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Conventional disposable pads on the market have long been said to be harmful to those with sensitive skin, their chemicals and materials making some prone to experiencing genital rashes, and more.

Menstrual cups are one solution to the problem. Not only that, but they’re also eco-friendly, as a single cup be used for up to 10 years, saving your wallet from buying disposable pads each month.

Having used a period cup for almost a year now, I can attest to its life-changing abilities. Laying and sitting down in any position without leakage needn’t be a worry anymore, after overcoming the initial learning curve.

It personally took me several period cycles to get used to them, times that were filled with leakages, discomfort, and confusion. But I have no regrets over making the switch.

So, if you’ve done your research and are thinking of switching to a menstrual cup yourself, here’s a non-exhaustive list of the Malaysian brands offering them.

Did you know: In general, the size for which cup is suitable for you is determined by whether you’ve given birth before or not. Smaller sizes are suitable for those who’ve not given birth vaginally or have a lower cervix. Meanwhile, larger cups are meant for those who have given birth vaginally, have a higher cervix, or have weak pelvic floor muscles.

1. Bloody Boo Period Cup

Image Credit: Bloody Boo

Founded in 2021, Bloody Boo aims to be a hub for you to find all things menstrual to help the community foster a better understanding of menstruation.

The Bloody Boo Period Cup is made of ultra-soft, 100% medical-grade silicone. It is said to be soft and gentle to the vagina, especially for those with bladder sensitivity, cramping, or discomfort with firmer cups on their period. 

They also have a kit for RM129 (without promo) that includes a period cup of your chosen size, a cup casing (for storage and rinsing), and a user manual.

Bloody Boo Period Cups appear to have a very long stem at the base of the cups (measuring between 218mm-248mm). This can be helpful when removing the cup from the vagina, as it can give your fingers a better grip.

Sizes: Bloody Boo Period Cups come in a single colour with two sizes.

  • Mini: 20ml;
  • Midi: 25ml.

Price: RM129 for a Basic Kit.

Bloody Boo has a 120-day return policy where you can get a full refund if you don’t end up liking the cups. Of course, the team encourages that you give the cup a try for at least four period cycles to fully try it out.

Where to buy: Get it from their website.

Contact: Connect with them on Instagram or Facebook.

2. BioFree Menstrual Cup

Image Credit: BioFree

Primarily selling sanitary pads made from organic cotton, BioFree also has menstrual cups as part of the products they carry. Designed by health experts, BioFree cups are made of medical-grade silicone and are manufactured in the US.

BioFree appears to have the most sizes available for their cups, with an extra-long stem that can be snipped off depending on personal preferences.

A purchase of their menstrual cup gets you a free leather pouch for the cup’s safekeeping. You could also add on a BioFree Disinfecting Box Sterilizer, that comes with a two-in-one solution to clean your cup no matter where you are.

Sizes: There are four sizes for the transparent menstrual cup. 

  • Teen: 13.7ml;
  • Tiny: 20.2ml;
  • Mini: 25ml;
  • Midi: 29ml.

Price: RM72 for a Menstrual Cup, and RM23 to add on a Disinfecting Box Sterilizer.

Where to buy: Buy it from their website, Poptron, Lazada, or Shopee.

Contact: Reach them on Facebook.

3. Breeze Cup

Image Credit: Breeze For You

Made in Malaysia with 100% medical-grade FDA-approved silicone, the Breeze Cup is a menstrual cup offered by the brand, Breeze For You. The brand has also developed its own sterilising tablets to help users of Breeze Cup skip the hassle of boiling the cups before usage during each period cycle.

You could also purchase Breeze For You’s menstrual cups starter kit for RM171 (without promos). The set comprises the Breeze Cup (in either small or large sizes), a storage container, a set of 30 sterilising tablets, and two Breeze Liners which are essentially the brand’s reusable cloth pantyliners. 

The Breeze Liners that come with the set are a sensible add-on for customers, as leaks are a common sight when you’re getting familiarised with using the cup properly.

Each order will also come in a batik drawstring pouch, hand-sewn by TAPAi which is a part of the Community Rehabilitation Program for differently-abled people.

Sizes: There are two sizes for the menstrual cups offered, which come in either opaque blue or transparent. 

  • Small: 26ml;
  • Large: 34ml.

Price: RM66 for a Breeze Cup, or RM145 for a starter kit.

Where to buy: Buy it from the Breeze For You HQ in PJ Midtown, their website, or stockists including Allin Pharmacy, Bump Bouldering, MINIMIZE Zero Waste Store, and OWL Zero Waste Grocer Penang.

Contact: Reach out via Instagram, Facebook, or at 018-951 8788.

4. Cherry Cup

Image Credit: Cherry Cup

Like most of the menstrual cups on this list, Cherry Cup is a Malaysian brand selling period cups that are made of medical-grade silicone. Manufactured in the US, the cups are also registered with the FDA and produced in an ISO-certified facility.

Other than the Cherry Cups sold, the brand also sells sterilisation tablets (50 tablets) for RM55, and a 125ml feminine hygiene wash for RM139.

Cherry Cup appears to sell the most expensive period cup amongst the rest on this list. The other brands with prices hovering around the RM100 mark tend to include the period cups with a set of other products to complement the cup’s convenience and usage.

Perhaps Cherry Cup is pricing their products this way because of the products being manufactured in the US.

Sizes: Cherry Cup has three sizes available:

  • Mini: 25ml;
  • Size 1: 30ml;
  • Size 2: 40ml.

