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LG has recently unveiled its new line of OLED TVs, called the LG OLED evo TV for its G2 and C2 series. The new line is said to contain self-lit pixels that turn on and off to achieve perfect black and higher contrasts while fitting into a slimmer bezel.

What that means is that the LG OLED evo TV will illuminate brighter colours, using its new and advanced processor, making it suitable for your home theatre or gaming needs.

LG has commanded the top spots in various lists of the best OLED TVs in the market for almost a decade, and here are some features of the LG OLED evo TV that could make it worth the upgrade.

A brighter, sharper screen

The new range of LG OLED evo features the brand’s new Alpha 9 (α9) Gen 5 AI processor and distinctive picture algorithms. 

If that’s just jargon to you, what it means is that the C2 and G2 series are said to provide a more realistic experience for viewers, while being 20%-30% brighter than the C1 and G1 OLED TV models.

Image Credit: LG

Illuminating brighter images will come at an advantage when watching movies in bright daylight or in darkness.

OLED evo TV’s α9 Gen 5 AI processor leverages deep learning to enhance performance and boasts sharper picture quality. This works by making the foreground and background elements more distinct from one another. 

The α9 Gen 5 AI processor also provides better sound quality via LG’s AI Sound Pro feature which enables the TV’s built-in speakers to produce virtual 7.1.2 surround sound, as it also sports Dolby Atmos.​​

Game optimisation modes

LG claims that its new lineup is the brand’s first OLED TV to support NVIDIA G-SYNC® to complement your gaming experience.

NVIDIA G-SYNC is a display technology that delivers a smooth and fast gaming experience. It works by synchronising display refresh rates to the GPU in GeForce GTX-powered PC, eliminating input lag.

The OLED evo TVs also come with up to four HDMI ports supporting multiple HDMI 2.1 inputs. HDMI 2.1 allows for higher resolutions like 8K and higher frame rates of up to 120 frames per second (fps). 

Image Credit: LG

Resolution improves the clarity and sharpness of the picture, which means you can simply see more details, and have less distance to the screen or a bigger screen without noticing any pixels.

There are also built-in gaming features in the LG OLED evo TVs where you can easily select and switch between game-specific features and display presets directly from the TV’s Game Optimiser menu. 

The Game Optimiser menu provides quick access to the new Dark Room Mode, which adjusts screen brightness for a better gaming experience when the lights are off. 

In all, this TV has the chops to be a mega-sized monitor in your living room, ideal for a round of couch co-op games with friends or family.

New Smart TV platform

Image Credit: LG

Because the LG OLED  evo series are smart TVs, they come with WebOS 22, LG’s latest Smart TV platform to deliver users convenience via easier content discovery. 

Through WebOS 22, you can also mirror content from one TV to another in the home using Room To Room Share, which enables the viewing of any content via Wi-Fi without an additional set-top box. You can also change the channels through the mirroring TV.

However, it appears that this content mirroring is only limited to two TVs at a time (the TV that’s originally casting the content, and the one that’s mirroring it).

For large families, you’d be glad to know that WebOS 22 also supports the ability to configure up to six different user profiles with their own personalisation based on browsing templates.

A wider range of screen sizes to choose from

The latest version of the LG OLED line-up introduces a larger array of sizes for its G2 and C2 series.

Featuring a polished flush-to-wall Gallery Design is the LG G2 series at 77 and 65 inches. While the C2 series offers six various selections of screen sizes, including 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches, to fit in any room. 

Prices for the OLED evo TVs will start at RM8,199 for the 48-inch C2 model, all the way up to a whopping RM124,999 for its 88-inch 8K OLED evo TV, which was also revealed at a recent launch.

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Featured Image Credit: LG

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