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If you think the only lingerie options you have in Malaysia are Victoria’s Secret or La Senza at the malls, you’re missing out. There’s actually an array of local brands carrying lingerie of different designs that range from classy to straight-up racy, so there’s something for everyone.

Listed alphabetically, these 12 local lingerie brands are available online because while being able to try on bras in-store is most helpful, some of us may feel a little uncomfortable hanging out in a lingerie store. This is where online shopping for lingerie can come in handy.

1. Damiko

Damiko is a brand that carries lacy bras and panties and even offers them in matching sets. Their prices start pretty cheap, with their bras costing RM10 to RM45, their panties costing RM5 to RM15, and their sets costing RM40.

Image Credit: Damiko

Their bras come in limited sizes, however, as they only cater to bust sizes of 32A to 38B. Their panties are available in free size, but I would say they’re catered towards women of a more petite build as well.

If you’re located in West Malaysia and you spend over RM60 on their website, you don’t have to pay RM7 for shipping. Shipping will take 1 to 3 business days. For those in East Malaysia, you’ll have to spend over RM80 or pay RM12 in shipping fees, and your order should arrive in 3 to 5 business days.

2. Elf Boutique

When it comes to lingerie, Elf Boutique only offers lacey bras that come alone or in sets. They don’t sell standalone panties, at least not the kind that you’d find sexy. Their bras cost RM15 to RM39, and the bra and panties set they offer costs RM25.

Image Credit: Elf Boutique

Like Damiko, their bras also come in limited sizes of 32A to 38B. They don’t list size references for the panties that come in the set, so it’s best to assume that they would be free size and suitable for women with smaller hips.

For West Malaysians, buying over RM150 worth of their products will grant you free shipping that would otherwise cost you RM8, and East Malaysians would have to pay RM12 in shipping fees if their orders don’t total up to RM400. Delivery will take 3 to 7 working days and returns are only available for unused products that have defects over 3cm in size.

3. Honey&Dear

If you see a bra you fancy on Honey&Dear, you’re going to have to purchase it as a set that’ll cost you RM25 to RM55 where matching panties are included. They sell standalone panties for RM13 to RM35, but for some reason don’t sell bras on their own.

Image Credit: Honey&Dear

The bras sold in sets come in an extremely limited size range of 32B to 36B, while their lacey panties are available in plus sizes of XL to 5XL. Their thongs come in free size.

For any purchases under RM60, West Malaysians will have to pay RM7 for shipping while East Malaysians will have to pay RM12. Shipping within the west will only take 1 to 2 working days, and 2 to 3 working days for East Malaysian orders. Only unworn undergarments can be returned.

4. Jujumello

Jujumello wants petite Asian women to be able to find lingerie that fits them and focuses on the waistline and legs instead of the bust. They offer bras that cost RM69 to RM79, panties that cost RM39 to RM49 and matching sets that cost RM109 to RM169.

Image Credit: Jujumello

Their bras come in sizes 32A to 36C while their panties come in sizes M, L and free size. If your order within West Malaysia falls below a total of RM150, you’ll be charged a shipping fee that’s calculated automatically at checkout based on your total order amount and your shipping address.

Unfortunately, orders from East Malaysia do not get free shipping regardless of your purchase amount, but the shipping fee is capped at RM5. All orders are processed and delivered within 7 working days, and returns of unused goods are only allowed if they’re due to defects or being of the wrong size.

5. Lovely 18

Lovely 18 is another lingerie brand that only sells its bras in matching sets while offering panties that can be bought alone. The prices of their panties go from RM28.90 to RM30 while the price of their lingerie sets starts at RM59.90 and goes up to RM98.

Image Credit: Lovely 18

Their bras come in sizes S to L while their panties are available in free size. Delivery for your order will take around 2 to 4 working days, and returns are not accepted for used lingerie.

6. Made of Lace

Made of Lace carries bras and matching sets of lingerie tops and bottoms, but no standalone lingerie bottoms. Their bras are priced a little on the higher end at RM79.90 to RM99.90 and their sets cost RM107.90 to RM179.90.

Image Credit: Made of Lace

The bra sizes available on their platform are 32A to 38C. Shipping would take 1 to 3 working days and orders above RM200 get free shipping. For orders under the minimum, West Malaysians will have to pay RM10 for shipping and East Malaysians would have to pay RM12.

The brand has a strict no exchange or refund policy for hygiene reasons, which means you’ll have to make sure your order is 100% to your liking before you place it as you won’t be able to return it.

7. Neubodi

Neubodi sells bras and panties but not in matching sets. Some of their bras under certain collections are quite expensive, going from RM69 to a whopping RM319. Meanwhile, their panties cost RM25 to RM59.90.

Image Credit: Neubodi

The bras are available in sizes 30A to 44H and their panties come in sizes S to XXXL. There’s a flat-rate cost of shipping for both West Malaysia (RM7) and East Malaysia (RM12), and delivery will take about 5 business days to get to you.

