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Grazing platters, otherwise known as cheese platters make a great centrepiece to any dinner party, or even as an individual snack. A variety of cheese types with different textures are usually used, such as soft and creamy brie, crumbly goat cheese, and firm gouda, to name a few. 

They often have sweet and savoury accompaniments to complement the cheeses, which can range from strawberries, crackers, chocolates, etc.

Did you know: Cheese platters are a little different from charcuterie boards, which are prepared with cold cut meat products, and accompaniments like crunchy vegetables. 

The nationwide lockdowns have caused a boom in Instagram businesses selling hand-curated cheese platters, likely due to the low barrier of entry to start this business. So, here’s a non-exhaustive list highlighting brands that are selling grazing platters online and how to order them.

Klang Valley

1. 3 little chef

3 little chef was started by siblings whose family business in KL and Johor was badly hit during the first MCO. Attempting to venture out on their own, the siblings first made and sold out over 800 mooncake gift sets during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

Realising their satisfaction in sending gifts to customers and gaining newfound confidence to run a home business, their 3 little chef Instagram store continued creating gift boxes for various Malaysian occasions and events. They include full-moon celebrations, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and platters for Halloween, and Christmas.

Other than just cheese platters (RM70-RM450), 3 little chef also sells meat platters (RM205), desserts platters (RM65), and taco platters. 

Image Credit: 3 little chef

Price range: RM70-RM450.

Delivers to: Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.

Ordering instructions: WhatsApp 018-767 4107 to pre-order a set at least 1 day in advance.

2. AWSM Platters

Andrea’s a flight attendant who’s always enjoyed shopping for goodies throughout her travels to bring them to parties. Fond of the cheeses she brings over, one of her friends even requested to buy cheeses from her as a gift for her boss.

This was the tipping point for Andrea and she began her own business selling cheese platters, called AWSM Platters, in March 2021.

Platters are made-to-order and customisable upon requests. AWSM Platters have sizes from petite to large, while Christmas Platters come in Medium (RM300) and Large (RM360).

Image Credit: AWSM Platters

Price range: RM300-RM360.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: DM them on Instagram at least 2 days in advance for the Christmas Platters, while regular platters can be ordered anytime, based on availability.

3. Bon Bon Box KL

Bon Bon Box KL was started by 2 friends, Mavis and James, during the lockdown after one of the partners had to shutter their café. Looking for a way to pivot into an online delivery-based business, they thought it’d be opportune to create and sell cheese platters, since they loved the dairy product after all.

Cheese and Fruit platters by Bon Bon Box KL are priced between RM150 and RM249.

The business offers various sizes of platters from personal sets to medium and large options. Bon Bon Box KL also has seasonal floral gift crates with wine and cheese platters, along with wine bouquets.

Image Credit: Bon Bon Box KL

Price range: RM150++.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: DM the Instagram page to pre-order 3 days in advance.

4. Cheese Platter KL

Cheese Platter KL (CPKL) was started by a serial businesswoman, Jessy, and her 2 close friends, Harpreet and Jasveen, who have backgrounds in law and accounting respectively. Within 7 months of launching in December 2020, CPKL reached profitability and was generating revenue of nearly 6 figures. Learn more about their story here.

Platters sold by CPKL range from RM100-RM490 depending on the serving size chosen, meant for 1-2 pax to 10-15 pax. It also sells Christmas platters which cost RM149 and RM249 that come with gingerbread cookies and candy canes in addition to the usual cheeses and accompaniments.

CPKL also offers customisable services based on requests. 

Image Credit: Cheese Platter KL

Price range: RM100-RM490.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: DM the business on Instagram or WhatsApp 016-389 9537 to order. Christmas platters are only available while stocks last. 

5. D’Artisan Handmade Cheese

Dexter began a hobby in cheese making 2 years prior to starting his home business in May 2020 called D’Artisan Handmade Cheese

As he sold the cheeses, customers were requesting for Dexter to also offer cheese platters, which he thought was a natural progression for the business to expand its product offerings.

Thus, all cheeses in D’Artisan Handmade Cheese’s platters are handmade by the entrepreneur. Prices for the platters range from RM120-RM400, and its smallest set can feed 1-2 pax, or while its largest serves 6-10 pax.

Image Credit: D’Artisan Handmade Cheese

Price range: RM120-RM400.

Delivers to: Klang Valley. Those ordering from other states can WhatsApp or call 012-496 9978 to arrange deliveries.

Ordering instructions: Shop on its website.

6. Fat Cheese Co

Fat Cheese Co was started by 2 friends during MCO 2.0 by Mei and her business partner who were working full time at their finance jobs. During the country’s WFH order, they found it a good opportunity to launch their own business, capitalising on a shared interest in cheese plating.

With no F&B experience, they started Fat Cheese Co with an initial capital of no more than RM1,000 and managed to break even after their first bulk order.

