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MDEC’s LEVEL UP KL is hosting the SEA Game Awards for the sixth year running since 2017. 

The SEA Game Awards aim to recognise and celebrate the creativity, artistry, and technical genius of the finest game developers that the SEA video game industry has to offer.

After combing through the many submissions, the SEA Game Awards 2022 have announced the 40 games that are in the running to win this year’s awards. 

Without further ado, get to know the Malaysian finalists that have been selected by a panel of judges this year.

1. Determinant by Khor Chin Heong

Image Credit: Determinant

Available on Steam, Determinant is a hyper-realistic physics-based open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world circa 2040.

Survival, crafting, exploration, and base building are the gameplay’s main focus. Some level of combat is involved, but it’s more of a defensive nature.

Developed independently by Khor Chin Heong, he brings 10 years of self-published game development experience with him. He’s specialised in a variety of disciplines including 3D modelling, texturing, audio, rigging, animation, VR, and programming.

Other titles published by the indie developer comprise Elevator Simulator 3D, Fidget Simulator 3D, and Disassembly VR.

2. Elysium by UOW Malaysia KDU

Image Credit: Elysium

Set in Ancient Greece, Elysium is a location where the Greek Faith is at its pinnacle. Guarded and governed by The Pillars, eight humans have been bestowed godly powers by various Gods in exchange for their unwavering faith.

You will play as Artorius, a nobody who is upset with himself for being weak and a coward in battle. He sails to Elysium in search of strength from Ares, The God of War, and his Pillar representation. 

The game was developed by a team of nine students from the University of Wollongong (UOW) Malaysia KDU:

  • Aidan Sanjay – Design Lead, Gameplay Designer, Narrative Designer, Generalist;
  • Vanessa Ong – Art Lead, Character Artist, Level Artist, Generalist;
  • Darren Chong – Environment 3D Artist;
  • Juanna Nafeesa – UI Artist, 2D Animator;
  • Lee Yi – Tech Lead, UI Programmer, Tech Art (Shaders);
  • Wan Hazwan – AI Programmer (Boss AI), Tech Art (VFX);
  • Chong Chun Zeng – Gameplay Programmer (Player’s Combat and Locomotion);
  • Yap Jian Feng – AI Programmer (Companion AI);
  • Billy Ha – AI Programmer (Enemy & Mini Boss AI).

Elysium is a PC game that can be downloaded from the Google Drive link found on itch.io.

3. End of the Line by UOW Malaysia KDU

Image Credit: End of the Line

Set in a cyberpunk future, End of the Line is a PC time-loop game about a man trying to prevent the train he’s riding on from exploding. 

Using only the knowledge he gains every time he dies, he must find a way to break the time loop, and stop the explosion from happening once and for all.

Like Elysium, End of the Line was also developed by student game developers from UOW Malaysia KDU under the team, Semicolon Studios:

  • Ng Wei Shun – Lead Programmer;
  • Jonathan Yapp – Programmer, Sound Design;
  • Caleb Foo – Gameplay Programmer;
  • Lim Cai Xuan – Programmer;
  • Alexis Lim – Lead Artist, 2D Artist;
  • Kok Tim Lit – 3D Artist;
  • Kuan Zhao Hong – Lead Designer;
  • Joshua Goh – Designer;
  • Kevin Ng – Designer.

End of the Line can be installed from the download link attached on itch.io.

4. ENDURA by IFiO Studio

Image Credit: ENDURA

ENDURA is a fast-paced action-adventure game where players engage in high-speed traversal gameplay, battling gigantic beasts in a mystical tree world.

Players will be equipped with a variety of movement options, like grappling hooks and a slow-motion mechanic. There will also be rankings at the end of each run, with higher-ranked players unlocking more missions.

Developed by Terengganu-based IFiO Studio, the team strives to be the top video game company in Malaysia by making top AAA-quality games that will be remembered.

Endura is targeted for a 2023 release on PC and consoles.

5. Exist.EXE by Skyfeather Games Studio

Image Credit: Exist.EXE

Set in cyberspace, Exist.EXE is an RPG that incorporates a story about creation and existentialism.

Exist.EXE is about a game developer called Marcus, who finds himself trapped within a game he made. Marcus must uncover the secrets of the game on his journey of self-discovery.

The gameplay features puzzle elements that encourage players to think outside the box, along with combat elements in Japanese RPG-styled (JRPG) turn-based battles.

Skyfeather Games is the Selangor-based studio behind Exist.EXE. It was founded in 2018 by Lim Kwang Meng, who has a strong love for JRPG and puzzle-based games.

Exist.EXE’s demo can be downloaded from its official itch.io page.

6. Kabaret by Persona Theory Games

Image Credit: Kabaret

Kabaret is a dark fantasy folklore adventure game. The story unfolds through the eyes of Jebat, a cursed boy who is uprooted from his small town to a mystical, violent, and unforgiving monster realm.

The game features a wide cast of characters from Southeast Asian myths, which players will interact with while brewing tea and playing traditional games, all while putting their humanity at risk.

Persona Theory Games is the indie studio behind Kabaret. The studio consists of a diverse team with experience from different creative fields like advertising, comics, film, and documentaries. 

With a mission to tell compelling SEA stories to a worldwide audience, the studio has been known for games such as Fires At Midnight, which we’ve previously highlighted in a former article

The demo for Kabaret can be downloaded on Steam.

7. Katana Rama by Ghost Machine

Image Credit: Katana Rama

Katana Rama is a mobility-based, fast-paced action game where you play as a hacker with the mission of breaking out of a digital security system. 

The goal is to keep running away as you stave off enemies who will unleash barrages of both melee and projectile attacks.

