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Manual fulfilment is not easy. It can get very time-consuming especially when the number of order creations and delivery scheduling increases.

This is why Lalamove has a new plug-in to automate these processes, so business owners can better utilise their time to improve their products and business. Here are some of the things it brings to the table.

Instant order scheduling in just a few clicks

As soon as businesses receive a customer’s order, they can instantly schedule a pick-up for the product and set a drop-off point in just a few clicks within the plug-in.

If the customer urgently needs the items they bought, it is possible to schedule instant delivery too since Lalamove offers 24-hour on-demand delivery across several cities in the Klang Valley, Johor, Melaka, and Penang.

Vehicles that Lalamove have at their disposal

Not only that, the plug-in allows owners to pick and choose the delivery vehicle type ranging from the nimble motorcycle, all the way up to a large lorry.

From there, users can choose the type of vehicle based on the item they would like to send, as suggested on Lalamove’s website.

For example, if I want to send food items to customers, a motorcycle or a car would be more suitable, while something much bulkier such as a washing machine, can be delivered using a van.

Save on expenses by batching orders together

The plug-in makes consolidating orders easier too. Businesses can save on delivery expenditure, especially when sending packages to the same general area.

Compared to booking multiple delivery vehicles, senders can queue up to 19 additional locations from only RM1 for each additional stop in a single order.

To get a better estimate on how much will be spent on delivery costs, Lalamove clearly states the delivery cost of each vehicle and distance, with the cheapest starting from as low as RM5 on their website.

Businesses can get an instant quotation on delivery fees when making a delivery order on the plug-in too.

Get a bird’s eye view of deliveries

In addition to placing orders, the plug-in lets sellers keep track of deliveries while on the go as it integrates seamlessly with the Lalamove mobile app.

It’s also possible to send these real-time delivery statuses to the customers so that they know the vehicle that’s sending the package, and who’s sending it via the tracking link.


With online shopping becoming more widespread, it is not uncommon for consumers to opt for same-day delivery and real-time tracking of their purchases. 

The plug-in aims to fulfil both these criteria while enabling quicker order processing, which subsequently aids in a business’s growth.

It is quite straightforward to install, and it’s compatible with WooCommerce, Shopify, or EasyStore.

All you need to do is follow the screenshots and installation instructions. Additionally, you can reach out to Lalamove for further assistance if needed.

Other than having a Lalamove account, there are no further requirements in order to use the plug-in and all the features it comes with, which is great for small businesses and home sellers.

But that’s not all, before July 31, 2022, businesses that sign up for a Lalamove business account can get RM20 in discounts for their first 3 deliveries.

On the other hand, small businesses that signed up for a Lalamove Individual account can get the same RM20 delivery discount by using the promo code “LALAWIN”.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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