To manage their side hustle, they’re keeping product varieties lean with just 3 sets of platters. Fat Cheese Co offers an RM75 Mini Box (1-2 pax), an RM169 Medium Box (3-4 pax), and an RM249 Large Box (5-6pax). 

Customisation is also available upon request.  

For the upcoming Christmas season, a DIY S’mores box will be offered as an add-on. It comes with a mini bonfire, marshmallows, crackers, chocolate dip, and popcorn. 

Image Credit: Fat Cheese Co

Price range: RM75-RM249.

Delivers to: Klang Valley. Deliveries to other states can be arranged upon request.

Ordering instructions: DM the business’s Instagram or WhatsApp 011-5415 5510 to pre-order 1 day in advance.

7. JO + KO.

Joann is from a financial investment background while Iko runs her own social marketing influencer agency. Together, they founded JO + KO. in October 2020 to sell cheese platters with RM2,000 capital.

Keeping their costs low, they leveraged Iko’s contacts to help promote the business in exchange for free platters. 

Within their second month of operations, Christmas came around and they were fulfilling corporate orders with individual ones coming in too. This brought their revenue in December 2020 alone to RM25,000.

JO + KO. offers platters starting from RM70-RM450, with its smallest feeding 2 pax and largest for 9 pax.

Image Credit: JO + KO.

Price range: RM70-RM450.

Delivers to: Klang Valley. Outstation orders can be arranged as well.

Ordering instructions: Order on WhatsApp at least 3 days in advance.

8. KEJU by Carmen

Carmen got her start in making and selling cheese platters after first creating a grazing table at an event, she told us in an interview. The crowd was impressed and Carmen soon started getting enquiries from others on how they could get their own grazing platters for their events.

Not long after, KEJU was launched in 2018 with grazing platter options available for groups as small as a couple all the way to 20 pax, priced between RM100-RM590. 

KEJU is also offering Christmas themed platters priced from RM330-RM520 which are available from December 13 to 30, 2021. You’ll also find fruit, chocolate, and meat platters here.

Image Credit: KEJU by Carmen

Price range: RM100-RM590.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: Order on KEJU’s website, WhatsApp 012-605 5837, or DM their Instagram.

9. La Petite Bouchée

The main discussion topic for Delaram and Fatemeh revolves around beautifully decorated plates of food, and this materialised into a cheese platter business, La Petite Bouchée.

Besides grazing platters, they also specialise in grazing table setups for corporate and private events.

La Petite Bouchée offers a variety of different sized platters to serve individuals to 9 pax parties, priced between RM115-RM410.

Image Credit: La Petite Bouchée

Price range: RM115-RM410.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: Order from their website, DM them on Instagram, or WhatsApp 014-366 8870 or 012-899 7761. 

10. Partyboxnco

Formerly an air stewardess with Singapore Airlines, Stephanie is now a stay-at-home mum running Partyboxnco. Just like AWSM Platter’s founder, Stephanie tried various types of cheeses and fine foods while travelling and enjoyed sharing them with her friends during home parties.

During the lockdown, she’d create cheese and charcuterie platters to brighten up her friends’ days, and they began placing their orders to send to their other friends. That was how Partyboxnco came about.

Offering platters of different sizes, Partyboxnco has launched its Christmas platters for 3-4 pax at RM128. Platters can also be personalised based on requests, and prices will be dependent on items included in the package.

Image Credit: Partyboxnco

Price range: RM128++.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: DM their Instagram or Facebook to pre-order 2 days in advance. Last-minute orders are subject to availability.

11. Piatto by JC

JC launched his business, Piatto by JC, during the Christmas of 2020 after first bringing his homemade cheese platter to a dinner party and noticing his friends’ reception to it.

Branding his products as a healthy snack, Piatto by JC offers a mini platter (1 pax) at RM70, a small platter (2 pax) at RM99, and a medium platter (3-5pax) at RM200. There is also a Christmas 5″ Platter which costs RM99.

Custom platters are also available upon request, and corporate or bulk orders can qualify for a minimum 20% discount.

Image Credot: Piatto by JC

Price range: RM70-RM200

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: WhatsApp 013-333 3114, or DM the Instagram account.

12. PlatterIT MY

PlatterIT MY serves cheese platters, pancake platters, dessert platters, and vegetarian mezze platters. The business is founded by Jenn Joni who’s a single mother of 3, and the founder of BakeIt.MY.

With a background as a Production Manager at Happy Bunch, a floral and gifting company, PlatterIT MY’s platters are also decorated with flowers as a garnish.

Small platters for 1-2 pax can cost between RM150-RM250 as some of them come with add-on items like wine. Jenn’s medium-sized platters can feed 4-6 pax, while large ones are meant for 6-10 pax. Their prices range from RM250 to RM500.