Developed by independent video game company Ghost Machine, the team is focused on making games that always prioritise gameplay.

Katana Rama’s Demo is available for download on Steam, with its official release date set for November 2022.

8. MALICE by Nimbus Games

Image Credit: MALICE

MALICE is a two-player escape room-styled game centred on exploration and cooperative puzzle solving with a Japanese horror theme.

As a player, you’re a pair of modern-day travellers in Japan visiting a fictional temple. Players must navigate through the ancient house discovering its secrets while surviving its malicious inhabitant lurking around every corridor and room.

The game is developed by the Malaysian indie studio, Nimbus Games who state that they are passionate about the uncanny, weird, and unsettling. 

MALICE is set to release in November 2022 on Steam.

9. Never Ending Beyond by One More Dream Studios

Never Ending Beyond is an adventure game using 16-bit pixel art with adorable animal-like characters. 

Currently, not much info has been released about the game. But if it’s anything like One More Dream Studios’ Ageless, the pixel precision platformer will be centred around ageing and de-ageing the flora and fauna around them to solve environmental puzzles.

10. Nusantara Adventures by Moredoor Interactive

Nusantara Adventures is a rogue-like action RPG game, set in the fictional world of Nusantara, which is based on the unique SEA culture and locations.

Based on the information we could find, Moredoor Interactive is a studio based in Sarawak developing AR, VR, and interactive apps.

According to the studio’s social media posts, the team is also developing another game by the name of Harvest Guardians, a co-op indie game inspired by Sarawak’s local culture.

Whether or not Nusantara Adventures and Harvest Guardians are linked remains unknown at present.

11. Once Again by RB Wolf Design

Image Credit: Once Again

Once Again is an interactive story-based game about a boy who spent his summer wandering between the past and the present. The game explores the future of the relationship between a couple, where players will be finding the answers to the lovebirds’ fate.

​It was developed by RB Wolf Design, an indie game studio based in Rawang whose team is passionate about crafting games that bring life-rich storytelling with an immersive gameplay experience.

Once Again’s planned release date on Steam will be in October 2022 for users to download and experience the story.

12. Postknight 2 by Kurechii

Image Credit: Postknight 2

(One of our writers Claudia’s favourite,) Postknight 2 is a mobile game known as the successor to the original title, Postknight. The game centres around a fantasy world where players are a Postknight delivering packages of any kind while trying to become an S-ranked Postknight.

While in combat, the player character moves from left to right, fending off the several beasts, monsters, and antagonists to reach their goal and/or deliver the mail item.

It’s an RPG developed by award-winning, independent gaming studio Kurechii. Based in Malaysia, the passionate team aims to bring memorable experiences for the world to love. 

Some other popular games released by Kurechii include Postknight, the King’s League series, and Tiny Guardians.

Postknight 2 can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

13. Rhythm Doctor by 7th Beat Games

Image Credit: Rythm Docto

Rhythm Doctor is a one-button rhythm game that aims to invisibly teach complex music and rhythm theory. 

The core mechanics of the game requires players to slam their spacebar on every seventh beat to heal patients by defibrillating in time to their heartbeats.

Each level has a twist on that concept to include polyrhythms, offbeats, hemiolas, and irregular time signatures. If those don’t mean much to you, the game is essentially designed to make you learn rhythm theory without even realising it.

7th Beat Games is a Malaysian gaming studio with a mission to create one-button rhythm games. 

A previous title released by the company which follows the same format is A Dance of Fire and Ice, where players guide two orbiting planets along a winding path without breaking their perfect equilibrium.

Rhythm Doctor can be purchased and downloaded from Steam.

14. SIMULACRA 3 by Kaigan Games

Image Credit: SIMULACRA 3

SIMULACRA 3 is a horror game that builds on its sequel, Sara Is Missing, along with its SIMULACRA predecessors by adding new real-time elements to the gameplay with a new story.

The game’s teaser trailer introduces a character investigating the mysterious disappearances of people in the town of Stonecreek.

It’s developed by Kaigan Games, an indie game company in Malaysia. According to data on its website, the flagship horror game series has garnered over seven international awards, millions of downloads, and a growing Discord fanbase with more than 10,000 members.

Besides creating games, Kaigan Games’ work has led its team to projects with clients around the world such as UNHCR, Samsung, and the BBC.

SIMULACRA 3 will be available for download from Steam on its currently unknown release date.

15. Sunset Satellite by Twilight Foundry Games

Image Credit: Sunset Satellite

Sunset Satellite is an interactive cinematic visual novel experience set in a small, fictional Malaysian township. It is based on a time period when a pandemic just swept over the country and people are starting to recover from the economic crisis it caused.

Covering life in the pandemic and the mundane and magical moments in between, Sunset Satellite is a romantic experience that may appeal to players who appreciate an artsy vibe. 

The game was developed by Twilight Foundry Games, a Malaysian indie game studio that believes in providing a fair and inclusive collaborative environment.

The developers also have plans to help build an ecosystem for the local game development scene in Penang. 


The 2022 edition of the SEA Game Awards will feature the following categories:

  • Best Game Design Award
  • Best Visual Art Award
  • Best Innovation Award
  • Best Storytelling Award
  • Best Technology Award
  • Best Audio Award
  • Best Student Game Award
  • Audience Choice Award
  • Rising Star Award
  • Grand Jury Award
  • Best International Games Award
  • Sponsored Award

SEA Game Award 2022 winners will be announced at LEVEL UP KL on October 7, and we wish our Malaysian entries all the best in clinching an award or more!

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Featured Image Credit: Endura / Rythmdoctor / Elysium

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