Price: RM139 for a single Cherry Cup, or RM199 for a duo pack. Delivery is free to East and West Malaysia for purchases amounting to RM120 and above.

Where to buy: You can buy one on their website.

Contact: Find them on Instagram or Facebook.

5. MermaidCup

Image Credit: Cotton Mermaid

When we last featured them back in 2017, Cotton Mermaid was primarily selling reusable cotton sanitary pads. They’ve since added period cups to their product line, known as MermaidCups. The period cups are designed in Malaysia, and manufactured in China with 100% imported Japanese (Shin-Etsu) soft medical-grade silicone.

They have one of the widest range of period cup shapes, sizes, and colours on their webstore. The MermaidCup Guppy is short and wide to fit those with lower cervixes, while the MermaidCup Classic is tall and skinny, meant for those with high cervixes. 

Furthermore, you can also choose your MermaidCup based on its hardness level, whether soft or firm. In general, softer cups can be more comfortable because they apply less outward pressure, but they can be more difficult to fully open up during insertion.

Other than period cups, Cotton Mermaid also sells period panties (RM60 each). They look like regular panties, but contain an absorbent material that holds one to two tampons’ worth of flow, so you can forgo the use of disposable pads altogether.

Sizes: MermaidCup Guppy comes in Frosted Blue (soft), Honeysuckle Pink (soft), and Pretty Purple (firm) with sizes of:

  • Size 1:  24ml;
  • Size 2: 28ml.

MermaidCup Classic comes in three colours including Plum (firm), Baby Blue (soft), and Apple Mint (soft) with sizes of:

  • Size 1: 28ml;
  • Size 2: 34ml.

Price: Each MermaidCup (no matter the size, hardness, and colour) costs RM109.

Where to buy: Compare and buy the cups on Cotton Mermaid’s website, or on Shopee

Contact: Message them on Instagram or Facebook.

6. OrganiCup

Image Credit: OrganiCup

OrganiCup by the Danish sustainable brand, AllMatters, is sold in Malaysia by Summer & Peach, an innerwear and sleepwear brand we’ve previously featured in our list of local online lingerie brands.

OrganiCup is also made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone, and does not contain BPA, latex, dye, or hazardous chemicals.

Each cup sold comes with a drawstring pouch for storage when not in use. Additionally, you could get an OrganiCup set (RM135) that comes with the brand’s OrganiWipes. It’s meant for cleaning and sanitising the OrganiCup on occasions without access to clean water.  

You can also purchase period panties from Summer & Peach.

Sizes: There are three OrganiCup sizes available:

  • Mini: 15ml;
  • Size A: 25ml;
  • Size B: 30ml.

Price: RM115 per cup, or RM135 for a set with 10 pieces of OrganiWipes.

Where to buy: Get one from their website.

Contact: Reach them on Instagram or Facebook.

7. Suci Cup

Image Credit: Suci Cup

Suci Cup is a Malaysian brand we’ve featured before that’s on a mission of breaking taboos surrounding the topic of menstruation. In fact, writing about this brand was the tipping point that led to my personal menstrual cup switch, since Suci Cup had plenty of useful advice on their website to address my concerns.

More than just selling period cups, Suci Cup is a platform with real period cup users sharing their stories and asking questions about their concerns with the Suci Cup’s usage. 

The menstrual cups are FDA-registered and made in the US with 100% medical-grade silicone. Although the cups come with a shorter stem compared to most of the other brands here, they’ve so far given me no problem whatsoever during the removal.

Suci Cup currently has a set offered from RM120.40 that consists of one Suci Cup (size of your choice), the brand’s Suci Cup Wash, a floral pouch, one floral bookmark, and a De’Xandra perfume.

Otherwise, if you’re getting the cup as a single product, the package contains the Suci Cup, a canvas pouch, a cylinder box, and a bookmark.

Sizes: There are two sizes to choose from:

  • Suci Cup A: 25ml;
  • Suci Cup B: 40ml.

Price: RM94.50 per cup, RM170 for a double pack, or RM120.40-RM189 for their 1st Anniversary Floral Box Set.

Where to buy: Make an order on their website.

Contact: Message them on Instagram or Facebook.

8. The Hivette Menstrual Cup

The Hivette Menstrual Cup (The Hivette) is a product by the popular Malaysian zero-waste bulk foods store, The Hive. 

Sold in two different designs, the Yellow cup is slightly translucent and has a shorter stem. Made in the US, it is FDA approved. 

There is also a Black cup that’s completely opaque with a longer stem, and made in China. Each purchase of The Hivette comes with a waterproof pouch for storage, and a compostable cardboard box that has instructions on how to use the cup.

The Hive also sells reusable cotton sanitary pads for RM15.90, and period panties for RM60 each.

Sizes: Both designs for The Hivette have two sizes available: 25ml, or 35ml.

Price: Yellow cups cost RM80, while the Black cups cost RM56 as they are currently on sale.

Where to buy: Purchase them on The Hive’s website or from their outlets in Bangsar, and Intermark Mall in Ampang.

Contact: Get in touch on Instagram or Facebook.


For an overview, here are the brands we listed and the types of add-ons they have to complement their menstrual cups:

NameMenstrual cupsPeriod pantiesCotton pads
Bloody Boo Period Cup
BioFree Munstrual Cup
Breeze Cup
Cherry Cup
Suci Cup
The Hivette Menstrual Cup
  • You can read other zero-waste-related articles we’ve written here.

Featured Image Credit: Cotton Mermaid / Suci Cup

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