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With the new year dawning upon us, it signals a fresh start and a time for change that we’ll make in the year ahead.

This could mean many things, but for some us, this means a change in workplace, career or even industry.

The year-end is apparently a great time to look for new roles because as other employed individuals are actively looking for new roles, employers are also looking to recruit new blood.

While we may be all too familiar with job portals like Indeed, JobsDB, JobStreet, JobsCentral, STJobs and Monster, there are plenty of other online job portals that you can take advantage of for your job hunt.

1. Wantedly

wantedly singapore
Screenshot of Wantedly

Founded in 2010, Wantedly is a Tokyo-based tech company that aims to help you discover jobs based on your interest.

Their social recruitment platform matches people and companies based on their passion and values, rather than salary and benefits — this is why their job listings don’t state salaries!

Beyond listing job postings, it grants you the opportunity to visit a company of your interest so you can have a first-hand feel of what it’s like to work there.

According to Wantedly, their platform has over 200,000 companies onboard, from big companies like foodpanda and ST Engineering, to local startups like Seedly and Invade.

They also have a mobile app that allows you to explore job opportunities on-the-go. It can be downloaded for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Wanted

wanted singapore
Screenshot of Wanted

Not to be confused with Wantedly (above), Wanted is a job search and careers site focused on social referrals.

The platform allows you to explore top jobs and receive tailored job matches based on your profile and experience.

It also presents a unique opportunity for you to either get hired, or get paid for referring someone to a job.

According to Wanted, the likelihood for a candidate with referral to get hired is eight times greater than those without it.

If hired, successful applicants and referrers will be rewarded with a cash bonus of up to S$1,700. Their current signing reward is S$700 for the applicant, and a minimum of S$1,000 for the referrer.

This reward will be paid after applicant fulfils steady employment of at least three full months.

3. Glints

glints singapore
Screenshot of Glints

Glints is an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform headquartered in Singapore.

Besides connecting potential employees to companies, what differentiates Glints from traditional career portals is their focus on cultivating young talents.

In Singapore, they have partnership programmes with various polytechnics to guide students through seeking internships or full-time jobs upon graduation.

In all, Glints lets users discover different career paths, develop the right skillsets and experience to build their career readiness, and get directly connected with companies that offer job opportunities.

On average, its clients make successful hires in just 28 days, compared to the industry standard of 40 to 50 days; and at recruitment costs that are 40 to 100 per cent cheaper than traditional recruiters.

Clients of Glints include Gojek, AIA, FWD Insurance and UOB Bank, just to name a few.

4. TalentTribe

talenttribe singapore
Screenshot of TalentTribe

TalentTribe is a career discovery platform that brings you a behind-the-scenes look into the company cultures, office spaces, and work life of the employees – even before you apply for a position.

They work closely with companies to connect millennials and employers, so as to better engage and attract millennial talent.

Through interviews and videos of workspaces, TalentTribe offers users a 360-degree view of individual company profiles in a single website.

Users can also view short videos with sound bites from employees across different job functions, seniorities, and genders, to give users a good breadth and depth of perspective. This feature allows them to step into the employee’s shoes and learn more about their typical workday and what their job really encompasses.

Essentially, it helps users to visualise what a job at the company will look like so they can make informed career decisions.

5. MyCareersFuture

mycareersfuture singapore
Screenshot of MyCareersFuture

Formerly known as Jobs Bank, MyCareersFuture (MCF) is a government initiative to help match Singaporeans to relevant jobs based on their skills.

MCF’s skills-to-jobs matching technology also help to prevent missed job opportunities as jobseekers will be recommended ‘adjacent roles’ that may not be what they are looking out for, but also match their skills.

Jobseekers can narrow their search to jobs that are eligible for employment support under Workforce Singapore’s ‘Adapt and Grow’ initiative more easily and conveniently. This is especially useful when a jobseeker lacks the relevant skills for the desired job role.

