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If you have used Tinder before, an awkward situation that you may be familiar with is when you came across your friend’s profile on Tinder. And as if that wasn’t weird enough, the dating app has a new polarising feature to share—Tinder Social.

Tinder Social

Tinder has always been about making you more social in the real world, not the digital world.“- Tinder

Tinder Social is aimed at not just helping you find your friends, but also get group dates together. If you find those one-on-one Tinder dates boring, going together in a group may just be your answer, though I am sure many may be in disagreement.

The gist of it is that with Tinder Social, one can get together with your group of friends, after which you can get matches to other groups. Once both groups match through the almighty ‘Swipe Right’, you can then strike a conversation and move on from there, just like how you’ve always done solo.

Various media are having a field day, suggesting this feature may be just another way to get together for certain “group activities”, while others highlighted privacy concerns.

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Well the thing is, aside from letting you view the profiles of your BFFs, to form that exclusive clique, it also shows you the rest of your friends—all of them.

Tinder Social presents a list of all your Facebook friends and lets you view their dating profiles from a very accessible interface.“- TechCruch

Just think about all those corny introductions and falsified information of people you haven’t met in eons that you can browse through. Looks like Tinder may be ditching the ‘Nobody Will Find Out’ policy that most users are enjoying currently.

Source: Tinder
Image Credit: Tinder

Makes sense, considering as dating apps grow in user base, the people behind them will try to help narrow down the demographic of the potential matches for the individual. Using the pre-existing connections that the user currently has greatly achieves this.

The good news? The test-bed for this feature is currently limited to a select few in Australia. So if you know someone down under, may be you should drop a message to find out how intrusive Tinder has become for them.

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Australia, of course, is no stranger to being guinea pigs for experiments. It’s not the first time Tinder has used the country, while also being the firm favourite of fast food chains to try out new menus.

Just when you thought that the time when Tinder wanted you to play matchmaker, or make you feel bad of your less than desirable job, isn’t enough. From the looks of it, this will definitely be a thing you’ll have to live with if you’re an active Tinder-er.

Source: Tinder
Image Credit: Tinder

We’ll just leave this here in case, you know, you want to consider a career switch.

Humans being humans, we don’t have to tell you what the most obvious drawback to Tinder Social is. Not everyone will be happy at the end of the night. Every group of friends has that one, or two, person(s) who will be more popular than the others.

Someone will go home alone. 

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