International (Data Analytics, Self Development, Coaching) – Terence Quek (Master of Science in Communication Management
  6. Koh Management Pte Ltd (Secreterial Services, Tax Advisory, Accountint) – Koh Sze Huan (B.Sc Information System)
  7. MITH Ventures (Strategy, Web Development, Marketing, Advertising) – Thomas Ding (B.Sc Information System)
  8. Stockflock (Data Analytics, Wiki) – Wilson Ong (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  9. The New Savvy (Investment Guide, Coaching) – Anna V. Haotanto (Bachelor of Business Management)
  10. The Nomadic School of Business (Business Development, Management, Personal Development) – Josephine Stoker (Master of Science in Management)
  11. Toucanapp Pte Ltd (Transaction Portal, Credit App) – Loh Zheng Rong (Bachelor of Business Management)
  12. Uni Resources Pte Ltd (Human Resources, Employment Agency) – Claressa Sim (Bachelor of Science, Economics)
  13. Updraft Pte. Ltd. (Fintech) – Daniel Lim (Bachelor of Science, Economics)
  14. White Space Digital Pte Ltd (Digital Solution, Data Analytics, Marketing, Advertising) – Pearl Leong Jieting (Bachelor of Business Management)

Education – 10 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.56.06 am

  1. Ameba Schoolhouse (Preschool, Infant Care) – Tan Xinhui (Bachelor of Business Management)
  2.  Elf Coaching Pte Ltd (Self Development, Coaching) – Elfarina Zaid (Bachelor of Business Management)
  3. EQ Venture Resources (Venture Capital, Funding) – Cindy Chua (Master of Science in Innovation)
  4. Flare Communications Coaching Pte Ltd (Self Development, Coaching) – Benjamin Loh (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  5. Learnly Pte Ltd (Tutoring Platform, Coaching) – Joel Khoo ( Bachelor of Science, Economics)
  6. Nullspace Robotics (Robotics) – Alan Yong (Bachelor of Business Management)
  7. Quelle Learning Academy (Tutoring) – Kendrik Tan (Bachelor of Science, Economics)
  8. Reactor Industries Pte Ltd (Workshop, Self Development, Coaching) – Lim Wei Yuan, Puah Jing Wen (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  9. Tuition Axcel (Tutoring) – Jonathan Sim (Bachelor of Business Management)
  10. Unibly Pte Ltd (Mentoring, Community Platform, Coaching) – John Lim (Bachelor of Science, Economics)

Ecommerce – 13 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.03.27 amScreen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.03.52 am

  1. Airfrov (Logistics, Travel Merchandise) – Hashim Alkaff (Bachelor of Business Management)
  2. Beaupass (Personal Care, Wellness, Beauty) – Tan Hui (Robyn) (Bachelor of Science, Economics)
  3. Chateau Italia Pte Ltd (Interior Design, Furniture, Decor) – Benjamin Ng (Bachelor of Business Management)
  4. Diamond Walker Bespoke Shoes (Men Shoes) – Clinton Zheng (Bachelor of Accountancy)
  5. Eden’s Kitchen (Health Food Products) – Tan Ee Jia (Bachelor of Business Management)
  6. En Pointe & Co (Accessories, Jewellery, Clothing, Fashion) – Dahliawati Binte Mohd Amin (Bachelor of Business Management)
  7. HipVan Pte Ltd (Decor, Living Supplies, Interior Design, Furniture) – Deborah Wee
  8. Home Loan Whiz (Lending and Borrowing, Housing, Mortgage) – Wayne Quek (Bachelor of Business Management)
  9. KALAIA Label (Online Shop, Clothing, Jewellery, Fashion) – Coco Mercy Chu (Bachelor of Business Management)
  10. MerryMakr (Merchandise, Souvenirs, Gifts, Event) –  Joel Koh (Bachelor of Business Management)
  11. Prabot (Used Furniture) –  Edric Subur (Bachelor of Science in Information System)
  12. Septième Largeur (Leather Shoes) – Lucas Tan (Bachelor of Business Management)
  13. We Are Spaces (Venue Booking, Logistics) – Sharon Lourdes Paul (Bachelor of Science, Economics)

Arts, Media and Entertainment – 11 Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.14.51 am

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.14.57 am

  1. AudSam (Sound System, Audio Mixing) – Samuel Tan (Master of Science in Communication Management)
  2. Eventory Pte Ltd ( Event Sponsorship, Marketing, Advertising) – Peng Shengsong (Bachelor of Science in Information System)
  3. Flotography (Photography) – Flo Yeow (Bachelor of Business Management)
  4. Fotto-Graffiti Pictures Pte Ltd (Photography) – Ang Tuan Kiat (Bachelor of Accountancy and Business Management)
  5. Instaprint Pte Ltd (Printing, Photography, Event) – Mervin Yong (Bachelor of Science in Information System)
  6. Our Fairytale Wedding (Event Consulting, Wedding) –  Olivia Low
  7. Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd (Visual Effect Production, Music, Motion Pictures) – Rich Ho (Bachelor of Business Management)
  8. Studio Asobi (Installation, Workshop, Pottery, Ceramic) – Lee Huiwen (Bachelor of Business Management)
  9. Synergraphic Design Pte Ltd (Glass decor, Architecture) – Sara Ang (Bachelor of Business Management)
  10. The Talks Entertainment LLP (Photography Booth, Event) – Shannon Aw (Bachelor of Science in Information System)
  11. Xcape Singapore (Games, Escape Room, Activities, Event) – Daphne Teo Ke Huey (Master of Business Administration)

From the looks of the directory, it seems as though the finance space is the most crowded one with the most number of companies, followed by e commerce. The school of business also produces the most number of company founders as compared to the others.

We are pretty sure that there might be other companies which may be left out of the directory, but this is definitely a great first step for SMUpreneurs to connect alumni founders with one another. Definitely exciting and fun times ahead for the entrepreneur scene in Singapore.

If you know any companies that should be on the list, do let us know in the comments below!

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