In addition, jobseekers can also access career guidance and industry insights through MCF’s ‘Career Toolkit’. By actively reading up on such material, jobseekers can become more adept at making informed decisions as they plan and develop their career. This will be useful for those looking to enter or return to the workforce, and switch or start new careers.

The ‘Career Toolkit’ also provides tips such as interview preparation and resume-writing, which are also useful to jobseekers in their job search process.

6. Telegram

Telegram is more than just a messaging apps with so many useful channels that are worth joining. Beyond promo codes and food-related deals, it also dishes out career-related opportunities.

tuition jobs singapore
Screenshot of sgTuitions

sgTuitions – If you’re looking to earn a quick buck, being a tutor is a good option (provided you have the knowledge and teaching experience). This channel lists tuition assignments in Singapore, with fees ranging from S$35 to S$60 per hour.

careers singapore
Screenshot of sgCareers

sgCareers – This channel pushes out job listings — from contract or project-based, to full-time positions — in Singapore.

part time jobs singapore
Screenshot of sgQuickJobs

sgQuickJobs – This channel helps Singaporeans to quickly find jobs, as fast as mere “minutes”. It lists temporary jobs which are either part-time positions, or one-off projects (or assignments) that are suitable for freelancers.

internship singapore
Screenshot of sgInternship

sgInternship – This internship pushes out listings of internship opportunities from companies such as Grab, ExxonMobil, and Housing & Development Board.

7. LinkedIn

linkedin jobs
Screenshot of LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is the “world’s largest professional network”, which means that it has a massive database that can greatly help you in your job search.

You can find and apply for jobs on the Jobs page — these may be jobs that you may be interested in, or available jobs that are in your network. You can then save these jobs to track opportunities, or subscribe to email alerts for new job postings that match your interests.

You can also learn more about companies you want to work for through the organisation’s LinkedIn pages, as well as view who in your network already works there. On that note, it’s important to build your professional network on LinkedIn.

The bigger your first-degree network on LinkedIn is, the bigger your entire network will be. This will be helpful in your job search where you’re looking for as much visibility into your professional ecosystem as you can get.

Even if you aren’t actively seeking employment, your LinkedIn profile alone can bring career opportunities. It doubles as your portfolio, listing your education history, skills and experiences, as well as recommendations from people you’ve worked with.

8. Glassdoor

glassdoor jobs
Screenshot of Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a website that lets current and former employees to leave an anonymous company review.

With Glassdoor, you can get an ‘inside scoop’ on the companies based on the company reviews, ratings and insights. They also feature videos and photos that lets you have a better understanding of the company culture.

According to Glassdoor, a 2017 survey revealed that 93 per cent of job seekers and employees want to be informed about all aspects of a company prior to accepting a job.

It features millions of job listings from global companies — you can search all available job roles and filter them according to what matters most to you such as company size, salary and pay range, and location.

Job seekers can access salary information such as estimated salary ranges, personalised salary estimate so they can know their worth and if they are paid fairly, as well as salary information from others in their location and/or industry.

9. Google Search

google jobs
Screenshot of Google search

From searching for recipes to navigating your way in a foreign country, Google has made our lives easier in so many ways. Beyond that, Google also lets you literally search for jobs.

For instance, you can search for ‘jobs near me’ or ‘marketing jobs in Singapore’ and it will pull results of relevant job listings, which come directly from employers and various career sites.

You can also make use of filters to narrow down your search such as desired location, skills and qualifications, and organisation, just to name a few.

Each Google Job listing will also feature the job’s salary information (if available), Glassdoor rating as well as job details to streamline your job search.

10. Cultjobs

cultjobs singapore
Screenshot of Cultjobs

Cultjobs is a job portal dedicated to creative jobs such as advertising, media, design and marketing. It also lists jobs that fall on the business side of a creative field, as well as some retail and sales roles.

Besides job opportunities at startups, Cultjobs also offer internship opportunities. For the latter, companies must state allowances to “prevent the abuse of interns as free labour”.

Cultjobs also has an option to receive email alerts for specific roles.

Featured Image Credit: Alexander Ian Loh

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