Like many, if not all, of the other brands in this list, Neubodi will only accept returns for goods that have not yet been worn and that weren’t on sale. To return an item, you will have to fill in an RMA form on their website to determine eligibility.

8. SO Lingerie

Similar to Made of Lace, SO Lingerie carries bras and matching sets of bras and panties, but you don’t have the choice of buying the panties on their own. The prices of their bras range from RM59 to RM119, and their sets will cost you RM79 to RM149.

Image Credit: SO Lingerie

The brand’s bras are available in sizes 32A to 32C and the panties that come in the sets are sizes S to L. Shipping fees are RM15 if you don’t put in a minimum order of RM150, and delivery will take 3 to 5 working days. Returns will only be accepted for bras.

9. Summer & Peach

Summer & Peach offers bras and panties, but not in sets. What makes them stand out from the other brands (apart from XIXILI), however, is their inclusion of pregnant and nursing women. While they offer the standard lacey bras (RM89 to RM159) and panties that come in 2 packs and 3 packs (RM25 to RM99), they also have lacey nursing bras for RM189 to RM279.

Image Credit: Summer & Peach

The sizes they carry for their regular bras are 32A to 38C and their nursing bras come in sizes 30A to 42F. They’re also curvy girl-friendly with lacey bras in sizes 36B to 42B. Their panties come in size S to XL.

Orders above RM200 get free shipping and orders under the minimum amount will cost you RM10 (West Malaysia) and RM14 (East Malaysia) in shipping fees. You can expect the arrival of your order within 7 to 14 days and returns are accepted for unworn garments, with terms and conditions.

10. The Lingerie Shop

The Lingerie Shop has bras and panties but also doesn’t offer matching sets of both. Their bras start cheap at RM19.90 and can go up to RM169.90 depending on the design, and they come in size 32A to 38F. Their panties cost RM16.88 to RM33.90 and are assumed to be free size as no specifications are listed anywhere on their site.

Image Credit: The Lingerie Shop

Within West Malaysia, delivery will take 2 to 5 days and orders from East Malaysia will take 5 to 7 days to arrive. If your order comes up to RM300 and over, you’ll get free shipping. Otherwise, you’ll pay a fixed shipping fee of RM12. Return requests will be examined, but The Lingerie Shop generally will not accept returns of panties.

11. VOON Lingerie

VOON Lingerie has bras, panties and matching sets of bras and panties. Their bras are priced at RM29 and are available in sizes 31A to 38B. Their panties cost RM9 and can be found in sizes M to 2XL while their sets cost RM39.

Image Credit: VOON Lingerie

If you’re in West Malaysia and you purchase 2 sets of lingerie, you get free shipping. If not, the shipping fee will cost you RM8. East Malaysians will have to purchase 4 sets for free delivery or pay RM10 for the fee. 2 to 5 business days are needed for delivery. Returns are not accepted for panties.


XIXILI offers bras and panties that match, but they are sold individually. Their bras are priced within a range of RM20 to RM189.90 while their panties are between RM17.90 to RM59. The bra sizes available on XIXILI are 32A up to 44H, so you’re sure to find a bra that fits you. For their panties, you’ll find them in size M up to Q3.

Image Credit: XIXILI

Delivery is free if the total of your purchase is RM150 and above, and it’ll take between 5 to 7 working days for your order to get to you. This brand does not accept any returns from online purchases and encourages potential buyers to check out their international size chart to get the best fit before purchasing.


For comparison, here’s a table that’ll give you an overview of the 12 brands listed and what lingerie products they carry, their prices as well as their general delivery and return policies.

BrandBras (MYR)Panties (MYR)Sets (MYR)DeliveryReturn
Damiko10 – 455 – 1540WM/EM: 1-3/3-5 working daysYes
Elf Boutique15 – 39N/A253-7 working daysYes
Honey&DearN/A13 – 3525 – 55WM/EM: 1-2/2-3 working daysYes
Jujumello69 -7939 – 49109 – 169Within 7 working daysYes
Lovely 18N/A 28.9 – 30 59.9 – 982-4 working daysYes
Made of Lace79.9 – 99.9N/A107.9 – 179.91-3 working daysNo
Neubodi69 – 31925 – 59.90N/AWithin 5 working daysYes
SO Lingerie59 – 11979 – 149N/A3-5 working daysYes
Summer & Peach89 – 15925 – 99N/A7-14 working daysYes
The Lingerie Shop19.9 – 169.916.88 – 33.9N/AWM/EM: 2-5/5-7 working daysYes
VOON Lingerie299392-5 working daysYes
XIXILI20 – 189.917.9 – 59N/A5-7 working daysNo
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Featured Image Credit: Made of Lace / Jujumello / SO Lingerie

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