Astons founder, Aston Soon, only had one goal in mind: to bring quality Western cuisine to the masses at pocket-friendly prices. 

Published 2019-03-01 09:52:26

Founder Aston Soon, 47, opened a coffeeshop stall selling Western food along East Coast Road in 2005 Called Astons Specialties, he invested $35,000 in it and broke even in just 6 monthsIn 2009, Astons raked in an annual turnover of $12 million in just four yearsAstons has also diversified beyond serving just affordable steaks — it is now a global group with 11 F&B brands under its nameOn days when we want to eat high SES food but have a low SES budget to adhere to, Astons is typically a go-to dining option among Singaporeans.

At Astons, you can tuck into a Prime Sirloin or Prime Ribeye steak for under $20, which is a fraction of the price compared to other steakhouses in Singapore.

Although Astons has established itself as a household name in the local F&B industry today with over 35 outlets worldwide, it has very humble beginnings.

From Kopitiam Stall To Global F&B Empire  Aston Soon, 47, founder of Astons / Image Credit: BiTESFounder Aston Soon’s experience in the F&B industry started when he worked at the now-defunct American chain Ponderosa, which was known for its salad bar.

During his stint there, he took on multiple roles and “worked as a waiter, broiler-cook, dishwasher, everything“. Over time, he rose through the ranks and eventually became a manager.


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