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Colony is a luxury coworking space that prides itself on its quality of service and hospitality that’s extended not only to guests but also its own employees. In celebration of their 2nd-year anniversary and in line with making sure they provide top-tier service to members, Colony is offering new membership plans for their Hot Desks.

The coworking space will be purchasing complimentary GrabPay credits for those who purchase the plans but only within the duration of 4 September to 18 September 2019, as it’s a limited-time promo.

While many other coworking spaces tend to subsidise or offer full coverage of various fitness classes or memberships, Colony believes that its members would instead benefit more from having their food and transportation expenditure covered to a certain extent.

“Instead of free gym passes or yoga classes that are not widely picked up by everyone, we thought about the needs of our guests—working professionals, and offer a benefit that would directly integrate with the daily lifestyle of our guests,” She Mun of Colony told us.

“GrabPay seemed the most apt option to begin one of our many initiatives to come, as it is a more holistic platform that covers a wide range of services. Our guests typically are business owners or freelancers who frequently travel for meetings and are always on the go, this is where Grab Rides come in handy. They are also the ones who frequently eat out, or have no time to eat, this is where GrabFood is able to ‘buy more time’,” she said.

The New Hot Desk Membership Plans

A Hot Desk entitles you to any desk in an open common area where you can work among peers, so you get the assurance of having a spot for yourself while also getting the flexibility of switching up your seating position.

The hot-desk area at Colony Q Sentral / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

The Hot Desk plans that Colony now offers are limited to only 50 seats, and come in 3 packages: a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month membership. The membership costs RM499 a month, but the amount of complimentary GrabPay credits you’ll receive depends on which plan you purchase.

Image Credit: Colony

Here’s the breakdown of each Hot Desk membership plan and how much you’ll get in GrabPay credits:

  • A 3-month membership gives you RM150 GrabPay credits a month, totalling up to RM450 in credits after 3 months;
  • A 6-month membership gives you RM200 GrabPay credits a month, totalling up to RM1,200 in credits after 6 months;
  • A 12-month membership gives you RM250 GrabPay credits a month, totalling up to RM3,000 in credits after 12 months.

What’s included in the plans is:

  • A complimentary allocated amount of GrabPay credits each month according to what Hot Desk plan you’ve purchased;
  • Access to all Colony locations excluding Colony @ Mutiara Damasara;
  • Access to all common and coworking areas from 9 AM to 5:30 PM (Monday to Friday);
  • Unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connection;
  • Concierge services;
  • Access to community events;
  • Exclusive Colony Privileges with selected partners.

Your GrabPay credits can be used for Grab rides, GrabFood, various F&B, hotel bookings, purchases from merchants that allow GrabPay e-wallet, and you can also transfer money to family and friends with the credits.

Redeeming Your GrabPay Credits

After you’ve confirmed your purchase of a Hot Desk plan, Colony will send a service agreement and receipt to the registered email. Once the purchase has been validated, Colony will transfer the monthly GrabPay credits to the registered number linked to the GrabPay account provided by the purchaser on the 5th of every month. The credits are not exchangeable for cash.

Besides the credits you get from the membership plans, you can also get RM50 GrabPay credits for each successful referral you make. Once you’ve purchased a plan, you’ll receive one unique referral code which you can then pass on. If someone takes you up on the referral and purchases a Hot Desk plan, both of you will get to redeem an additional one-time RM50’s worth of credits. The more successful referrals you make, the more one-time RM50 credits you’ll receive.

Getting A Refund If You’re Dissatisfied With The Service

Purchasers will be prompted to indicate their desired starting date for their Hot Desk plan activation on Colony’s website before they’re able to add the purchase to the cart. If you find yourself displeased with the service on the first day, Colony promises guests a 1-day refund which means that they’ll refund the full payment received for the purchase within 1 day from the selected start date.

“Because we can imagine how scary it is to commit to a 12 months hot desk period, especially when they have to purchase online, so we have this refund policy in case they want to refund it once they have tried it out for a day and didn’t like it,” She Mun explained.

However, the caveat is that after that 1-day duration has passed, guests can no longer ask for a refund and have to commit to their selected contract period.

  • For those interested in the plan but are currently tied to another coworking space, you can still book a Hot Desk plan first and activate it later based on your desired starting date.
  • Current Hot Desk members can get an instant upgrade to the new plans within the timeframe.
  • You can browse and purchase a Hot Desk plan here.
  • You can read more about what we’ve written on Colony here.

Featured Image Credit: Colony

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