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I’ll admit that since I started working from the office again, I’ve been eating out more, and not very healthily as vegetables aren’t always the main component in plenty of Malaysian dishes.

Shopping for veggies at the grocery store can be intimidating as well, since I’m unsure of how to cook them or what they’ll taste like (and whether I’d like their flavours).

One benefit of buying them online then is that websites generally have more information on what to expect from each vegetable, whether it’s about their flavour profile, nutritional value, or how they can be incorporated into dishes.

Hence, here’s a non-exhaustive list of 14 local brands we found that sell fresh greens online and can deliver them around the Klang Valley to make adopting healthy eating easy. Cumulatively, their offerings are of a variety that ranges from salad greens to microgreens, herbs, and more.

1. Babylon Vertical Farm

Image Credit: Babylon Vertical Farm

Babylon Vertical Farm (BVF) was started in 2016, as part of a MaGIC Social Enterprise accelerator. With an indoor farm 10 minutes away from KLCC, the tech-enabled farm sells its fresh greens in Malaysia’s premier supermarkets and online, where you can purchase a tray of microgreens on an ala-carte basis.

BVF also provides consulting, farm-building services, and produces its own organic microgreens.

Variety of produce: BVF has fresh produce ranging from leafy greens like baby kale and cranberry hibiscus, to microgreens like red beetroot, mizuna cress, and arugula, along with herbs like coriander and dark opal basil.

Price range:

  • RM8-RM20 for 10g-50g of leafy greens;
  • RM25-RM50 for a tray of microgreens.

Shipping info: Deliveries can be made within two to three hours to locations in the Klang Valley.

Contact: Message them on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp 011-1141 1705.

2. Boom Grow

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Boom Grow is a 5G-enabled vertical farm that can grow 20 varieties of leafy greens and herbs. 

When we last featured them, we learnt that one of the founders’ proudest moments was getting orders from renowned chefs working in 5-star hotels. We even saw Boom Grow’s fresh greens featured at The Westin KL’s breakfast buffet spread while we were there.

Boom Grow lets you customise how frequently you’d like to receive your greens, either as a one-off, weekly, or bi-weekly subscription, along with the number of pax of your desired box.

You’ll get two bundle options from Boom Grow. Either build your own bundle from Boom Grow’s leafy greens selection (RM45 for a one-off package with seven varieties), or let the farm select the freshest of their microgreens and herbs to be packed in a bag for you (RM45.50 for a one-off package with seven varieties).

Variety of produce: Kale, bittersweet lollos, butterhead, mint, microgreens, etc.

Price range: RM40.50-RM63.10 per box, depending on the number of pax and frequency of veggie deliveries.

Shipping info: Deliveries are made to customers within the Klang Valley and shipping is free if you subscribe to a bundle. For one-off packages, the delivery fee is RM5.

Contact: Message them on Facebook, WhatsApp 011-3959 0359, or email bgrowers@boomgrowfarms.com.

3. Cultiveat

Image Credit: Cultiveat

Cultiveat practices precision farming where produce is grown on nearby urban farms. When orders are made, the produce will be delivered as live plants.

You can purchase Cultiveat’s fresh greens as ala-carte veggies or in bundles, such as Ahma’s Choice (RM35) consisting of multicolour spinach, fan pak choy, and wawa choy. There is also a Family Bundle (RM52) offered with a random mixture of eight lettuce heads.

Variety of produce: Microgreens, Thai basil Chiko cherry tomatoes, spinach, pak choy, and more.

Price range: 

  • RM5-RM15 for ala-carte veggies and herbs;
  • RM23-RM85 for the bundles.

Shipping info: There is a flat RM10 fee for deliveries in the Klang Valley. Cultiveat members can get free delivery on their first order, and free delivery on all subsequent orders worth RM60 and above. 

Vegetables are delivered between 9AM to 5PM from Mondays to Saturdays (excluding public holidays). You can also select your delivery date during checkout.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook, Instagram, or email hello@cultiveat.co.

4. E-Petani

Image Credit: E-Petani

E-Petani started off with an initiative to connect local farmers and consumers in the Klang Valley by delivering fresh produce during a time of crisis. Now, E-Petani is still operational with various package bundles to make it easy for consumers.

A Small Family Set contains seven types of produce for RM40, a Chap Choy Set (mixed veggies) gives you six veggies for RM38, and a Weekly Veggie Set A includes 11 types of produce for RM40 per box.

Other than the bundled packages, you could also purchase fruits and veggies on an ala-carte basis.

Variety of produce: Most of the produce listed on E-Petani are from local farms such as corn, white radish, eggplant, cabbage, and more.

Price range:

  • RM1-RM18.50 per ala-carte produce;
  • RM38-RM68 per box.

Shipping info: Deliveries are expected to take between four to 48 hours upon placing your orders.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or their number, 010-226 0227.

5. Everleaf

Image Credit: Everleaf

Everleaf sources its produce from partner organic farms in Malaysia for fresh local vegetables, microgreens, mushrooms, and more.

You’ll also find other grocery items on its site like meats, snacks, dairy items, and frozen items.

