Identify these signs on your replacement Samsung Note7 to ensure that you have a new model with the updated battery cell.

Published 2016-09-20 11:01:02

After news broke out that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 faced technical issues with their batteries where some users reported their devices exploding while charging, the company has since then halted all sales for the mobile gadget and have informed that they will start preparing replacement devices.

Today, Samsung announced that they have already begun the process of replacing the Galaxy Note7. To make it easier for consumers that may have recently purchased the Galaxy Note7 and help them identify whether it is the new model with the updated battery cell, here’s what you can look out for.

Firstly, Samsung has introduced a green battery icon that has been included in three specific software changes. The new green battery icon can be seen on the Status Bar, the Always On Display screen, and the Power Off prompt screen which you can access by long-pressing the power key.

Image Credit: Samsung
Image Credit: Samsung

Besides that, consumers can also check the packaging box of their Galaxy Note7 and look for a black square symbol on the label as shown below.

Image Credit: Samsung
Image Credit: Samsung

“Our highest priority is the safety of our customers, and we strongly urge Galaxy Note7 users to immediately participate in the replacement program based on local availability,” said Samsung.

For existing Malaysian Galaxy Note7 users who wish to have their current devices replaced, the procedure will start on 29th September 2016 onwards.

Feature Image Credit: forbes.com

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