Image Credit: PlatterIT MY

Price range: RM150-RM500.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: DM their Instagram or WhatsApp 014-239 6867 to pre-order at least 3 days in advance.

13. Splatter

Splatter was founded in 2019 by 2 foodies, one who loved fruits while the other couldn’t get enough of cheeses. The idea of introducing their grazing platter business stems from their indecisiveness over what to order in eateries. 

Prices for Splatter’s cheese platters start from RM120 for its Mini Cheese Platter serving up to 3 pax. Splatter’s largest portion, the Jumbo Cheese Platter, serves up to 15 pax and costs RM500.

The business is offering various Christmas sets which cost between RM220 for a Gourmet Gift Box to RM380 for its Festive Brie Wreath.

Image Credit: Splatter

Price range: RM120-RM500.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: Orders can be made on their website, Instagram DMs, or WhatsApp at least 2 days ahead of the preferred delivery date.

14. Together-gather

Launched December 2019, Together-gather was started by Melissa and Pei Si, 2 friends who pursued the cheese platter business as their side hustle on top of their corporate jobs. 

The business was started with an aim to create grazing tables for events, but when the pandemic hit, they pivoted to deliver cheese platters serving between 1 to 10 pax.

Together-gather’s mini cheese platter for 1 costs RM70, while the large platter for 8-12 pax costs RM400. It’s currently running a Christmas menu with options serving 3, 5, and 7 pax with prices between RM180-RM300.

Image Credit: Together-gather

Price range: RM70-RM400.

Delivers to: Klang Valley.

Ordering instructions: Orders can be placed via Instagram DMs or emailed to hello@together-gather.com for specific requests.


15. Grazebysamantha

Samantha developed an unexpected interest in making food look beautiful when the pandemic hit in 2020. Cheese platters were one gourmet food that she found irresistible.

Grazebysamantha was formed after persistent encouragement from friends and family to sell her platters. Offering 3 sizes of her signature platters, Small (1-2 pax) is priced at RM140, Medium (2-3 pax) at RM170, and Large (3-4 pax) costs RM200. 

The business has several other choices like its pink platters, piccolo (RM70), and breakfast platters too, and custom orders (up to RM400) are available upon request. 

Image Credit: Grazebysamantha

Price range: RM70-RM400.

Delivers to: Penang and Kedah (based on driver availability).

Ordering instructions: Make an order on Grazebysamantha’s order forms or DM them on Instagram at least 2 days in advance.

16. Big Platter

Melissa Koh often travelled for work, and she’d use that opportunity to gather with overseas friends who enjoyed preparing finger foods together. When the MCO hit, she’d create cheese platters, cookies, and snacks to give to her business partners, friends, and family, which was how Big Platter got its start.

The business’s small platters can serve 2-4 pax (RM95), while large platters can serve 8-10 pax (RM180). Prices can go up to RM350 depending on the add-ons chosen that can include wine, caviar, or customisation. 

Image Credit: Big Platter

Price range: RM95-RM350.

Delivers to: Penang Island, Seberang Perai, Sungai Petani in Kedah, and Taiping in Ipoh.

Ordering instructions: DM their Instagram or WhatsApp 017-553 5635.


17. Dolfin Platters

Founded by husband and wife duo Dolly and Hanson, Dolfin Platters entered the cheese platters market after the closure of their café 2 months into 2020’s first MCO, they shared.

Prices for their cheese platters range from RM68 (1pax) to RM298 (which includes wine). Dolfin Platters also offers premium platters containing caviar and truffle cheeses which cost over RM500.

For Christmas, they have 3 types of festive platters, such as The Kensington Box, the Buckingham Platter, and the Wellington Platter which cost between RM108 to RM358.

On top of cheese platters, Dolfin Platters also sells high tea sets to offer customers more variety.

Image Credit: Dolfin Platters

Price range: RM68-RM358.

Delivers to: Kota Kinabalu, with deliveries to other cities in Sabah subject to availability.

Ordering instructions: WhatsApp 016-837 1848 or DM their Instagram at least 2 days in advance.

18. Nomsgrazer

Natalie has been an established baker and wedding cake designer in Kota Kinabalu for over 5 years. While running her bakery, she came up with the idea of selling cheese platters after curating her first platter in 2019 for a friend’s Christmas party, which led to the launch of Nomsgrazer.

Nomsgrazer has platter sizes for individuals at RM65, and can go up to XL sizes for 15 pax costing RM550. 

Grazing table services for private home gatherings, small weddings, and office events, are also available and quoted based on requests. 

Image Credit: Nomsgrazer

Price range: RM65-RM550.

Delivers to: Kota Kinabalu, ​​Menggatal, and Putatan.

Ordering instructions: DM them on Instagram to pre-order at least 2 days in advance. 

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Featured image credit: Bon Bon Box KL / Fat Cheese Co

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