Google Reveals Singaporeans’ Darkest Secrets – Here’s What We’ve Been Searching For In 2016

It’s here folks. Today, Google revealed the top trending search terms that Singaporeans have been constantly looking up on the internet.

And it looks like all the usual suspects are there, running the list from the latest mobile games to popular Korean dramas and actors and holiday destinations, movies, songs and many others.

Here’s the breakdown on what Singaporeans were Googling for.

Google’s Top Trending Searches In Singapore

1. Euro 2016

Image Credit: indianexpress

2. Pokémon GO

Image Credit: gameranx

3. US Elections

Image Credit: rollingstone

4. Joseph Schooling

Image Credit: Reuters

5. iPhone 7

Image Credit: Apple

6. Descendants of the Sun

Image Credit: sntd.kr

7. Brexit

Image Credit: iese.edu

8. Donald Trump

Image Credit: salon.com

9. Ezbuy

Image Credit: ezbuy.sg

10. Deadpool

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Singaporeans definitely show their love for all forms of entertainment from around the world.

From the marquee football tournament of the year in Euro 2016, to the mobile game that gripped an entire nation in Pokémon GO (for which even Apple gave us a feature in their keynote.)

And let’s not forget how Descendants of the Sun proves the Hallyu Wave is anything but a fad.

Joseph Schooling ranks high due his Olympic gold medal win, while Singaporeans seem to love keeping up with the political drama unfolding far away in the US and UK.

That aside, the trends just prove that we still adore the iPhone, films that reveal out inner snarky sides i.e. Deadpool, and let’s not forget all our online shopping fevers with Ezbuy.

In Other Top Search Terms

The above list is pretty much representative of what most of us have been keeping up with this past year, but it doesn’t really paint a complete picture of what Singaporeans search for when diving into specifics.

Here’s a look at some honourable mentions in searches by category.

Trending International News

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Singaporeans seem to especially enjoy international sporting events, with the Olympics and tennis events like Wimbledon and the Australian Open making appearances.

In more serious news, the Orlando Shooting, Zika Virus, South China Sea and the Panama Papers rounded up the Top 10 as Singaporeans keep themselves updated on current issues and concerns.

Trending Singapore News

Image Credit: Yahoo

Haze continues to be an annual concern as the term PSI Singapore seems to suggest, while Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat’s recent hospitalisation caused him to be well searched on Google. After him is our late ex-President Mr S R Nathan as Singaporeans pay our last respects and learn more about him.

The coming performance of Coldplay created some buzz too, as did the closure of the Underwater World. The IT Show is still very much sought after amongst bargain hunters, and this year’s F1 race took the 10th spot.

Trending Destinations

Image Credit: BBC

Guess which destination is the most sought after by Singaporeans in 2016?

It’s Turkey at number one, while the rest of the top 10 is mostly made up of Asian travel destinations in the forms of Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. New Zealand is the only ‘Western’ country still trending.

Other terms which Singaporeans like to search for indicate that we prefer holidays in June, or on the weekends. Oh, and we also love our beach holidays.

Trending Gadgets

Image Credit: thetechnews

As you could say from the overall top trending searches, Singaporeans love the iPhone, and it’s no different here as the iPhone 7 and iPhone SE top the rankings along with another Apple product – the Macbook Pro.

The Google Pixel is also well searched, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is likely being searched for all the wrong reasons. LG’s two flagship phones of 2016, the G5 and V20, also made the top 10.

For the top trending songs, movies and TV shows, they more or less correspond to the Best of 2016 in the Play Store which we covered earlier.

If you’d like to refresh your memory, checkout Google’s full list here.

A Year Of Joseph Schooling, Pokémon GO, and Donald Trump

As we end off what we knew of 2016, we have celebrated many highs, and drowned in the many lows, that the year has thrown at us.

With 2017 now half a month away, we have a feeling that right off the bat in January, Singaporeans will be furiously searching on several people and brands as announcements of major companies and events coming to Singapore next year reaches fever pitch.

But for now, let’s go down memory lane with this video by Google of the year’s highlights.

Featured Image Credits: indianexpress, asiatimes, salon, Reuters

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