Shopback now gives you one more way to save on ride-hailing. With Grab now on the platform, you now have a Uber alternative for savings.

M. Shazni  |  Singapore
Published 2017-03-24 17:14:03

Since inception, Shopback has been a huge plus to anyone who regularly shops online.

On top of the usual discount codes that you can use when checking out your purchases, you can also earn slightly more savings through the magic of cashback.

While traditionally used for major e-commerce sites like Lazada, or booking your next holiday out of Singapore through portals like Expedia, Shopback has in recent times expanded its merchant list to include those that we use everyday.

Today in particular, we are looking at ride-hailing apps.

Since June last year, Uber fans have been able to get extra savings on their rides each time they book them through the Shopback app.

Quietly though, Uber’s main rival suddenly gets on the platform.

A Wild Grab Appears On Shopback

Grab on Shopback

Starting now, you can also book a ride on Grab and get that extra bit of savings when you pass through the Shopback app.

Every ride on GrabCar, GrabCar Premium, 6-seater Economy, 6-seater Premium, GrabShare, and GrabFamily you can now get a $0.20 cashback.

Additional things to note is that the cashback is only applicable to Grab rides in Singapore and you must use the Shopback app to get it, and is voided should you cancel the ride.

And of course, what’s a new launch without promotions?

On top of the usual $0.20 that you get, you can also receive an extra $0.80 for each successfully tracked transaction, bringing the total cashback to $1.

This applies for 1 ride a day, and all subsequent rides will only give you that $0.20 cashback.

As we become more app dependent, it’s great that there’s one whose purpose is to help us get more savings out of our daily spending.

If you haven’t been using Grab often, maybe this will help change your mind.

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