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Author’s Blurb: I don’t have extensive experience with wireless earbuds yet, as I just started using them this year, and I’ve only tried about 4 different ones thus far (the one in this review included). However, each one has always been quite different from the other, and it never really gets old trying them all out.

From what I can see, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ don’t look all that different on the surface from their predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

They maintain the same casing and earbuds styles, compact and rounded to give them a polished look. The first thing I did with the Buds+ was to marvel at how small they were, but more on that later.

I didn’t actually review the original Buds, so my performance benchmark for the Buds+ are the Jabra Elite 75t, which changed my attitude towards wireless earbuds completely.

Let’s Listen To Some Music

So far, I’ve reviewed the Jabra Elite 75t and Sudio Ett wireless earbuds, and in terms of sound, I would say that the Buds+ sit at second place.

They can’t quite beat the 75t, but they perform better than the Ett when it comes to providing a more balanced audio quality.

If I were to be more nitpicky, however, I’d say that the Buds+ sound a little too muted for my tastes.

I can’t quite explain it eloquently, but the way I can describe it is that they sound slightly muffled, like the music is emerging from a thick blanket.

The silicone tips fit my ear well, but you have 3 extra pairs of different sizes to pick from if not

It didn’t impact my overall music sessions negatively, as they still sound clear and enjoyable. Definitely not my personal favourite, but to each their own anyway.

If you’re already an original Buds user, one thing you might be disappointed by is the lack of active noise cancellation.

Absolutely Adorable To Look At

I’ve been really pleased with the pill shaped case and the design of the earbuds themselves. I can’t help looking at them and thinking to myself how cute they are.

The case is small, fun to hold and easy to slip into pockets thanks to how flat and round it is. If you practice enough, it’s totally possible to open it one handed too.

As for the earbuds, these are also the smallest ones I’ve ever tried. They’re pretty comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

No complaints for me in this department.

Staying In Control

The Buds+ don’t have tangible buttons, which I’ve always said I preferred. However, I’m 50-50 with the Buds+’s controls, and here’s why.

One major reason why I prefer having tangible buttons is because I know when I’ve pressed them, since it takes some pressure to actually trigger anything.

For the Buds+, I would find myself accidentally brushing against their touch-sensitive surfaces and pausing my music (or setting off some other control) when I go to touch my hair or glasses.

A mild annoyance, but what makes up for it is that anytime they’re touched, they give off a soft beep that tells me I’ve actually touched them.

Relatively easy to control, and you can adjust touch sensitivity through the Samsung Wearables app

This comes in handy when adjusting volume (with a press and hold on either earbud), as I’m now aware of how high or low I’m adjusting my volume to.

So far, not even the wireless earbuds with tangible buttons have been able to give me this peace of mind.

I’ve always simply reverted to adjusting volume on my device instead, but with the Buds+, I find myself actually using the touch controls for volume.


If I had tried the Buds+ before I ever put the Jabra Elite 75t into my ears, I would most probably have said that they are the best wireless earbuds I’ve tried so far.

The Buds+ have been said to have amazing battery life, affording the user 11 hours of usage on a single full charge from the case.

I can’t prove that, but I can say that since receiving the Buds+ at full battery about 2 weeks ago, I’ve been using them quite consistently and have yet to charge the case, which is finally out of juice.

Overall, the Buds+ have been a pleasurable user experience, and if I were to decide on making a wireless earbuds purchase, they’d be a strong contender.

At RM599, I would say that they’re worth the price for the quality offered. They’re an all-rounder and good for the average person who loves music.

Small and compact size makes for easy carryingSound quality sounds a little muted (for those who may be nitpicky)
Great battery life
Touch controls have guiding beeps so you know when they’ve been pressed

Bottom Line: I had low expectations for the Buds+ actually, because it was coming from a brand that was mostly known for its other devices. The other brands I’d reviewed specialised in earbuds, so I had higher expectations. However, the Buds+ really proved itself to be a formidable competitor in the earbuds market.

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