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Meal kits can be a good starting place for those who don’t know what to cook or how to portion ingredients. This means skipping the grocery shopping, especially during this pandemic. 

There are meal kits like Chef’ Up and BoxAhead offering widely-found recipes, but since 2020 we’ve been seeing restaurants hop on the trend too.

So, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants in Klang Valley offering meal kits that let you recreate their dishes from home. This list is non-exhaustive and covers ones that we could find enough information about.

All the kits listed below come with a set of cooking instructions for you to follow as well.

1. A Pie Thing

Image Credit: A Pie Thing

Known for their variety of sweet and savoury pies, A Pie Thing in Damansara Uptown is letting customers stock up on their savoury pies in bulk to keep in the freezer during MCO2.0.

For those with a sweet tooth, they’re delivering DIY Apple Crumble Pie Kits that can make a fun activity to do over the weekend. All ingredients and components are packed separately and can be frozen to maintain freshness. 

Pax: 2 pax.

Price: RM32 per kit.

Order from: Message them on Facebook or Instagram to pre-order.

Delivery times: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10AM to 9PM.

2. Bonjuk & Lunch Box Cafe KL

Image Credit: Bonjuk & Lunch Box Cafe

Bonjuk & Lunch Box Cafe is a Korean restaurant with 2 chains in Setapak and Publika. Famous for their porridges, they aim to serve authentic and healthy Korean cuisine in Malaysia.

Their Bon Meal Kits are available for the stews, porridges, toppoki, noodles, and pork belly sets to pair with any instant ramen noodles. Next-day delivery is offered upon placing your orders on WhatsApp.

Pax: 1-3 pax.

Price: RM10.20-RM39.95 per kit.

Order from: WhatsApp 03-4131 4242. Order before 6PM for next-day delivery.

Delivery times: Every day from 11.30AM to 6PM.

3. Botanica + Co

Image Credit: Botanica + Co

Botanica + Co is a greenhouse-themed restaurant in Bangsar with dishes that feature fresh everyday produce. 

The Botanica Home Chef Kit offers mostly dessert options including chocolate chip cookie kits, Valrhona Chocolate Pudding, and banana cakes. 

For a savoury option, you can get their Pizza Home Kit that comes with tomato sauce and cheese with basic ingredients to make its dough. As it doesn’t come with any toppings, you’d have to get your own ingredients.

Deliveries aren’t available here. Instead, you’re encouraged to order, pay online, and pick it up from their branch at Alila Bangsar. 

If you’re unable to collect it due to distance, however, you’re advised to arrange for a Grab or Lalamove to pick up and deliver it to you. Just be sure to inform the cafe of the rider’s details.

Pax: 1-3 pax.

Price: RM20-RM35 per kit.

Order from: Their website.

Pick up times: Every day from 8.30AM to 9PM.

4. Char Line

Image Credit: Char Line

Priding themselves on their wood-fired grill food, Plaza Damansara’s Char Line designs their menu according to individual dietary preferences.

With 10 cooking kits to choose from their MealBox, you’re spoilt for choice here. Some options include pastas, pan-seared snapper, steak sandwich, etc.

You’ll find step-by-step guides on how to cook each dish on the individual MealBox pages. They also have video tutorials for it on their Instagram page.

For same-day delivery, place your orders before 2PM. Otherwise, you can pre-order your MealBox for next-day deliveries.

Pax: 1 pax.

Price: RM25-RM35 per kit.

Order from: Whatsapp +60 12-697 5883. Order before 2PM for same-day delivery.

Delivery and pick up times: Every day from 8AM to 8.30PM.

5. Chef Wan Cafe

Image Credit: Chef Wan Cafe

Serving a variety of Asian fusion cuisine, Chef Wan Cafe is a travelogue of the celebrity chef’s culinary adventures at The LINC KL. 

The restaurant has 4 different Pasta Kits available for takeout or delivery. Some options you can try are the fettuccine with wild mushrooms and truffle, spicy tuna penne, or Seafood Aglio olio.

Pax: 1-2 pax.

Price: RM39-RM46 per kit.

Order from: Table App. Order before 6PM for next-day delivery.

Delivery times: Every day from 11.30AM to 6PM.

6. Feebay.Co

Image Credit: Freebay.Co

At Feebay.Co, you’ll find some local and Western cuisines served with specialty grade coffee and chocolate. 

They’ve recently launched their 3-Day Survival Kit at their Publika branch with options of Asian and Western flavours.

In the box, you’ll find salted egg yolk and pesto sauces to top off your beef bacon or breaded katsu chicken. The kit also comes with a bottle of cold brew coffee, a reusable cloth facemask and metal straw.