The produce can be purchased on an ala-carte basis, or in pre-set bundles like its Set A Freshly Packed with three veggie varieties for RM39.30, or a Medium Everleaf Organic Vege Bag with more varieties of four leafy greens, two roots, two beans, one mushroom, and another bonus item for RM69.

Variety of produce: Lotus root, radish, pumpkin, sweet potato leaf, Japanese cucumber, bayam, and more.

Price range: 

  • RM3.90-RM17.55 for ala-carte veggies;
  • RM16.50-RM69 for veggie bundles.

Shipping info: Everleaf makes deliveries on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and free shipping is available for orders above RM180. 

Contact: WhatsApp 012-443 1023, message their Facebook, or email askus@everleafstore.com. 

6. Farm 2 Home

Image Credit: Farm 2 Home

Established in November 2019, Farm 2 Home is an online store which is selling fresh vegetables and mushrooms. 

It partners with farms in Cameron Highlands, Mantin Forest Art Farmstay in Negeri Sembilan, along with a few local farms and urban farmers in the KL area, which practice pesticide-free farming for their crops.

Farm 2 Home offers its veggies in various packages, like a monthly subscription package with nine types of veggies (RM200/month), and Farmer’s Choice Premium Pack with 15 types of veggies (RM240/box). 

Variety of produce: They’ve got local and imported produce like Bentong ginger, sweet corn, seng kuang, Australian carrot, broccoli, taro, and more.

Farm 2 Home also delivers mushrooms such as enoki, shitake, as well as grey and king oyster mushrooms.

Price range: RM48-RM240 depending on the box.

Shipping info: Depending on the zone your area falls in, delivery fees are RM6 or RM9. Deliveries are made on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Contact: Message them on Facebook or contact 019-235 3928.

7. Fresh Growcer

Image Credit: Fresh Growcer

Fresh Growcer is part of the 1 Utama Rooftop Farm that offers a selection of pesticide-free vegetables and fruits, live fishes, house plants, and organic planting products. Its website states that at the urban farm, fish waste is used as fertiliser, water is recycled, and plants consume natural sunlight for growth.

Customers looking to purchase the veggies from them can visit the farm to harvest their own, or buy them on their website as individual vegetables.

Variety of produce: Rocket, sweet basil, butterhead lettuce, Japanese choy sam, nai pak, and others.

Price: RM4.50-RM9.

Shipping info: Delivery hours for Fresh Growcer’s goods are from 11AM to 6PM daily. Any orders placed between 11AM to 6PM will be delivered on the same day within two hours.

Contact: Message them on Instagram.

8. Green Bugs

Image Credit: Green Bugs

Green Bugs is a tech-enabled farm specialising in soil-less indoor precision farming, based in Petaling Jaya.

Sold on an ala-carte basis, the greens can also be purchased as ready-to-eat salads from Green Bugs’ website. One percent of Green Bugs’ sales goes to its select partners or foundations supporting children’s education.

For those looking to grow their own greens at home, there is an indoor vertical farming product offered for RM2,065 offered as well.

Variety of produce: Wheatgrass, Japanese kale, Indian arugula, butterhead, sweet basil, thyme, and more.

Price range: RM4.80-RM13.

Shipping info: Deliveries are made every day from 9.30AM to 7.30PM including weekends and public holidays. Fees can range from RM5-RM15 depending on your address’s postal codes.

Contact: Message them on Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp 011-1141 6988.

9. JustGood

Image Credit: JustGood

On the surface, JustGood is an online grocery store delivering kitchen staples to Malaysians. 

Interviewing its founder, it was unveiled that JustGood has its own smart farm and works with small-time farmers, fishermen, etc. to provide an integrated first to last-mile ecosystem when it comes to fresh produce. 

You can shop for various kinds of vegetables from its site on an ala-carte basis. They also sell ready-made meals to foster healthier eating.

Variety of produce: Green coral, red coral, pak choy, spinach, romaine lettuce, muskmelons, and more.

Price range: RM2.50-RM11.90 (for 200g-250g of produce).

Shipping info: Deliveries are made daily from 8.00AM to 8.00PM, including public holidays. You can select your preferred date and time slot for deliveries and you can schedule your deliveries up to two weeks in advance. Same-day deliveries are also possible for orders made before 6PM.

Contact: WhatsApp 011-1633 3929 or email wecare@justgood.com.my.

10. RipeFresh

Image Credit: RipeFresh

RipeFresh (Ripe) claims to be a no-nonsense farm delivering fresh and nutritious produce that is grown in Malaysia. It also builds and operates smart aeroponics farms, a method developed by NASA to help plants grow faster and larger with less water required, grown indoors using AI agriculture technology.

In terms of the produce sold to customers, Ripe has a pretty non-conventional method of how that’s done. 

Through Ripe Farms, you can adopt a plant tower, and its team will do the planting of fresh greens, microgreens, and herbs for you. This programme (RM148) will give you access to 2kg’s worth of produce delivered to you. You can also pick up the produce yourself from the Subang Jaya farm.

Variety of produce: Alfafa, edamame, dino kale, pea shoots, swiss chard, thyme, and more.

Price range: RM148 to adopt a tower.

