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Every girl out there will share my pain when it comes to choosing clothes in the morning. 

I may have hundreds of clothes sitting in my wardrobe but it’s never an easy task when deciding an outfit for the day. Honestly, it gets a wee bit tiring so the default outfit is often ‘basics’ — you can never go wrong with a plain tee, jeans and sneakers for a regular day out.

That said, I admit that my fashion choices have become predictable and I’ve become a serial outfit repeater — though I must emphasise that there is nothing wrong with repeating your threads. 

However, if you want to expand your fashion choices without breaking your bank, homegrown startup MADThread makes for a viable option. Here’s a review of my subscription experience with them! 

Gain Access To An Infinite Wardrobe

MADThread is Singapore’s newest fashion subscription service that lets you buy or rent designer clothing from thousands of cult fashion brands.

This means that you will have access to an unlimited wardrobe at one flat monthly fee, starting from just $39.

madthread subscription plan
Subscription plan starts from $49/month / Screenshot from MADThread

Unlike other similar services that offer only monthly subscriptions, MADThread also offers a one-time rental option. This is a great choice for those who are looking to wear something fancy for a special occasion like a wedding, dinner and dance event, or even a pre-wedding photoshoot!

They have different plans to suit different needs but since I’m relatively new to this fashion subscription game, I figured the ‘Starter’ plan would be a good start (no pun intended) so I had a go at it.

Getting onboard MADThread is a simple and seamless process — I simply needed to download the app and sign up for an account.

Before I can start renting however, MADThread wanted to learn more about my style preferences first as part of profile-building. This way, it can push out fashion recommendations that best cater to my liking.

Naturally, I chose the more minimalistic styles and opted for colours that are neutral.

madthread style quiz
MADThread Style Quiz / Screenshot from MADThread app

I also had to fill out a Style Quiz which enquired about my sizing (this includes keying in my body measurements), ideal fit/cut and style, as well as occasion preference.

Once I was done with the questionnaire, I could finally get down to picking out items for my first tote. It was exciting because I had the freedom to choose virtually anything I want without caring about the price tag!

The most expensive item listed on MADThread is a Bottega Veneta jumpsuit, which retails for $3,640. Since each item retails for a few hundreds on average, I know I will be getting a bang for my buck, regardless of which items I pick out.

Browsing The ‘Closet In The Cloud’

Under the Starter plan, I could rent two orders per month — each order contains three items (including one Premium item), totalling 6 items. Additionally, I can also get free access to fitting sessions and access to sample sales.

madthread singapore
MADThread’s premium collection from brands such as DKNY, Self Portrait and DVF / Screenshot from MADThread app

MADThread carries over 200 designer brands such as Alexander Wang, Celine, DVF and Victoria Beckham, just to name a few. Instead of scrolling endlessly, I figured that the best way to browse is to actually filter the apparels to refine my search.

madthread singapore
Wrap dress on MADThread that I love / Image Credit: Screenshot from MADThread app

Alternatively, I could browse the apparels by different categories. This was also how I chanced upon a wrap dress which I really liked! It was reminiscent of a dress that I had previously ‘pinned’ on Pinterest and I desperately wanted to add it to my tote but couldn’t find it anywhere on the app.

I even asked the customer service officer in-app for help, and she pointed out to me that the dress had already been purchased by another MADThread user (yes, you can choose to buy items off MADThread so it can be yours to keep forever).

madthread singapore
J.O.A woven wrap midi skirt with buckle via MADThread / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Although I was disappointed that I couldn’t get my hands on the dress, MADThread recommended me other wrap pieces, such as this J.O.A. woven wrap midi skirt with buckle.

Along with a two-piece jumpsuit and a puff-sleeved top, these three items made up my first tote (if you think about it, I’m actually getting four items instead). With four sets of separates, I could easily mix and match for more outfit options.

madthread singapore
Comparison of own size against sizing guide on MADThread / Screenshot from MADThread app

After picking out the items, choosing the right size is really important. I actually like how MADThread compares my own body measurements against its size guide so I can determine an accurate sizing, while taking into factor product details such as fit and fabric stretchability.

I placed my order for the tote at around 11pm and it was delivered promptly the following day during lunch hour, true to its promise of next-day delivery, which left me impressed.

madthread singapore
MADThread’s sustainable dust bag and tote bag / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

The MADThread package came in the form of a cute rectangular tote bag, which holds this ‘Madly Sustainable’ dust bag that carries all my ordered items. I love how the brand is big on sustainability — both the bags are made from reusable materials!

My clothes came in ready-to-wear condition — they were dry-cleaned and pressed, which is a huge plus point for a lazy person like me, because I typically don’t bother ironing my clothes.

madthread singapore
Black Halo Syon 2-piece jumpsuit via MADThread

When I tried on the pieces however, I realised that the pants of the jumpsuit was a tad big for me, so the fit turned out to be quite baggy. It was unflattering to say the least, so I had to swap it out for a similar black pants of mine, which was an easy workaround.

