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I used to look forward to Victoria’s Secret fashion shows that were broadcasted on TV annually. The brand’s new lines of lingerie featured and the musical concerts that were happening simultaneously made for a great show.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we thought it’d be fitting to compile a list of Malaysian online stores selling different designs of lingerie that can range from classic to risqué, providing options for everyone to fit any occasion.

Updated from our previous list, here are the brands in 2022 that are selling bras, panties, and matching sets that deliver around the country.

1. Damiko

Image Credit: Damiko

Carrying a variety of lingerie on its online store, Damiko offers lacey bras and panties that also come in matching sets.

Without promos, their bras are priced between RM29.90-RM68.90, while panties cost RM19.90-RM27.90. They have limited options for sets, which are RM64.90 and RM68.90.

Damiko’s bras come in sizes 32A to 40C while panties are available in a free size, which appears more fitting for women of a petite build.

For those in West and East Malaysia making orders above RM150, shipping is free, otherwise, you will be charged RM7 and RM8 respectively. Your orders will arrive in 1-3 business days for Peninsular Malaysia, and 3-5 business days for those in the East.

2. Dreamscaped

Image Credit: Dreamscaped

Dreamscaped has plenty of options for its sets where you can find lacey and your everyday push-up bras, along with its matching panties.

Their bras will cost you RM98 each, panties cost RM29-RM35, and matching sets cost between RM89-RM129. Bra sizes range from 32A to 34D, and panties are available in sizes S (for those below 50kg), M (below 60kg), and L (above 60kg).

Just like Damiko, shipping is free for orders above RM150. If not, it’ll cost RM8 to West Malaysia, and RM12 to East Malaysia. Deliveries will take 1-2 working days to arrive.

3. ELF Boutique

Image Credit: ELF Boutique

Primarily selling apparel, ELF Boutique also has a lingerie category where you can find bras that come alone or in sets, with limited standalone panty options.

ELF Boutique’s prices are pretty cheap, with bras costing RM5-RM39. Although panties have a starting price of RM2.50, the sexier lace option can cost RM50. Their matching sets carry prices between RM25-RM39.

Sizes of the bras that come in the sets are limited to 32A to 85B, but this would be dependent on individual listings, as not all their options come in such a wide range of sizes. 

The size references for panties that come in the set aren’t listed, so it’s safe to assume that they would be free size and suitable for women with smaller hips.

Free shipping is available to those in West Malaysia ordering above RM150, if not, it’ll cost RM8. Those in East Malaysia will have to make orders above RM400 to get free shipping which would otherwise be RM12. Deliveries will require about 3-7 working days.

4. Jujumello

Image Credit: Jujumello

Jujumello creates lingerie that caters to Asian women. They offer bras that cost RM69 (without promos), panties that cost RM9.90-RM69, along with romantic or bold and playful matching sets that cost RM89-RM139.

Their bras come in sizes 32A to 80C while panties come in sizes S, M, L, and XL (depending on the listing). For orders above RM50, you skip the shipping fee of RM6 in West Malaysia and RM10 in East Malaysia. Orders require 1-5 working days to arrive.

5. Lovely 18

Image Credit: Lovely 18

Lovely 18 only sells their bras and panties in lingerie sets which cost RM29.90-RM219.90 without promos.

Their bras come in S to M sizes with panties that are free size. Like the other brands here, it is assumed that the panties would best fit more petite women.

Lovely 18 can provide express and standard deliveries that ship orders in two hours or 2-4 business days. 

6. Made of Lace

Image Credit: Made of Lace

Made of Lace sells mostly lingerie sets, with no standalone bras available. Lacey panties are priced at RM19.90-RM39.90, while matching tops and bottom sets cost RM89.90-RM169.90 (with no promos).

They have matching bra and panty sets that come in sizes S, M, L, and XL. For any purchases below RM200, shipping will cost RM10 for orders in West Malaysia and RM15 to East Malaysia, and deliveries will take 1-3 working days.

7. Neubodi

Image Credit: Neubodi

Neubodi has plenty of bras and panties available, but limited matching sets. Prices for their items are pretty hefty when not on promo, as bras are RM135-RM318, and panties are between RM36.80-RM82.90.

The matching bra and panty sets offered by Neubodi are in collaboration with a small local Instagram business, Lace Theories, costing RM129 each.

Bra sizes available on Neubodi range from 65A to 100I, while panties come in sizes from S to triple XL. What’s helpful about their site is that you can insert these sizing filters to only see the items available in your chosen size. 

There’s a flat-rate cost of shipping for both West Malaysia (RM7) and East Malaysia (RM12), and delivery will take about 5 business days to reach you.

8. So Lingerie

Image Credit: So Lingerie

So Lingerie has your everyday and lacey options for bras costing RM69-RM129, panties for RM19-RM39, and matching sets for RM105-RM129 without promos. 

Their bras, panties, and matching sets come in sizes S, M, and L. 

If you’re making purchases above RM150 in Malaysia, you don’t have to pay the RM15 shipping flat rate. Orders will take about 3-5 days to arrive at your door.

9. Summer & Peach

Image Credit: Summer & Peach

Summer & Peach has a wide range of bras and panties that come in lacey matching sets as well.

With no promos, their bras cost RM45-RM69. Their panties come in packs of two and three, costing RM59.90-RM79.90. Summer & Peach also offers maternity bras and panties that are catered to nursing mothers, as well as period panties that are leakproof.

They have a few lingerie sets available to women with more petite builds for RM89. 

Regular bras come in sizes 32A to 38C and their nursing bras come in sizes 30A to 42F. They also offer plus-sized lacey bras in sizes 36B to 42B. Panties come in sizes S to XL.

If your orders are above RM200, you won’t have to pay a shipping fee of RM10 in West Malaysia and RM14 in East Malaysia. Deliveries will be made to your doorstep in 7-14 days.

10. The Lingerie Shop

Image Credit: The Lingerie Shop

The Lingerie Shop has regular, push-up, and lacey bras and panties but doesn’t offer matching sets. Prices for bras start out quite cheap at RM15.90 but can go up to RM139 when not on sale, with sizes ranging from 32A to 38G.

Individual panties cost RM16.90-RM33.90 and also come in sets of three, with sizes starting from S all the way up to 5XL.

Free deliveries are offered for orders above RM80. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of RM10 for West Malaysia and RM12 for East Malaysia. Orders to West Malaysia require 3-5 working days while East Malaysia will require 5-9 working days to arrive.


Image Credit: XIXILI

XIXILI sells bras and panties that match, but you’d have to buy them separately. Their bras cost between RM49-RM199.90 without promos and come in sizes ranging from 70A to 85G. 

The panties sold are quite affordable, starting at RM9 per piece to RM 46.90, and carry sizes including S, M, L, XL, and free size. 

Like Summer & Peach, maternity bras and panties are also sold by XIXILI. Deliveries are free for orders above RM180 and will require 3-5 working days before they arrive.

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Featured Image Credit: Lovely 18 / Jujumello / So Lingerie

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