Shipping info: Deliveries are available for those within a 10km radius from their farm in Subang Jaya, though additional delivery charges apply.

Otherwise, you can pick up your harvest from the Ripe Farm in OneCity, Subang Jaya on Mondays to Fridays, from 10AM-4PM.

Contact: Message them on Instagram or WhatsApp 012-502 9833.

11. The Vegetable Co.

Image Credit: The Vegetable Co.

Launched in 2020, The Vegetable Co. is a harvest-to-table startup was based on sustainable vertical farming concepts with customised in-house technology.

You can get your vegetables in bundle boxes like its Antioxidant Bundle for RM13.20 containing 180g of leafy greens, or a Mix Veggie Bundle in 200g or 500g for RM25 and RM45 each.

There are also subscription packs for RM60 and RM99 per month, or you can just shop for individual greens from its online store.

Variety of produce: Ice plants, kale, Italian sweet basil, and mixed lettuce greens.

Price range: 

  • RM5-RM25 for ala-carte veggies;
  • RM13.20-RM50 per bundle pack;
  • RM60 or RM99 per month for subscription packs.

Shipping info: Delivered between 1PM to 6PM from Sundays to Fridays, The Vegetable Co. aims to get its products shipped within three to four hours of harvest.

Contact: Message them on Facebook, WhatsApp 017-218 1767, or email support@thevegetable.co. 

12. Tiny Greens

Image Credit: Tiny Greens

Tiny Greens grows microgreens in a PJ urban farm. The brand started by delivering microgreens to businesses, and expanded to offer them to the consumer market amidst the MCO, as its co-founders previously shared with us.

Like the other brands on this list, Tiny Greens offers different packages such as its Garden Mix which features three of the brand’s best sellers for RM50, or a Variety Mix with six random live microgreens and Kefir RM50. Ala-carte options for certain microgreens are available too.

Alternatively, you could get a Microgreens Grow Kit for RM25 to try your hand at growing and harvesting your own veggies.

Variety of produce: White daikons, sunflower, pea shoots, kale, arugula rocket, beetroot, and more.

Price range: 

  • RM12 for ala-carte microgreens;
  • RM25-RM50 for bundles.

Shipping info: Shipping is free.

Contact: Message them on Facebook or WhatsSpp 012-783 8873.

13. Vegetory

Image Credit: Vegetory

Vegetory was established by two founders with backgrounds in science and technology making use of advanced tech to provide fresh and nutritious crops to the people.

With plant factories in the city, customers can taste the freshness of Vegetory’s greens that have been harvested on the same day. They sell their fresh greens in pre-packed salad bundles such as the Ready Cut Combi Mix for RM7.50 which contains 70g of three lettuce varieties, or a Sweet & Tasteful Lettuce Mix for RM18 containing 180g of caramel romaine, red mizuna, and crispy green.

There is also a subscription service called the Less Stress Bundle (RM66.78/week) and How It Started Bundle (RM71.82/week) available to have various lettuce bundles delivered to you for six weeks. The packages contain six and 10 packets of ready-to-eat salads respectively, with the former accompanied by two salad dressings and vinaigrette.

Variety of produce: Caramel romaine, red mizuna, rocket, red kale, and more.

Price range: 

  • RM6.90-RM18 for individual packs;
  • RM66.78/week or RM71.82/week for the subscription bundles.

Shipping info: Deliveries can take up to three days and there is a flat RM10 delivery fee. Otherwise, you could pick up your orders from Vegetory’s store in Puchong.

Contact: Message them on Facebook, Instagram, or at 012-753 7809.

14. Veggies.my

Image Credit: Veggies.my

Veggies.my is a social enterprise connecting local farmers directly to urban markets via online and offline platforms. They also deliver fruits and vegetables through a subscription model, and excess produce that doesn’t get sold is redirected to feed the poor, according to its founder whom we’ve previously interviewed.

The brand sells its organic vegetables on an ala-carte basis and in bundles such as an Organic Vege Pack Set A for RM40 (2kg worth of produce), Set B for RM60 (3kg), and Set C for RM80 (5kg).

For convenience, you could also order these bundles as a monthly subscription for four to 12 weeks worth of vegetable packs delivered to your home.

Variety of produce: Ladyfingers, choy sum, nai pak, Chinese cabbage, sweet corn, and more.

Price range: 

  • RM2.50-RM6 for ala-carte veggies;
  • RM40-RM80 for one-off vegetable bundles;
  • RM144-RM768 for subscription boxes (depending on size and subscription duration).

Shipping info: The vegetables are delivered from the farm to your kitchen every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9AM-5PM (excluding public holidays).

Contact: Reach them on Facebook or WhatsApp 016-650 5535.


For an overview, here are the brands we listed and the types of veggies they sell and deliver.

BrandLeafy greensMicrogreensHerbsBundles
Babylon Vertical Farm
Boom Grow
Farm 2 Home
Fresh Growcer
Green Bugs
Just Good
The Vegetable Co.
Tiny Greens
  • You can read other plant-related articles we’ve written here.

Featured Image Credit: The Vegetable Co. / E-Petani

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