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Those of us who may have access to clean running water take it for granted. But to the millions upon millions of people who are in dire need for it, it’s an unheard of luxury.

Think of the starving, thirsty crowd in the beginning of the movie Mad Max: Fury Road and you have the right idea. They are in so much lack of water that when they are told that too much water can be addictive, they believe it.

This is where Dig Deep comes into play. Not to be confused with the similarly named non-profit in America, they are a UK-based charity organisation that wants to do more for Kenyans that just build wells and fly back to the safety of their homes.

The team believes in ensuring that the solutions that they provide are sustainable, and that building and management of those water solutions can be sustained by the very people who will be using them.

Image Credit: Dig Deep.

This includes education for “improved sanitation, handwashing, hygiene, and strive to achieve the long-term health and educational benefits that improved water and sanitation can bring”.

Under Dig Deep’s Overseas Challenge program, thrill-seekers are encouraged to join them on a hike up either Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya, fully organised by Dig Deep themselves to ensure the best of local culture, and that all of the guides they meet along the way are compensated with what they deserve.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Yong

It’s a unique and exciting way to raise money for charity, and a Malaysian by the name of Elizabeth Yong has taken up this challenge on August 21 to September 4. She’s looking for charitable donations to get her to the top on one of the toughest treks in the world.

When we contacted Elizabeth, she told Vulcan Post that “I would love to share my thoughts and experience so far on this challenge, especially since it’ll garner more support for the good cause.”

Hoping to join a growing list of climbers, Elizabeth is doing this climb for two reasons. As part of her collaboration with Dig Deep, Elizabeth says that she wants to raise awareness on the issue of clean water in rural Kenya.

“We as a community often take this access that we have to clean water as a given, and yes, it shouldn’t be a privilege that only part of the world is entitled to, so let’s all contribute to bring such an essential right to those communities,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has set up a My Donate page to seek contributions for her treacherous climb. She’s hoping to raise enough to help cover the cost of the climb, and also for the Kenyan community.

On top of her charitable beliefs, Elizabeth sees it as a personal challenge. “I have always loved adventures and climbing Mount Kili would be the absolute challenge as it will undoubtedly push me beyond my limits,” she said.

“This presents to me an opportunity to use my passion for adventures to serve a community in a small yet meaningful manner, I hope.”

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