Google Store Singapore Is Now Online And Ready To Let You Buy All Things #MadebyGoogle

Google Singapore Store

If you think the wait for each Google product is painful, Singaporeans have been clamoring for a Google Store Singapore for even longer.

For the years since Google started producing their own hardware, Singaporeans who want want would have had to make do with having to wait it out for it to become available to local retailers.

More often than not, we would turn to importers, or even buying directly from the US Google Store to get the more exclusive products – a good example of that is the first Google Pixel.

Google Store Singapore Is Live 

In conjunction with the launch of Google Home, Google will also be officially opening up the Google Store Singapore website.

This is seen as a significant step for the company as, finally, they are allowing customers to purchase products directly from Google instead of the usual method of having to rely on partner retailers and telcos.

That and Google’s commitment to continually bring in relevant products to the Singapore market.

Potential customers have balked at Google’s decision twice before for products that were telco-exclusive – the Google Wifi with Starhub and the Pixel 2 XL with Singtel.

But now that we have been liberated from this curse, here’s what you’ll be able to find over at the shiny new online store.

Pixel 2 XL (64GB) / S$1,398

Google Singapore Store
Image Credits: Google

One of our favourite phones of 2017 for that amazing camera and pure Android experience, the Pixel 2 XL is still an amazing choice despite all the new smartphones that have been released this year. Expect speedy firmware upgrades direct from Google, and don’t forget, you are getting unlimited storage for all your photos and videos in full resolution.

Read our review of the Google Pixel 2 XL.

Pixel Buds / S$238

Google Singapore Store
Image Credits: Google

A work in progress but still one of the better Android dedicated headsets around. With the Pixel Buds, not only can you listen to music on the go, but it also gives you full integration with Google Translate. Could come in handy the next time you travel and you want to seek help from a stranger.

Check out what we think about the Google Pixel Buds.

Google Home / S$189

Google Singapore Store
Image Credits: Google

Of course, we have the latest addition to the #MadebyGoogle family in Singapore, the Google Home. Smart speakers aren’t really a thing here probably because you don’t see any of the big brands actually pushing for it in Singapore.

The Google Home might just change that, bringing with it a Singlish-laden Google Assistant and a relatively affordable point of entry.

Google Home Mini / S$79

Google Singapore Store
Image Credits: Google

Where there’s the Google Home, there’s also its younger sibling the Google Home Mini which comes at less than half the price.

This is designed to be more discrete to be placed on a bedside table in a room, or a desk in the study whereas the Google Home is more for the kitchen counter top or TV console, where its out in the open.

We actually gave this little guy a quick go, watch the video here.

Google Wifi / S$199 

Google Singapore Store
Image Credits: Google

This we think will be a bestseller, and it’s probably the simplest mesh Wi-Fi router to set up around with just a single app.

Google Wifi creates a mesh network in your home and virtually wipes dead zones, so you can get consistent Wi-Fi signal no matter which far flung corner of your home you go to.

It really works, trust us, we actually use them in our office.

Chromecast / S$65

Google Singapore Store
Image Credits: Google

Still a fan favourite, the Chromecast remains the most affordable and accessible Google product that has been a mainstay on many people’s TVs.

This is especially useful if you don’t have a smart TV and want added functionality by casting it via your phone or tablet – basically it turns your dumb TV sort of smart.

Some Things Exclusive In The Store

Of course, if you decide to buy from the Google Store, there’ll be some exclusive colours and deals.

For one, you can only purchase the Google Home Mini in Coral exclusively through the store. Also, Google is also throwing in the Mini free when you purchase the Pixel 2 XL.

Thanks to Google joining the fray, we now have completed the trinity of tech giants together with Apple and Microsoft who have a direct online retail channel with customers in Singapore.

Unlike their tech rivals though, Google is not one who sets up physical retail stores, so don’t pin your hopes up to see a big G on a shopfront anytime soon.

To check out Google Store Singapore head on over to, https://store.google.com/sg

Image credit: Google

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