S'poreans Born From 1950-59 Can Now Get A $100 PAssion Silver Card Top-Up

To thank the Merdeka Generation (MG) for their contributions, the Singapore government announced the launch of the Merdeka Generation Package (MGP) during Budget 2019 to help MG seniors stay healthy and active during their silver years.

The MGP was created for Singapore citizens born from 1 January 1950 to 31 December 1959, and who became a Singapore Citizen on or before 31 December 1996.

It will also be given to seniors who do not receive the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP), but were born on or before 31 December 1949, and became a Singapore Citizen on or before 31 December 1996. 

Screenshot from the Ministry of Finance website

Some of the perks in the package include a $200 MediSave top-up yearly from 2019 to 2023, more healthcare subsidies, and a one-time $100 PAssion Silver card top-up.

Singaporeans who qualify for the MGP would be glad to know that they will now be able to get that free $100 top-up.

Funds Will Be Valid Till The End Of 2020

Singaporeans who qualify for the MGP PAssion Silver card top-up will be able to redeem the credits at selected Community Centres, MRT stations and Bus interchanges.

They will also be able to receive the top-up at selected Merdeka Generation roadshows and events.

The credits can be used for various purposes, like for public transport or entry to ActiveSG pools and gyms.

How the $100 credits can be used

The $100 credits will be valid till 31 Dec 2020.

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