Pax: 1-2 pax.

Price: RM90 per kit.

Order from: Message them on Facebook or get it on Beepit by choosing their Publika branch.

Delivery times: Every day from 10AM to 9PM.

7. Kanteen

Image Credit: Kanteen

You may be familiar with Kanteen if you’ve shopped at Village Grocer and opted for a quick meal there.

For their Home Kits, there are options for Asian and Western dishes like nasi lemak, grilled salmon fillet, and chicken chop. 

Pre-orders will be delivered within 2-3 working days. No refunds are allowed after payment has been made. For storage, meat and liquid items like sauces must be kept in the freezer, the rest can be stored in a chiller or pantry. 

Pax: 2-4 pax.

Price: RM45-RM80 per kit.

Order from: Their website. Pre-order 2-3 days in advance.

Delivery times: Every day from 9AM to 7PM.

8. Little People Cafe

Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

The quaint restaurant in KL boasts handmade pasta, most noted for their pretty, pink beetroot pasta.

Little People Cafe has 3 meal kits for their handmade pasta dishes. Choose between their Quarantine Starter Pack, Pink Pasta Quarantine Starter Pack, and Pappardelle Advanced Quarantine Starter Pack. 

The latter comes with a pack of lemon butter sauce that must be consumed on the same day to ensure freshness.

Pax: 1-3 pax.

Price: RM25-RM38 per kit.

Order from: Beepit.

Delivery times: Every day from 8.30AM to 8PM.

9. myBurgerLab

Image Credit: myBurgerLab

myBurgerLab (mBL) needs no introduction for its juicy burgers on fresh buns. They have 2 burger kits available in the form of their mBL Classic Bundle and Salted Egg Goodness Bundle. 

You can customise your meat preferences in each order, or if you’d prefer to build your own, you can purchase raw ingredients from their Mart.

Same-day delivery is available as orders are prepared and sent out after you place them.

Pax: 1 pax.

Price: RM40-RM45 per Kit.

Order from: Their website (kits are also available at all outlets except Cyberjaya).

Delivery and pick up times: Every day from 11AM to 8.45PM.

10. MyeongDong Toppoki

Image Credit: MyeongDong Topokki

Serving a variety of Korean food, MyeongDong Topokki lets customers cook their meals at home through MDT Apron. There are options to recreate their bulgogi bibimbaps, Doenjang Jjigaes, kimbaps, spicy chicken wings, etc.

In the package, you’ll find recipes with neatly arranged ingredients for their dishes. You’d have to pre-order them as it takes at least 7 days to receive your items.

Pax: 1-2 pax.

Price: RM9-RM39.75 per kit.

Order from: Their website. Order 7 days in advance.

Delivery times: Every day from 10AM to 10PM.

11. Rebel Pasta

Image Credit: Rebel Pasta

Rebel Pasta is a neighbourhood Italian restaurant in Damansara Uptown. They’re known for serving freshly hand-rolled pastas including black squid ink and matcha ones.

For their Pasta Kits, you can choose from 13 pasta and sauce variations to recreate their speciality pastas at home. Do note that for food safety concerns, raw ingredients such as squid and onsen eggs are excluded from the kits.

Pax: 1-2 pax.

Price: RM13.90-RM24.90 per kit.

Order from: Orty.io.

Delivery times: Every day from 11AM to 8PM.

12. Old Western Cowboy Steakhouse

Image Credit: Old Western Cowboy Steakhouse

Located in Desa Petaling, KL, Old Western Cowboy Steakhouse has steak of every kind from chicken and lamb to the traditional rib-eye steaks. 

In their DIY kits, you’ll find pre-marinated frozen lamb chops, Australian rib-eye steaks, and chicken chops. The kits come with a choice of french fries, corn, or chicken nuggets.

For a less meat-heavy option, they also have chicken bolognese kits and frozen shark fin soup.

Pax: 1-2 pax.

Price: RM5-RM23 per kit.

Order from: Facebook.

Delivery times: Every day from 4PM to 10PM.

13. VCR

Image Credit: VCR

With 2 branches in Pudu (Galloway) and Bangsar, VCR is showing no signs of slowing down by opening 2 spin-off cafes during the MCO.

They’ve also introduced their Home Starter Pack to let customers recreate their one-of-a-kind VCR Big Breakfast at home. It comes with the cafe’s staple sourdough and chipolata sausages to pair with your own eggs and other ingredients of your liking.

Pax: 3-6 pax.

Price: RM38-RM68 per kit.

Order from: Beepit for their Bangsar and Galloway branches.

Delivery times: Every day from 9.00AM to 5.00PM.⁣

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Featured Image Credit: RebelPasta and VCR

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