That aside, I actually like how the ruffled sleeves add an interesting touch to the top, and how the cropped jumpsuit subtly exposes my belly without revealing too much skin, making it work-appropriate.

madthread singapore
Moon River sleeve tie smocked top paired with J.O.A skirt via MADThread / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

I also loved the other two pieces very much. They are very casual yet date-worthy options, and look great when paired together or worn separately with jeans (for the top) and a tank top (for the skirt).

Overall, the first order was an absolute success and it made me look forward to placing a new order.

Swap With Your Second Order The Very Next Day

Returning the items is a breeze, by the way. First things first, I didn’t have to wash the used clothes.

madthread singapore
Returning MADThread clothes is simple and convenient with MADSwap / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

There’s also this unique MADThread feature called MADSwap, which is essentially a 1-for-1 same day swap. This means that I can exchange my current tote for a new one in a single trip, which is extremely convenient and time-saving.

I’ve personally tried another local fashion subscription service StyleTheory, and their items take two working days to reach (that said, if you place an order on a Friday or on the weekends, delivery takes much longer).

Additionally, when you return a StyleTheory order, it takes about two days to process it and you can only put together your next box after they have received your box.

In contrast, MADSwap deliveries are faster — as long as you book before midnight, you can receive (and return) your tote the very next day!

Unfortunately, MADThread didn’t really live up to its claim of next-day delivery this time round. I had placed my order on a Wednesday, but the earliest I could schedule my delivery was on a Friday afternoon because all prior delivery slots were full.

madthread singapore
Screenshot of chat with MADThread customer service officer

When I enquired about this with the customer service officer in-app, he proactively helped to push forward my delivery timing to an earlier slot so I could get a faster delivery.

MADThread later explained that there was a delivery delay due to the “current COVID-19 situation”, so I trust that this is a one-off anomaly because I did get my first order on time.

With regards to assembling the second order, I wanted to switch things up a little so I decided to add a leather bucket bag into the mix instead of just selecting clothes.

madthread singapore
Nicholas smocked skirt and Looks Like Summer Esme leather bucket bag via MADThread / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Since I also liked the midi skirt from the first box, I wanted to pick out another skirt of a different style.

I typically wouldn’t opt for floral-printed items, but this one turned out to be a winner. It also makes for a perfect pair with the bag, which can be worn two ways: either carried by the handle, or slung by the shoulder with the long strap.

madthread singapore
C/Meo Collective Paradise Sleeveless Dress via MADThread / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

I also chose a dress by C/Meo Collective — I’ve always seen their pieces featured on Instagram and liked their minimalist vibe, so I figured this is a good opportunity to try out the brand.

Moreover, a little black dress has always been touted as a classic wardrobe staple so I opted for this Paradise sleeveless number.

madthread singapore
Braiding details on the sides of the dress / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

However, it was only when I received it that I realised that it wasn’t a plain dress (it had braided details at the sides which gave it a nice flair, but also made it look quite formal) and it was also very revealing with high leg slits.

Although it was a cute dress, I got too self-conscious about exposing myself and ultimately got uncomfortable wearing it that I had to change out of it soon after.

The good thing about renting is that if I don’t like a particular item or if it doesn’t suit/fit me, I can simply swap to another piece of clothing. There is no commitment involved because I can return the pieces anytime, so there’s really no reason for me to be afraid to try something new.

Will I Try MADThread Again?

Most definitely yes — it’s super convenient, and saves me a lot of closet space, time and money.

The biggest appeal to me is the pricing. MADThread, by far, offers the most affordable monthly subscription plan in Singapore.

madthread vs styletheory
Comparison of MADThread’s starter plan (left) and StyleTheory’s (right) / Screenshot from respective sites

Its cheapest monthly plan starts at $49, while StyleTheory’s starts at $69. To add on, MADThread’s Starter plan allows the rental of a total of six items per month (split into two orders), while StyleTheory only allows the rental of three items per month.

This means that MADThread’s Starter plan is more value-for-money — it offers the rental of more clothes at a lower price.

madthread singapore
Screenshot of MADThread orders

With MADThread’s Starter plan, I managed to wear six designer pieces worth $1,871 for only $49 a month, which equates to a rental fee of about only $8 per item!

It’s clear that by renting via MADThread, I could gain instant access to luxury without bearing the hefty price tag. I only needed to pay a fraction of the retail price to have access to a wide variety of clothes so I’ll never run out of things to wear again.

Besides being easy on the wallet, renting also serves as a sustainable option. It lowers environmental impact by reducing waste and recycling clothes for further use, while letting users keep up with the latest trends — this solves our fast fashion problems without the guilt!

Moreover, since MADThread offers a curated collection of designer clothes, I am assured of the quality and workmanship of the clothes.

If you’re sold by this MADThread review and are looking to try out their service, here’s a piece of good news: you can use code ‘NEW10’ to get 10% of your first two months on the app. Click here to take a peek at their closet!

This article is written in collaboration with MADThread.

Featured Image Credit: Vulcan Post

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