Besides, what better way to start a date than with a drink?

Faiz A Faiz  |  Singapore
Published 2014-11-10 12:00:12

I’ve been writing about a lot of dating apps recently, Salamz, Mat & Minah and now, let me present to you, MeetDrinks. However, MeetDrinks is an app which wants to cut short the dating fiascos by simply matching the compatible urbamites meet on a first (or second or the next ones) date and have a drink together.

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Meet, drink, enjoy. The process of finding a partner is equally easy. Simply create a profile, take a selfie (What about phones with no front camera? Ask a friend to do you that favour.) and mention your location to know who are looking to have a drink in the same area.

Bringing Two Aspects of a successful date together
Bringing Two Aspects of a successful date together

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But that’s not all.

You can even order the drinks in advance using this very app and make payments using it as well. If you are a gentleman in the traditional sense, you can pay for both. If you are more modern and prefer to go with all this gender equality trend, then simply go dutch. The best compromise? I’d say just pay for each other’s drinks.

Once you have finished the first steps of creating your profile, you will be offered a list of probable candidates, in the same area, looking for date using MeetDrinks. Choose a date from there, if s/he agrees, then voilà. Fix a time to meet up for your first official date.


If this is not sweet enough, you also get a $2.50 sign up bonus and you are encouraged to share this app as you will receive $2.50 for each friend who joins through your reference. Who, if not friends, to help you enjoy a nice time with a drink in hand for free? Now that’s one new way to be someone’s wingman.

We asked Laid Sahraoui, CEO of MeetDrinks., what purpose exactly does the app serve? “Buying a drink for someone is the perfect way to start a date,” said Sahraoui,By removing the chatter of other dating apps and focusing on people meeting up, we bridge digital socializing with the real world of dating.”

“Online dating is a global opportunity and our niche of offering ‘Better Matches, Better Times’ will appeal to venues and customers everywhere,” Sahraoui added, who is based in Shanghai. “We currently have people on the ground in Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, and London.”

“Presently, we have everything except time, isn’t it?” asked Sahraoui.


There is opportunity for merchants as well. If you want all these MeetDrinkers to visit your restaurant/bar/whatever other type of joint you might have, you can enrol your place in MeetDrinks for free. Thus, when MeetDrinkers are surfing for a place to meet and drink, your bar will show up, provided they are trying to meet in that geographical region. A lot of places have already signed up for this partnership with MeetDrinks and there is no reason why other business owners should waste time pondering. There’s no harm in getting more patrons, after all.

This app is not yet ready for Android but the Apple version is doing rounds in closed beta and will be released this month. If you are interested, you can sign up at the waiting list.

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