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The only thing Malaysians like more than food is food with discounts.

Well, okay we like free food more, but bear with me.

This is the exact thing local player Fave is trying to offer. Fave is a platform that offers discounts with its partnering shops. As part and parcel of that aim, the former Groupon has launched its service called FavePay.

On FavePay, you can opt to pay with the app in exchange for discounts or cashback.

Merchants can get more returning customers looking for for discounts, and users can save money. Its value makes sense.

Since we’ve seen more and more people picking up FavePay to pay for their meals, we thought that this guide will help you make those transactions smoothly.

But how does FavePay even work? 

You can get either a discount or a cashback from using FavePay. But it’s important to remember that you don’t get to choose. Instead, the merchant chooses if you can either get a cashback or a discount, and how much you’re getting.

As to be expected, most merchants opt for the cashback option.

Fun fact: This includes roadside hawkers such as the SS2 durian stall.

You will need:

  • A credit/debit card. Do note that for some debit cards you’ll have to call your bank to activate the e-commerce option.
  • The Fave app (FavePay comes with Fave).
  • A stomach for food.

Step 1. Connect your card to FavePay

  • Boot the Fave app.
  • Navigate to the ‘Me’ tab.
  • Tap on ‘My Payments’.
  • Add your payment method, either through credit or debit card.

Step 2. Check if the restaurant is even eligible for FavePay

You can either do this by:

  • Searching for the restaurant on the FavePay app.

  • Seeing if the restaurant displays the FavePay sign and QR code.

Step 3. Pay with FavePay

Once the bill arrives, inform the waiters or staff that you’ll be paying with FavePay. Whether this happens before or after your meal pretty much depends on the usual restaurant style.

Since FavePay is still quite new, you’ll probably get some confused looks from the staff, or it may take some time as they figure out an unfamiliar system. But this usually doesn’t take too long.

Now to the actual payment process.

  • Open the restaurant page on your Fave app. You can either scan the store’s QR code, or search for it manually.

  • Key in the amount you need to pay, then tap ‘Pay Now’.

  • Here, if the option is available you can choose to either pay your bill with a discount or get Fave credits for any future purchases (only in the same restaurant).

Choose whichever you’d like, then confirm the payment. The transaction is considered successful once you inform the staff that the payment is made. Usually, they’ll ask to see your screen for confirmation. This is when the app will tell you when you have your rewards too.

The confirmation screenshot to show to the cashier.


Hopefully, that simple guide (with illustrations) will help you from looking like a noob at the restaurant counter.

We’ve been seeing quite a few establishments adopting FavePay, and we like the idea of dealing with less hard physical cash. We do think the homegrown FavePay marks one important milestone in this train of Malaysia going cashless.

They’re doing something a little different as a way to get Malaysians to familiarise themselves with going cashless. It might not be a deliberate choice on their end, but it’s a good step forward.

  • FavePay is a mobile payment feature on Fave, where you get cashbacks after your first purchase using FavePay, or discounts. 
  • At the cashier, scan the QR code, or search for the restaurants in your app, then make the payment. Show the cashier your phone to confirm payment. 
  • FavePay marks an important milestone for Malaysians going cashless, as a way to get Malaysians familiar with the concept in a relatable way (i.e. discounts and cashbacks). 

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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