If you have these 10 buzzwords on your Linkedin profile in 2017, remove them as they aren't helping you stand out from the sea of professionals in M'sia.

Published 2017-02-07 15:02:27

Once again, LinkedIn has released a list of overused buzzwords on its platform by Malaysian users for 2016.

By analysing millions of profiles worldwide with a focus on the 3 million users in Malaysia, these are ten worst word offenders in the last twelve months.

1. Specialised

2. Leadership

3. Passionate

4. Experienced

5. Responsible

6. Strategic

7. Excellent

8. Expert

9. Certified

10. Creative

According to information supplied by LinkedIn, the top offender “specialised’ is a newcomer to the list, and is favoured by marketers, sales and talent representatives.

Roger Pua, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific commented, “While words may be an easier way to describe your accomplishments and skills, they may not be effective or credible in communicating why you’re the best person for the job—especially when everyone is using the same words. Even if you are not looking for a job, your personal online brand can open doors to opportunity and contribute to your professional success.”

So now you’ve looked over your profile and you realise that it’s full of buzzwords. How do you polish up and make it stand out in the sea of bland lookalikes?

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Remember that LinkedIn opens up opportunities for you to build a personal brand and style. Future employers, collaborators and investors might receive their first impressions of you from that platform. It’s probably worth a little bit of time to polish it up so that your skills, talents and voice can shine through.

Feature Image Credit: smallville.com.au

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