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How much do you think? Take a guess. RM200? RM300?

Before we started our survey, I assumed that the range would be from RM100-200. I also expected most of our interviewees, who are young working adults, to not be insured.

To my surprise, the results were split down nearly to the middle and for the ones who were paying, it went up as high as RM500—which made me gape a little because a) I cannot afford that, and b) There’s an insurance plan that is only RM1.50 a day. But more on that later.

We conducted a case study of 17 people aged from 22 – 35 years, and out of the total, 9 stated that they had an insurance plan, and 8 didn’t have one. No names or occupations are disclosed in this article so as to protect their privacy, and all insurance plan figures stated are an estimate only. Here are the results.

In the range of RM100 and below:


In the range of above RM100 to RM300:


In the range of above RM300 to RM400:


In the range of RM500 and above:


Coming Back To That RM1.50 A Day…

Insurance is tricky. Most of us probably know at the back of our minds that we should get one, but then again we’ll think, “Pffft there’s plenty of time left to get one next time”, or maybe we’re thinking about waiting until we earn a higher salary, which will give us greater financial leverage to pay for the monthly insurance premiums.

Those who understand the need for insurance, however, are more than happy to pay a higher premium just for that added sense of security (holla at the interviewees who are paying RM500 a month, and also kudos to them for earning enough to put aside that sum monthly).

But how about those who want one, know that they need one, but cannot commit RM100-300 monthly?

Remember that RM1.50/day plan that was mentioned earlier?

First thing to mention here is that no, it is not a scam. It is an actual, legit insurance plan by a reputable company, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance.

Secondly, it’s more than an insurance plan. With the AXA Care Benefit, it’s a package that includes a full list of support and assistance services.

Such as:

  • Referral to a nutritionist
  • Referral for transportation to medical appointments
  • Referral for nursing care
  • Referral to a psychologist
  • Referral to a retailer that custom-makes wigs
  • Referral to a hair salon that provides hair care
  • Second Medical Opinion upon request

And thirdly, you’d probably notice from the list of services that they are specially curated for cancer. Yup, the Big C. Thus the plan is appropriately called the AXA 200 CancerCare plan. And we’re still talking about the same RM1.50 plan here.

Wait, So Now I’m Overpaying?!

Some are already paying RM300 and above for their plans and we are by no means saying that those are not worth it or that they are outrageously expensive. After all, to each their own and it’s good that they are willing to put in that investment for their health and future.

However if you don’t have a plan yet, or you don’t even know if you have one (1 interviewee responded saying, “Let me check with my Mom. I’m sure she would know if I have one or not.”), what the AXA 200 CancerCare plan offers is an opportunity to get health insurance with minimum commitment.

If you want to know more, just fill up this form that has only 3 questions, get a free quotation and decide for yourself. Plus, you get a free health screening by Beacon Hospital too while you’re at it!

Hint: If you’re sitting down reading this while chomping down on pizza and a double milkshake and you haven’t exercised for ages, you probably need it. You’re welcome.

So, if you don’t have a health insurance plan, how much would you want to pay for it? Your move.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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