Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2014-04-08 13:30:53

One of the biggest things Singaporeans often complain about is how people around the world keep confusing the location of the country.

It is not surprising to hear people mistaking Singapore with its neighbours Malaysia, Indonesia or even China.

Earlier this week, Hilton Worldwide’s twitter account manager was among those who thought Singapore was in China.

hilton changi


The original tweet, which had been taken down, confused Singapore’s Changi Airport as Shanghai’s Airport. The tweet was responded by Singapore’s Changi Airport’s twitter account, saying that “we are in Singapore, not Shanghai“.

changi airport

Hilton’s twitter account manager later rectified the confusion.

Of course, Hilton Worldwide’s twitter account manager isn’t the only one to hold this misconception of Singapore as part of China.

Muttons On The Move, a daily channel on Singapore’s radio channel 987FM asked their twitter followers what are some of the biggest mistake or misconception they have heard about Singapore from people overseas, and many responded that Singapore is often mistaken as being part of China.

singapore in china

Singapore, for the record, is not China – neither is it in China.

singapore map

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