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TheLorry.com is a well-known name in the local startup ecosystem. Since their launch back in 2014, the team have made headlines from investors showing their interest via funding to pivoting their services in order for stronger growth to happen.

Nadhir Ashafiq, one of the co-founders of TheLorry.com, came from a background of Finance. His studies include graduating from Curtin University with a Degree in Accounting and Finance then continuing on to achieve his Masters in Finance. He then went on to build a career in the finance industry with CIMB and various other institutes before leaving to pursue TheLorry full time.

His fellow founder, Goh Chee Hau, had also pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at HELP University before pursuing a career in aviation logistics for about 5 years. Throughout his worklife, he has dabbled in being business head, sales, customer service and relationship management with multiple global airlines.

Their education background does not exactly deal with logistics much per se but that did not stop them in pursuing their vision of providing a technology-enabled platform that can help to match lorry owners and drivers with private and corporate customers who need help moving house, office and/or general cargo.

And now they’re looking to add an Alfred to their Batman & Robin team.

What The Candidate Will Get

According to Nadhir’s Facebook post, the position they’re looking to fill is a founder-in-training. This shouldn’t be confused as the same position as a founder; they’re leaning more towards finding a team player that can help lessen the burdens and keep everyone sane (their words, not ours) from how hectic TheLorry has been.

What the chosen candidate will get upon being initiated into the team is lessons from TheLorry team that they’ve picked up so far and hopefully pick up enough know-how to start a new business too.

Some of the things TheLorry wants to expose the candidate to are:

  • Fund-raising
  • Product Management
  • People Management
  • Corporate sales
  • Digital marketing, content and SEO
  • Data Analytics
  • Crisis management
  • Street stuff that can’t be learned in the books
  • Most of what TheLorry does will be exposed

When asked what candidates can expect from their work culture, Nadhir said expect a fast-paced environment as their key principle is speed and aggression. They also cultivate a healthy team bond with friendly banters and strictly no blaming others for mistakes done.

In terms of their employee benefits, their office in Puchong does offer free parking, they have on-demand mamak delivery and regularly holds sports and social events.

What They’re Looking For 

So if you’re interested on applying, these are the set of criteria that TheLorry is looking for in their new teammate:

  • Hold any Degree. Nadhir had commented that he prefers a blank sheet.
  • Excellent communication skills (English and Bahasa Malaysia).
  • Strong will to learn and to give a 110% since this is will not be an average 9–6 job. Expect work to potentially bother you at night.
  • Comfortable with numbers.
  • Have the ambition to start your own business some day.

Nadhir shared that the salary is open for discussion and they hope to be able to pick a candidate in about 1 to 2 months.

“My end goal with this new teammate is to be able to learn from each other. Sort of like the Pokémon theme song, ‘You teach me and I’ll teach you’,” said Nadhir to Vulcan Post.

Interested candidates can send CVs over to nadhir@thelorry.com and with a 500-word essay on “Why You Should Hire Me”.

Feature Image Credit: thelorry.com

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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